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so this is what it is like to stare into the mouth of darkness

I cannot sleep. I mean, not even like a half-wink. Not even a quarter wink. No, this is full-on, hello coffee, work-tomorrow-will-deeply-suck insomnia.

I am actually tempted to take an extra Ritalin; it doesn't cause sleep, per se, but it does have a deeply calming effect that tends to lead to sleep.

Um. I need something to put here besides incessant whining. The problem is, there is this thing where I try never to post after a certain period of time without sleep unless someone is online with me to say "Oh Jesus, flock or delete that right now", because like a wild night with tequila, night posting will haunt you the next morning, and Taco Bell and ten aspirin aren't going to cut it.

So. Content.

Things I Want to Accomplish in 2008

1.) Learn to do a handstand.
2.) Play Bolero on the piano.
3.) Do a split. Without requiring hospital assistance.
4.) Learn Java so I can write a program to update my website without actually having to code it myself. I know there are some that will do it for me now. I just need a goal.
5.) Learn to drive (again).
6.) Get through Stage 2 of the Sex Talk with Child. No, I don't know what it will involve, either, but I suspect alcohol will be needed immediately after.
7.) Build a castle out of K'nex. I did the Merry Go 'Round. Now I want a castle.
8.) Take Child somewhere with fantastic roller coasters and teach him the glee of speed and velocity. He probably knows this. I'll reinforce it properly.
9.) Not get pneumonia. (this should probably go first.)
10.) Find something to put here that's doable.

Now I need a group of fannish ones. Hmm.
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