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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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in which i randomly link, because i can
children of dune - leto 1
The Greatest Commerical in the History of Commericals

(Yes, I mean, the Kia one)

(I really want to buy a car from them to encourage commericals I like.)

For those who have been tragically denied ever seeing Flashdance (seriously, really?), based off of the audition scene, with the exception of the water bit, because I cannot find that. If anyone does, link me. I love that movie so much.

Also, since I'm doing random links, my second favorite video of all time.

Cold Hearted Snake, Paula Abdul.

Mmm. Pretty. Pretty.

ETA: If you tell me you were not trying to copy this in your bedroom, you are totally lying. Someone, who may have been me, pulled a muscle trying for--er. Nevermind. Anyway. Right. Moving on.

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LOL. I should send the Kia advert to my parents - my mother just bought herself and my stepdad each one. (I believe she had ice blue C'eed, and he had a black Sportage - new too. Must be nice to have that much money.)

I'd not seen that Paula Abdul vid in years...

ETA: At one time, copying that wouldn't have been such a problem. But yeah, not so much now...

Edited at 2007-12-26 11:55 pm (UTC)

I can't either, even when I was in jazz dance and injuring myself daily.

*sends hugs*

Once I've lost some of the blubber, I am so going to find a dance class to go to. I really miss it.

*hugs back*

*G* I overcompensated for being so tall and not very flexible--I have an lj entry on it somewhere, but I'd go in an hour or two before class and do the entire class by myself to prep *for* class. It was the only way I could get through without wanting to die.

I wish there was adult dance classes for non-professionals. I honestly never wokred that hard in my life than that class and I had such a blast even when I was utterly exhausted.

Despite gaining a lot of weight since the days when I danced every day at school and into college, I'm actually still really flexible. Sometimes when I'm bored I put some hip-hop on and mess about with some moves. Not to say I've not had some really bad injuries from dancing. Because yeah, I really feel it in my back which has been abused quite badly over the years which ill-timed turns and the like. Not to mention my poor feet...pointe shoes are just torture devices.

The worst thing about being an adult and non-pro is finding classes that aren't full of teenie-weenies who think they are hot shit. I could say the same of classes of my other love - martial arts. If I really want to do it though, I just ignore. It's like the gym - I'm there for my own benefit, not to worry about the uber-thin, super-fit person next to me who runs 10 miles on the treadmill.

(Deleted comment)
I KNOW! Silly and clever and *fun* and enjoying it? I mean, that was just fun to watch. I wish more commercials period went this direction. I'm more likely to *watch* them.

OMG...the Kia Commercial...*dies* that's AWESOME. Like, better than ten thousand hotdogs.


Wins the internets, totally!

Their commercials and their cars are awesome!

I love them wildly right now. So. Much.

(Deleted comment)
OOh, thank you for the link! *bounces*

(Deleted comment)
Absolutely! "All That Jazz" is fantastic! Highly recommended! Love, max

Okay, honestly... I am down with everything but the hip thrusts. I own a Kia, I ADORE my Kia, and yet I cannot muster hip-thrusty action on its behalf. *hands*

*sad* Your love for Kia is not pure enough, I think.

...not even *one* hip thrust? One tiny one?

I love the Kia one, it reminds me of http://youtube.com/watch?v=hJ5vaUVXRto (one of the few Australian companies whose ads I miss - they did this one as well: http://youtube.com/watch?v=eH3GH7Pn_eA and it worked! At least for me, I did buy their stuff regularly after that).

Edited at 2007-12-27 01:16 am (UTC)

OMG THANK YOU! *dies* Those are freaking *awesome*.

you got me on memory lane. i did hte entire paula abdul rundown from this link...and realized near the end that "The Way That You Love Me" is a GREAT CLex song for Clark, LOL!

hehe, one more for the list!
*goes to blog lyrics*

hm. maybe "Rush Rush" too. LOL, Keanu. so forgot he was in that. bad lines, good looks. *hugs the 80's*

man, i miss that decade. IMO most music has been on a slow decline ever since.

thanks for the nice memorytrip!

Hee! I totally did hte same thing. And just started surfing. Youtube? Addictive.

Actually, the Kia commecial appears to amalgamate three scenes in Flashdance:

1. The exotic dance scene had the water
2. The workout at home scene had most of the stamping and hip work
3. The audition scene had the spectacular leap

No. I am not doing this in my bedroom. It's all taking place in the livingroom.

...I do not admit I started clearing the floor to see if I could do the split. Sad, but true.

There were. NO. Cats. Laughing.

i know not all ads show in all markets, but i've seen the kia advert on my tv here in boston. i backed up the tivo to take a second and a third look at it when it came on. not many ads can make me stop fast-forwarding, but that one did it.

paula abdul was so adorable and flexy back then.

I love that commercial! I first saw it several weeks ago on BBC America and I thought, they'll never play that on regular network tv! And then I started seeing it everywhere--even during a basketball game. ha! It's so fun! :D

I love the Kia commercial so much that I actually stop and watch it when it comes on tv instead of hitting the mute.

As for Flashdance, I could never buy Michael Nouri as a romantic lead. He always screams "serial killer" at me. LOL

And I am totally Paula Abdul's bitch.

Every time this commercial comes on, BeanDaddy and I CRACK UP. Bean has taken to asking if she can see Flashdance just so she'll know what is so freaking funny.

Of course we say no, but it's still HI-LARIOUS.

I ... huh. I am impressed by their flexibility. The guys, with their splits, yes? YES.

Also, I am impressed by Paula Abdul's ability to retain her balance in heels, on what is clearly a slick wooden floor. While, like, jumping and shit. Because goddamn, forget pulled muscles, I would break my fucking ankle.

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