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children of dune - leto 1
Gakked from raincitygirl


Which Smallville Slasher BNF Are You - The Sequel

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*still laughing*

---->edited to add, what does 'gakked' mean, and where does it come from?

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I'm not for sure on this and don't know where it came from, but from context I assume "gacked/gakked" means "yanked from so-and-so's blog/LJ."

I would find this very relieving, if I were you. *nod*


You have been immortalized. We always knew it was coming, you just never really listened to that part of the conversation. We knew tho, we knew.

Gak is a synthetic 'slime' created by the Nickelodeon television network and seen on shows such as "You Can't Do That on Television" where green goo rains down on young actors (or, in later game shows, on young contestants).

Gank is fairly recent American slang for steal, but not typically used for malicious theft or robbery against strangers: My brother ganked that jacket from me. Clark ganked some pie from home to try to cheer Lex up with.

Slang being fluid (and nonstandard), many people have been saying "gakked" or "gacked" where they mean "ganked" -- but I'm not quite anal enough to say they're wrong about a slang term.

edited to add, what does 'gakked' mean, and where does it come from?

In my Happy Book of Made-Up Slang, 'gacked' means 'to acquire the attainable by whatever means necessary.'

Its like stealing, only easier. It doesn't necessarily require any skills on one's part. Once upon a time, I thought it was just something *I* said. But then it started popping up here and there, and I realized I was giving myself far too much credit. My friend T, who is attempting to inject some hip-ness into my Vanilla Ilexa existence, concurs on the meaning.

I see your quiz icon bears the Lex of Epic Angstdom. Sexy and appropriate. I was Te. Cause I'm all about the porn. I hear there's a 12-step program.

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