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The Toybox

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christmas rec!
children of dune - leto 1
Christmas rec!

The Marines of Atlantis and Christmas by miss_porcupine

The Marines are from my school of Christmas decorating thought; if it is not shiny, make it shiny. If it is already shiny, make it shiner. If there is a space for more lights fill it. If there is not, make more space. Basically, the concept of taste, class, and high electricity bills must bow before the awesomeness of a full wonderland in the front yard. Which God willing one day will be mine. Oh yes. One day, I will have it.

This comes to you from she who has asked Santa yearly to bring her a giant blow-up merry-go-round snowglobe thing that Wal-Mart stocks and is yearly denied. One day. One day. *Shakes fist at sky*.

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Thanks very much for the rec of the Marines and Christmas on Atlantis piece. I enjoyed it very much - so well-written! Also, through that, and the comments, I was led to a piece by witch-something (I think) about Zelenka, which was also very well-written and fascinating. Doing a real good job there, girl! Happy holidays! Love, max

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