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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
Gakked from chicklet_girl:

MightyGodKing answers a "Nice Guy" Rant. By nice guy, we mean creepy. By MightyGodKing, we mean sexiest blog in western civilization.

From the blog:

Firstly, “douchebag” is one word, not two. So this Formerly Nice Guy lacks grammar and writing skills. No wonder he never gets laid. Doesn’t he know that chicks dig a dude with mad grammar skills? They are after me all the time to show me how I cleft a gerund, it makes them fucking swoon, it does.

In the words of chicklet_girl: I totes want to meet MGK so we can discuss gerunds. And by "discuss gerunds," I mean "fuck like banshees."

Hell. And yes.

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(Deleted comment)
God I know. I have never spent an article murmuring "Take me now" so many times.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)


I think what makes me want to throw up in my mouth the most about this sort of "Nice Guy" is the sheer fucking entitlement complex. He *deserves* sex with a hot chick simply because he exists! It is his *right* as a *man*.

...yeah, no, not so much.

Sadly, I know a guy like this. He's not quite as obsequious as a lot of these Creepy McStalkers but he has the attitude of entitlement that makes me want to strangle people. No! No! No one deserves hot sex! No one deserves anything! The world is fundamentally not fair. Anyone can improve himself and become likable and thereby carve out for himself an awesome life that might, possibly, include a girlfriend--but he does not get it handed on a platter, and certainly not just because he exists and has a dick. (The sad irony of it all is, despite the entitlement issues, these people have the self-esteem--in the original sense of the word, ie, personal evaluation of actual worth and ability--of a puddle of mud.)

Not that this is something that pisses me off or anything! I hate entitlement complexes so, so much in all their myriad forms.

And MGK wins a fucking internet for getting this.

It's always *hot girls*, you notice that? Nice Guys have no interest in Nice Girls, Smart Girls, Awesome Girls, Any Kind of Girl But--it's the hot girls.

That just--it's a quick and fast way to totally throw them off my list. Which is funny, because the "jerks" they speak of with the success and the etc--that I've met--are the ones who rarely the ones who are looking for "hot". What they want, and what the girls who date and marry them know, is that hot is far down the list of qualities they look for.

...then again, I always get furious at the nerdy guy/hot model thing too. While it's cute and funny, it also says something; that the ultimate goal of any man is the physical attractiveness factor. You don't see a lot of Nerdy but Awesome Guys and Smart Yet Not a Supermodel romances, you know? Not unless they are converting the Smart Yet not a Supermodel into Smart Yet Also Supermodel.

I am totally overthinking. Uh, word?

MightyGodKIng is beyond awesome, thanks for posting this:)

...*this close* to sending him my email and my resumee. *hangs head* But that rant was *catnip*.

You know - and when I say this I don't mean to brag or anything - but I've gotten a shitload of mostly-not-serious propositions (seeing as how I'm not spending a lot of money to travel to get laid and neither are they, which is fine for all concerned) because of that post.

It is wonderfully ego-heartening having total strangers say "I would totally do you." I vaguely imagine rock stars feel like this all the time. [1] So I deliver my thanks for said ego-strokes before once again disappearing like a thief into the night.

[1] I looked around to see if any bands needed a charismatic frontman with little to no actual singing ability to trigger a fantastic comeback, but all I could find was White Lion and I have standards.

*grins* So you have a livejournal? Must begin to read. That post was just perfect.

You know - and when I say this I don't mean to brag or anything - but I've gotten a shitload of mostly-not-serious propositions (seeing as how I'm not spending a lot of money to travel to get laid and neither are they, which is fine for all concerned) because of that post.

*snickers* I read your comments and controlled my own knee-jerk urge to propose. I am completely and utterly not surprised. And considering how fast it's spreading through my flist and friendsfriends--your mailbox must be a thing of beauty. And bogglingly funny.

Your blog? Is sexy. Ever so.

This so reminds me of a series that ran in the SF Bay Guardian -- oh, many many years ago. In it, a writer (chubby, balding, pretty-obnoxious guy) bemoaned his lack of success with hot chicks. The hot chick part was essential. He placed personal ads in the paper, wrote up about the "dates" he had with the women who replied and never, ever, once chose one that was less than gorgeous, thin, much younger than him and very sexy. Nice wasn't good enough. Even average-pretty wasn't good enough. They had to be mega hot and he went on for issue after issue about how the one or two that he "decided" were good enough for him never showed up for a second or third date.


Always 'hot'. The rest of it never seems to matter, does it?

*amused* And people wonder why I don't date.

Oh my god, this is hilarious, I got a self-proclaimed Nice Guy on my blog into a flamewar after linking to MGK's entry! Sweet!

Possibly it's wrong that I'm as amused to hell by him as I am, but, seriously, he's God!

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