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when feminism meets parenthood

I am an enlightened woman of the twenty-first century. I support women's rights, women's issues, I wander about in a veritable sea of female-oriented hobbies and career paths. I am woman; I sympathize with my sex.

However, rage blackouts do occur when one is searching for engineering camps for summer and discovering they are all for girls.

This is where Parent of Male Child meets Woman Who Understands. I am glad that girls are being encouraged at an early age to pursue more traditionally male-oriented fields. I am thrilled that more and more of my sex are going on to achieve in the hard sciences.

*narrowed eyes* I want Child to go to engineering and robotics camp, and he refuses to temporarily go by the name of Mary.

Pardon me while I go sulk in a deeply entitled way. I am a terrible feminist today. Though I can't tell if I resent more the lack of camps or the fact Child will not temporarily take on an alternate sexual identity.

/end tantrum

This was brought to you by googling. MIT/UT has one, but it's a.) hideously expensive and b.) not really engineering oriented.
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