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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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a bear for all seasons. or this season, anyway
children of dune - leto 1
Every so often, I go to Vermont Teddy Bear Company just to not buy a bear.

Speaking of: for those who have followed this lj since 2003, yes, I have added two more bears for 2007. Hold on, let me go take a picture.

christmas bears one
christmas bears one
All of them!
christmas bears two
christmas bears two
From left to right, up to down: The Christmas Rabbit of Stocking, Macy's Bear 2007 (dark brown), the Christmas Moose, The Bear of Beth (gift from girlinthetrilby), Snowman of Hallmark 2006, The Awesome Bear of Beth (girlinthetrilby), and Other Christmas Moose.
christmas bears three
christmas bears three
Left to right, up to down: The Awesome Bear of Beth, the Third Bear of Beth (girlinthetrilby), the Other Christmas Moose, the Third Christmas Moose, and in a row, Dillards Christmas Bears 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007. Above them is The Second Snowman of Unknown Origin.

In closing: whee weird collecting instincts! I want to expand my Christmas Bear collection. Hmm. Maybe add Gucci or something.

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The fact that you have multiple Christmas Mooses fills me with glee.

Three! Actually, there's a fourth at Macy's for thsi choclate that I plan to get after christmas if he's still there. OMG WANT. Luckily, I hid my credit cards from myself ,and it'll take that long ot find them.

Want. Want so much.

I have an obscene amount of cuddly toys...and that site makes me want to add a few to the collection.

*nodnodnod* Twoish years ago, I bought the *hugest bear* that I cannot fit anywhere but God. Love so much.

That site si crack. So much crack.

Fun! Just yesterday I wore my Vermont Teddy Bear socks that my friend brought back from her business trip to Middlebury!

My envy is epic. How very cool!

Nothing wrong with teddy bear addiction.

The bears are really cool! And Suzvoy, your Queer as Folks icon is awesome! Love those guys sooo much! Thanks for sharing. Love, mxm

Hee! *cuddles icon* No problem :D

You really, really need to go to House On The Rock in Wisconsin sometime. The have an entire wall of Christmas Bears. :)

I want. To see.


Wow, I just want to fall into that big, squooshy-soft pile and start hugging!

It's funny, now that I think of it, I seem to have a tendency to collect much smaller, less squooshy stuffed toys -- all of them about the size of Boyd Bears. My entire collection can fit into a bookcase, and yet, like you, I have enough stuffed toys to outfit a kindergarten.

Tehy are all *desperately* soft. Just--nubbly soft and velvety soft and cottom-furry soft and terrycloth soft and so much soft. I Avoid admitting I sleep with one but--seriously. Soft.

*narrows eyes at kindergarten children* Only with well washed hands.

This is a side of you I never expected.

It's hard, to hide the insanity.

*Imagines your next fic*

Rodney: Yes, they're adorable, until they try to gnaw your foot off!

We have multiple Christmas penguins - they are my husband's *shhh don't let him know I told you*

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