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a bear for all seasons. or this season, anyway

Every so often, I go to Vermont Teddy Bear Company just to not buy a bear.

Speaking of: for those who have followed this lj since 2003, yes, I have added two more bears for 2007. Hold on, let me go take a picture.

christmas bears one
christmas bears one
All of them!
christmas bears two
christmas bears two
From left to right, up to down: The Christmas Rabbit of Stocking, Macy's Bear 2007 (dark brown), the Christmas Moose, The Bear of Beth (gift from girlinthetrilby), Snowman of Hallmark 2006, The Awesome Bear of Beth (girlinthetrilby), and Other Christmas Moose.
christmas bears three
christmas bears three
Left to right, up to down: The Awesome Bear of Beth, the Third Bear of Beth (girlinthetrilby), the Other Christmas Moose, the Third Christmas Moose, and in a row, Dillards Christmas Bears 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007. Above them is The Second Snowman of Unknown Origin.

In closing: whee weird collecting instincts! I want to expand my Christmas Bear collection. Hmm. Maybe add Gucci or something.
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