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The Toybox

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so this is a new and strange livejournal thing
hot toddy
Intersting thing.

The other day I went in to edit an flocked entry; I was told a few minutes later it was now public. What, I said. Because I hadn't changed the lock, only edited something. Hmm, I said, adn went to check.

Apparently, at least for me, when I open a locked post to edit, it defaults back to no-lock unless I change it again.

Anyone else notice this? Has it always been that way? I never had that happen before; I now feel vaguely like I need to go back and check all my entries for the ones I thought I flocked and then edited later.

ETA: Okay, let me be the first to say, God, I can be extremely dense. amireal states the problem was in the firefox extension LJ Hook. Fixed. *facepalm*

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The two locked posts I have edited tonight remain locked, but I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for that.

What's your livejournal default setting under viewing? Maybe that has something to do with it?

Seriously, I got freaked out. I don't remember if I've edited any older entires recently, and I went back to check on an old friends-only etnry adn when I opened to edit to see waht happeend, same thing. Defaulted to everyone.

Not amused. *Frowns*

What's your livejournal default setting under viewing?

Public, I'm pretty sure.

Somebody on my flist mentioned that happening to her the other day. Freaky. I'll have to remember to watch out for that. No showing my underthings in public! Meep!


(Deleted comment)
I found it. It was--God darn it--LJ hook in firefox setting. I just--never knew it *did that*.

Mental note: read *all functions* of an extension before downloading.

I've had that happen during the posting process that the interface didn't remember the security setting sometimes, like, I'd write some entry, set it f-locked, then hit spell-check, and promptly on the next screen it's not just spellchecked but defaulted to public again. Since then I always double-check (not least since I've set my LJ to be indexed so there's no way any public entry won't remain public for eternity in some google cache and google's bot sometimes is really reallyy fast with its indexing of blogs...)

No, you're not dense. The same thing happened to me, and it wasn't until your post that I realized LJ Hook could be causing it. Yay, I can change my journal defaults back!

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