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so this is a new and strange livejournal thing

Intersting thing.

The other day I went in to edit an flocked entry; I was told a few minutes later it was now public. What, I said. Because I hadn't changed the lock, only edited something. Hmm, I said, adn went to check.

Apparently, at least for me, when I open a locked post to edit, it defaults back to no-lock unless I change it again.

Anyone else notice this? Has it always been that way? I never had that happen before; I now feel vaguely like I need to go back and check all my entries for the ones I thought I flocked and then edited later.

ETA: Okay, let me be the first to say, God, I can be extremely dense. amireal states the problem was in the firefox extension LJ Hook. Fixed. *facepalm*
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