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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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in which i discover i am, in fact, a deeply disturbed fic writer
poor me
*blankly staring at WIP folder and most recently posted stories*

I am never going to write anything non-creepy again, am I?

Right. Yeah.

*continues to stare*

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Just write something about kittens, kittens are never creepy.

Unless they're cracked out catnip kittens that can smell spicy, spicy brains...

And look at the bright side, best to contain one's creepy side within the realms of fanfic than unleashing it on the general public at large. Or at least that's what my parole officer says.

I would totally write cracked out kittens. Rodney and JOhn would adopt *evil* kittens that are actual evil aliesn and then be mind controlled by them....

God. This is so sad. *mournful*

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I miss fluffy porn so much. I want fluffy porn! SILLY FLUFFY PORN.

...and I get death and evil aliens and trauma. *Sighs*

LOL. Better than the realisation that you probably aren't going to write much of anything again. Period.

*hugs you* You will. If you ever need a pre-reader, email me? I'll happily do it.

(Deleted comment)
Well, there is that. But it's not a *surprise* now. I can't just *lure people in* and them attack! They see it coming and run away.

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(Deleted comment)
Really, all good writers are disturbed! Just look at Edgar Allen Poe, Coleridge, Dickinson, the Bronte sisters. I mean, what sane person spends 14 pages describing a brick? It's all part of you artistic integrity!

Just, you know, don't marry your cousin or die in a ditch.

I have that on my list of things not to do; very near the top, even.

*underlines on list to make sure*

Well I for one am GLAD OF IT.

I feel supported in my degeneracy! *glows*

But you do creepy so well. I've occasionally needed a cold shower afterward, but never have I felt the need to reach for the brain-bleach. Creepy without being sordid or slimy? This is a rare gift indeed.

Rain Gods? Pretty please with Rodney on top?

....can Rodney be on bottom? Or to the side?

...that with the example your (coff) fluffy bunnies set, you're totally hosed, right?

*collapses sadly* IT's sad because it's true.

but I love your creepy stuff! It's so good.

Well, that's good. *eyes wip folder* Still though. A tiny bit of fluff there somewhere. Just a tad.

Creepy is fine by me, you do creepy so good :) My ideal is a fic where things end with restraints and nasogastric tubes...Anything goes outside death and, hmm, diapers.

You are the last one to figure this out. *amused*

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