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The Toybox

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rec - ritual habitual, spn vid
hot toddy
Gakked from slodwick:

Ritual Habitual by dazzlebug. I'm also stealing the text of her rec:


Seriously, that's all I can say -- this video is SO FREAKING AWESOME. It's a Supernatural constructed reality, and it's basically flawless It's twisted and dark and violent and so well done, it gave me chills and had me gasping at the screen and I couldn't love it more IF I TRIED.

Watch it. SRSLY. *flails around*

Yeah, seconded. I haven't been that creeped out since War Drums. Beautifully done.

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Damn, I don't even watch SPN and that was convincing and brilliant. Thanks for the rec. :)

It was wonderfully done. It's just one of those vids I can only watch once though, definitely won't be going in my folders, because man, just...scary.

Lol, you are the second person on my friendslist who reced this today and I just wanted to rec it in my journal also. This is just such a great vid and it totaly feeds my sick kinks for blood and killers and all around evilness.

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