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The Toybox

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so has this happened to anyone else?
john in thought

Okay, while my embarrasment is high, well, I tried the private begging thing adn no go.

Somehow--I have no idea how--I blocked myself in my lj.

...stop laughing now.

Okay, so I uninstalled all the scripts because I couldn't figure out how to edit the names out--which brings me to a horrible idea there may be more of these and I just don't know about it--in which case, er, seriously, there's like two deliberate killfiles and neither post here *ever* and seriously, what the hell.

Help. Help. Help. Firefox scripts are out to get me. Help. Before I get unfriended or flamed or something. Help. Help. Help. I'm using--er. I should give names of scripts

I think it's in killfile script, but I also have the other obliviate one.

Help. Seriously. I blocked someone who knows where I live. This can only end in flamewars.

ETA: It was the obliviate script that was doing it. But the question stands: how does one edit those?

Second question--did I ban anyone else by accident? I would totally tell you if I did it on purpose. Seriously.

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Is the usual way not working?

Look for the "Unban users" section at the bottom of your Comment Settings page. Select the username of the user you want to unban and click Save Changes.

You can also use the Admin Console to unban a user. First, make sure you are already logged in, then go to the console and enter this command:

ban_unset username

Replace username with the username of the person you want to unban.

No this is a greasemonkey/firefox thing. *sad* Therefore more impossible.

I uninstalled, but this is proof the universe mocks me. A lot.

To edit: (without my knowing the actual script you're talking about...)

Right click on the little monkey in your firefox status bar, and there should be clear menus to follow. Or are you already at that point?

Hi, according to the intro on the LJ Total Oblivion script page, well, I'll quote:

WARNING this is a powerful utility, there is no way to unblock or unkill the suckers except turning off Greasemonkey or uninstalling the script. Use at your discretion!

Well I'm happy to say, they're wrong.

  1. Go to the about:config page.
  2. Put "trolllist" in the filter box.
  3. Right-click and select 'modify'.
    1. Locate "seperis" in the text box.
    2. Locate the ; to each side of "seperis".
    3. Delete all of the text between the two ;s.
    4. Delete one of the ;s (so that there aren't two in a row.)
  4. Click ok.
  5. If firefox yelps at you and says that the string is too long or some such, you have two choices:
    1. Click cancel, then uninstall Oblivion.
    2. Recreate your oblivion list.
      1. Copy the text from the box into notepad.
      2. Delete everything from the box except one ;.
      3. Click ok.
      4. Use the contents of notepad to track down a comment by each previously oblivioned user, and re-oblivion them.

Oh rock *on*.

So noted. Thank you.

(Deleted comment)
*narrow eyes* Only by accident. Of course.

If this post goes through, I'm clearly unbanned. (Not that I expect I would have been, but anyway.)

I can ban others? And myself?
Good to know.
My condolences. That must have been messy.

Oh dear. I'm not sure what happened, but it sounds horribly messy....

Sending hugs for A) penance for laughing my ass off upon reading this and B) to make sure I'm not banned (at least not yet. I hope laughing isn't a bannable offense.)


Have you unblocked yourself successfully?

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