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so has this happened to anyone else?


Okay, while my embarrasment is high, well, I tried the private begging thing adn no go.

Somehow--I have no idea how--I blocked myself in my lj.

...stop laughing now.

Okay, so I uninstalled all the scripts because I couldn't figure out how to edit the names out--which brings me to a horrible idea there may be more of these and I just don't know about it--in which case, er, seriously, there's like two deliberate killfiles and neither post here *ever* and seriously, what the hell.

Help. Help. Help. Firefox scripts are out to get me. Help. Before I get unfriended or flamed or something. Help. Help. Help. I'm using--er. I should give names of scripts

I think it's in killfile script, but I also have the other obliviate one.

Help. Seriously. I blocked someone who knows where I live. This can only end in flamewars.

ETA: It was the obliviate script that was doing it. But the question stands: how does one edit those?

Second question--did I ban anyone else by accident? I would totally tell you if I did it on purpose. Seriously.
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