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sci-if Tin Man, remake of Wizard of Oz
mmmm john
I'm two-thirds through. I'm curious--what does everyone think? I think I'll decide how I feel about it after I see the ending. The concept is breathtaking, and it's beautiful to watch, but I'm wary about how the story seems to be unfolding.

Also, does anyone know how to move a show from a DVR to a hard drive? I'm running out of space. It's sad.

I felt like it had a ton of potential, and like you said, it's gorgeous to watch...but it never entirely grabbed me. Had some great little moments, though.

It wasn't bad, though roommates and I were face+palm-ing over the sometimes-stupid actions of the characters. The ending was not very satisfying though. >_>

I wasn't sure if there was really an abrupt black-out after the last sentence - that iconic one - or if my file was too short, could you tell me if that was the end-end?

I watched the first two parts and just didn't care enough to anymore to try and catch the third. Visually, it's absolutely amazing. But the writing was pretty bland and I thought Alan Cumming was the only one to make his character engaging. I was really thrown off by Zooey Deschanel's performance. Her reactions always felt off--none of the body language was there.

Usually, I'll watch something just to see how it ends if nothing else, but not this.

I enjoyed the whole thing, didn't think it was great, but liked the actors, especially Alan Cumming and Neal McDonough, and thought the re-working of the tale was imaginative and well done. I did think the ending was a bit abrupt and kind of a let down.

The ending was rather abrupt, that i agree with. But I actually find i liked it quite a bit. It was a smart retelling and it worked with all the original elements of the first book and included a few nods to the second one as well. The writers actually did read them through, methinks. For that? They have my nod of glee and thanks. But i was concentrating more on the story itself than the acting. *grins* Visually? Stunning in every possible way.

Visually it's amazing and for the most part it's fun. I really enjoyed Alan Cumming and Neal McDonough. Kathleen Robertson is also pretty fun. (She really just goes for it which is pretty much the only way a character like that works.) Zooey Deschanel, though, is just really awful. She has some terrible line readings (the emotions are so completely off-when she emotes, that is)and maybe five facial expressions. It's disconcerting and at some points really throw you out of the story. The mini-series would seriously have benefitted from better casting on that front.

But, in the end, I found it enjoyable and there were several twists re: DG I didn't actually see coming.

As everyone else said: gorgeous, but.

It felt like the SGA writers were handling the story. It was ham-handed and facile in places, dripping with potential in others, and alternately limited by the actors' abilities and the writers' lack of imagination. And yet not completely uninteresting to watch.

I imagine this was a brilliant pitch to the network, but it lost a lot when extended to six hours.

It felt like the SGA writers were handling the story

Crushing criticism, but totally fair to both TM & SGA. And by "fair" I mean "devastating".

I had high hopes, but I felt like the script didn't support the actors and the actors didn't support the script.

I loved it. I got hooked the first night. My roommate and I both stayed up for the re-showing to watch the parts we missed.

Though I will admit, the ending left me wanting. It just kind of... Stopped. There needed to be more.

Breathtaking to watch, pretty good plot line, but all in all, there was always just something missing.

That's not to say that if it's released on DVD, I'm not going to go out and buy it the day it's released. *grins*

General agreement: visually stunning, nice twists, terrible acting by Deschanel, surprised by the swiftness of the ending. I wanted more Askadelia (in fact I'd add that to my Yuletide list if it wasn't too late!). And I did appreciate that the show featured multiple scenes in which two women talked but didn't discuss men, and that the strongest romance was Tin Man/Scarecrow OTP.

What she said.

(Rivka, I would love you forever (not that I already don't) if you wrote Tin Man/Scarecrow. Or possibly Cain/Al...phonse? Whatever his full name was. Which might be a different pairing than Tin Man/Scarecrow.)

Edited at 2007-12-09 03:02 pm (UTC)

I think it was gorgeous and had the greatest beginnings of an idea but fell into the oldest pacing hole ever which is too much rehashing of what we already know will happen in the remake, I don't care how different it is. Like the discovery of how the old tropes (tin man, scarecrow, etc) were remade were all awesome-- but the journey somehow felt really badly paced. Especially when you see how it ends I think.

I enjoyed it.

and for me, that's enough. i'm not asking for a lot. to be entertained for a couple of hours that's it.

I enjoyed it quite a bit. Yeah, there were some issues, but as several hours of entertainment it did quite well.

I saw bits and pieces and most of the last two hours and came away mostly unimpressed, even though one of my favorite hotties was playing Cain...

What flavor of DVR do you have? I have a TiVo and can walk you through the process for one of those. I'm on IM...

I felt that the trailers made it look much higher-quality than it actually was. The dialogue was just embarrassingly bad at times, and some of the acting was horrible. (Loved Alan Cumming, though.)

Overall, it had the feel, to me, of someone's first writing effort, as though a film student with lots of money and connections had taken a fellow student's fantasy script and turned it into a movie.