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children of dune - leto 1
It will never stop amazing me that something that has happened every month to me (excluding pregnancy) since I was in my early teens is still a total shock. Seriously. It has to be some kind of weird period-amnesia. Bad mood = can't write = overreaction = break-up with svmadelyn (I understand she's taking applications for new friend?) = WELCOME TO FIVE DAYS OF UNCONTROLLABLE BLEEDING AND RIGHT, MOOD SWINGS! WHEE!

Yes. TMI.

However, zen is regained, since now I can curl up and look darkly at those around me and they go away.

There should be brownies for this moment. I will settle for peanut butter.

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I'll join you in the disbelief. I'll take a heating pad, a warm bed, medication that stops the wanting to die feeling, the ability to smell food without wanting to be sick (I'm not even asking for the ability to eat) and some quiet piano. This is all said from a computer on campus, where there is no heating pad and no bed and only loud people to provide background noise. Zen will be regained in 4 hours when I get to go home.

*sends you brownies and other chocolatey things - maybe even chocolate AND peanut butter* :)

mmm. Peanut butter and chocolate.

I have a menstrual calendar that I've been checking almost daily this week, and I was still caught off guard yesterday (fortunately in the shower). I remember when I was little, I always assumed that getting it month after month would cause me to develop a sort of instinctive knowledge of its onset.


*hoards chocolate bars, cranks up heat*

The universe mocks us.

Over the weekend the Distant Future of Fandom (who has not yet received her, shall we say, Invitation to the Woman Club) asked, "Do you and [F.o.F] demand chocolate durings your periods because for some special scientific reason, or does it just make you feel yummy & better?"

In conclusion: brownies. Definitely brownies. Or fudge. Or fudge brownies, whatever.

*g* I should guess by the amount of sugar I was craving all weekend, but no.

Stupid amnesia-making hormones.


Seriously, is my memory this bad?

*sad* I think it's some kind of cosmic joke of evilness.

I'm so glad it's not just me! It always comes as such a shock! And the odd thing is that it continues to be so all the way through it's stay. Everytime I look down am surprised anew!

Yes! That's the odd part--I'll forget *during* and be completely surprised all anew--Huh, when did--right. But still? Really?.

*shakes head*

I really should keep a record of these things. My period sneaks up on me every time. When PMS time rolls around, I eat everything in sight and I'm horny as hell. I never see it coming. Halfway through scarfing down yet another candy bar, it dawns on me...OH

Trust me; even with a record, it can still sneak up on you. At least mine can, since the number of days between can vary (for me), and also the time of day when it starts. Sometimes it starts off bright and early in the morning, and sometimes not until I'm ready to go to bed. Still a surprise, every time.

I uh.. possibly have a special category and locked and passworded section of my calendar. *shifty*

*dies laughing* Of course.

Yeah, I keep being unpleasantly surprised every time too. Now my period isn't always the most regular, and the effect on my mood not that extreme (mostly because I can be grumpy and irritable without excuse too, or maybe it's this amnesia you speak of kicking in and I just don't notice any correlation. *g*), but yeah. I tend to go "Again? Already?!?" a lot.

*giggles* Yes. When I finally figure it out, I'm like, wait. Didn't that just happen *last week*?????

It used to catch me by surprise too - only then I got the contraceptive injection and I now no longer have them, hoorah. It's nice.

Periods = stoopid and annoying. Mother Nature sucks, and needs to be thwarted.

Yes, yes she is.

Also, I am intrigued about the shots. I heard of that in theory, but didn't know there were some being used. Huh.

Someone hates women, that's for sure.

My periods now mean I might never have that pregnancy I want :(

*hugs* I'm so sorry to hear that. *more hugs* I can't think of anything to say, but yeah. *hugs again*

(overloading hugs, sorry!)

(Deleted comment)
*dies* Yes. Precisely.

That's what the row of white pills is for. Also, effectively removes the cramps that make me want to rip all reproductive organs out NOW KTHANKS!

*heee* Man, I should consider it.

If I could bake, I'd send brownies. Hope you're feeling better. *hugs*

Oh My GODS. SO STUPID. Usually my mental clock pings and I tend to have a vague idea what time of the month it's coming up to which is good. What is not good is that I am now a completely hormonally-induced emotional wreck who just talked to a friend on the phone and was just ~fine~ and two minutes later was sobbing madly for no particular reason. SHE DIDN'T EVEN SAY ANYTHING. We were talking about a picnic and then I'm sobbing about how nobody loves me WTF. ARGH THE IRRATIONALITY OF IT ALL. *plots to get hysterectomy*

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