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GIP: A Waffles for Christmas, and etc

...because I am a dork, GIP of my rabbit Waffles, in his Christmas finery.

By the beauteous and talented and omg awesome saldemonium, who immortalized my bunny and his feelings for me.

From this entry.

*hugs saldemonium. Thank you very, very much.

Okay, quickly, I have a few Christmas icons I uploaed that I haven't used in a few years and I need to add credit. They are below cut--if you made them for me, please tell me so I can add the credit?


And part 3 of this entry. AKA, why I love Dell.

Last night, I finally sat down and did a system check to make sure I was reading the system information correctly. I'd ordered a 128 video card, because, well, not gamer, one, and two, basically, I took the two cards I was close to consolidating and paying off and basically limited them getting the new laptop. But all the scans came up with a 256. Hmm, I said.

(Which I think above all things prove I'm both a geek and a fangirl; I can deal with tears in my workclothes, shoes that hurt, or even taking the bus and eating Ramen at lunch to save money, but I cannot deal with the universe without a computer.)

Granted, school requires me to have one, because honestly, I have no idea how anyone could major in CS and not have one at home. I admire those who can, but I need six hours flat to work on programming at a stretch and I cannot do that in a lab comfortably.

Okay, anyway.

Finally last night I had a low-grade freakout with svmadelyn and eleveninches and called Dell tech support to tell them there'd been a mistake and they accidentally gave me the wrong card and to please scan my system to see if it was just displaying bad info, which would also be a problem.

The chick scanned and then paused, significantly.

Her: Yes, it seems you have the 256. Are you having problems?

Me: No, none, it works fantastic. I'm happy. I just want to pay the difference.

Long silence.

Before I get weird looks--okay, one. I worked retail and etc. While not all the time, salespeople etc are sometimes held responsible if there's an error and since the upgrade isn't like, five thousand dollar difference, and I was getting paid the next day, I would happily pay the difference. Two--hmm. It bothers me. Above is the big reason, but the other is the feeling that getting something I didn't earn (or buy, or is not mine, etc) screws with my balance with the universe, especially if I get it and have the means to earn it/pay for it/etc. It sounds vaguely insane, but I want to keep at least the illusion that I'm doing more harm than good, or at very least, balancing what harm I do with good. (I blame this on Star Trek pro novels read during my formative years and Spock's views on entropy. Seriously. Who knew I'd absorb *that* kind of thing? It's creepy.)

Third, I will one day likely need tech support. It's better they know now what my system is than find out in eight months when a crash occurs and it's because I had a card that was bad and giving wrong readings/system had errors, etc.

Anyway, intriguing explanation from her, when she finally understood hte problem: apparently if they run out of 128s, they just do an automatic upgrade.

I will say this: I did add up how much money Dell has gotten out of me since I started buying from them with Schindler back in 2000 and especially after 2003, when I started working regularly. Three destkops (two mine), three laptops (two mine), one external, one camera, one camera dock, many RAM sticks, and miscellaneous, and that doesn't include the people I pimped over to them over the years.

I do think that the upgrade is a nice balance.

Also? Makes John II run quickly. I need to put up his specs and benchmarks one day, because honestly, I cannot recommend this computer highly enough, especially for the fact that I could opt out of so much miscellaneous software this time around and it runs like a fantasy.

So all in all, happy.
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