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News of the Headache

So I finally hit Waterloo--aka, C++ functions.

I totally understood during class. I breezed through. Yes, value functions, void functions, types of void functions, my first lab? Awesome.

But void functions. Hmm.

Not so much with the second lab. The only real comfort I have is that two thirds of the class were staring even more blankly than I had and I'd at least finished a model of the program, which isn't saying all that much. I knew which processes were to be outsourced to void functions. But making them work? Argh.

Part of it was the restrictions of the lab--nothing could go into main at all but the call for functions. All work done in functions. I finally sat down and wrote the program out without functions, then removed each process that needed to be turned into a function, which turned out to be immensely easier. My professor took the program and walked through it, showing me what needed to be changed (basically, I had to remove the loop from a function and add it into main), which is fine except for a.) I don't know *why* the first version didn't work yet and still can't figure that out and b.) I don't know why *this version works* when the other didn't. I know it has something to do with how I was calling them into each other, but the why is bothering me immensely. Flowchart and IPO are helpful to track what I was doing, but having to have separate variables for five functions? Not so much with the happy. We did get our flowcharts done and turned in and I think are correct, and they look fine; I can follow the logic.

I think in this case, it's far less a problem with that than the fact I don't know all the whys.

And that is my rant on why I didn't sleep Wednesday night, hated life Thursday, crashed early into bed, and still feel like I need two more days of sleep. God, I'm tired.

In other news:

Arrays - awesome. God I hope awesome. I'm thinking of doing that lab now; my confidence is shaken.

String manipulation - interesting.

Further Assistance

I need a beta on a Sheppard/McKay fic. Sixteenish pages.

Miss Porcupine

I'm about half done with the Lorne snippet, but I am afraid it won't be done until this weekend, though I might finish by midnight. I really do need mindless violence to write. It makes me happy.

A History of Violence snippets

Still reading through the suggestions. If anyone wants to add, feel free. A couple look deeply interestingly combinable, esp Sanctuary because that just makes me happy in a very disturbing way.

New LJ Features

Um. Okay, part of it is exhaustion and worry and part of it is probably just not reading much into it but--do I need to worry about the flagging thing all that much? I set my lj to adult content and changed the filters to none and no collapse. That's pretty much it, right?

Killfile Happy

Question--how do you unkillfile someone with greasemonkey? In my continuing efforts to achieve zen and also to avoid the lure of public temper tantrums (which hey, wouldn't that be fun? A rant day? Where everyone got rid of a year of fannish rage in one gulp? Yeah, I know, that can only end in disaster), I have a bad feeling I'll one day killfile someone I actually like. Like svmadelyn, by accidnet, of course.

And finally, inteligrrl posted a link to this in my lj. Made. Of. Win. Thank you!

Now done.
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