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diva 2
News of the Headache

So I finally hit Waterloo--aka, C++ functions.

I totally understood during class. I breezed through. Yes, value functions, void functions, types of void functions, my first lab? Awesome.

But void functions. Hmm.

Not so much with the second lab. The only real comfort I have is that two thirds of the class were staring even more blankly than I had and I'd at least finished a model of the program, which isn't saying all that much. I knew which processes were to be outsourced to void functions. But making them work? Argh.

Part of it was the restrictions of the lab--nothing could go into main at all but the call for functions. All work done in functions. I finally sat down and wrote the program out without functions, then removed each process that needed to be turned into a function, which turned out to be immensely easier. My professor took the program and walked through it, showing me what needed to be changed (basically, I had to remove the loop from a function and add it into main), which is fine except for a.) I don't know *why* the first version didn't work yet and still can't figure that out and b.) I don't know why *this version works* when the other didn't. I know it has something to do with how I was calling them into each other, but the why is bothering me immensely. Flowchart and IPO are helpful to track what I was doing, but having to have separate variables for five functions? Not so much with the happy. We did get our flowcharts done and turned in and I think are correct, and they look fine; I can follow the logic.

I think in this case, it's far less a problem with that than the fact I don't know all the whys.

And that is my rant on why I didn't sleep Wednesday night, hated life Thursday, crashed early into bed, and still feel like I need two more days of sleep. God, I'm tired.

In other news:

Arrays - awesome. God I hope awesome. I'm thinking of doing that lab now; my confidence is shaken.

String manipulation - interesting.

Further Assistance

I need a beta on a Sheppard/McKay fic. Sixteenish pages.

Miss Porcupine

I'm about half done with the Lorne snippet, but I am afraid it won't be done until this weekend, though I might finish by midnight. I really do need mindless violence to write. It makes me happy.

A History of Violence snippets

Still reading through the suggestions. If anyone wants to add, feel free. A couple look deeply interestingly combinable, esp Sanctuary because that just makes me happy in a very disturbing way.

New LJ Features

Um. Okay, part of it is exhaustion and worry and part of it is probably just not reading much into it but--do I need to worry about the flagging thing all that much? I set my lj to adult content and changed the filters to none and no collapse. That's pretty much it, right?

Killfile Happy

Question--how do you unkillfile someone with greasemonkey? In my continuing efforts to achieve zen and also to avoid the lure of public temper tantrums (which hey, wouldn't that be fun? A rant day? Where everyone got rid of a year of fannish rage in one gulp? Yeah, I know, that can only end in disaster), I have a bad feeling I'll one day killfile someone I actually like. Like svmadelyn, by accidnet, of course.

And finally, inteligrrl posted a link to this in my lj. Made. Of. Win. Thank you!

Now done.

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I double dare you to killfile Madelyn. I wonder how long it would take her to notice.

Hmm. Interesting experiment.


...you know she'd blame you for encouraging me, right? Though granted, two targets.....

Not if I cleverly delete my comment!


It's not my fault people take my comments so seriously. :-L

Oh, I made a joking comment in thefourthvine's lj about how I thought she was a lesbian, and I had a bunch of people jump on me.

(after reading)

Innnnteresting. I had no idea of teh different terminology there.


You know how I remember the whole 'third' thing? That would be nothing compared to this.

I mean, I'd never tell you what to do. I'm simply say: consider carefully.

You don't have to flag or change anything. There's no punishment for someone else flagging you. Unless you consider that in itself punishment. And I haven't confirmed it, but I THINK it only affects people without birth dates listed, people not logged in, or people with DOBs listed under the appropriate ages.

Thank you times a bajillion for pointing out that it goes away when you input your date of birth to your LJ profile. It was driving me insane having to click on the 'content may be inappropriate' links all over my flist. They are gone now, thank god.

oh! well, you either have to send in a variable for it to work on, or it can work on a global variable.

i don't know how different C++ is from C since i haven't worked on the former in ~5 years haha, but i can try to answer stuff!

When I killfile someone, I see this where they've posted:

"Comment by {person I've killfiled} blocked. [unkill]​[show comment]"

*is totally willing and able to beta*

I'll beta if you still need it. :)

Absolutely. :) Shoot me an e-mail at coldest.poet@gmail.com and let me know what you want (plot? Character? Just punctuation?) *G*

I take it you're not allowed to use global variables? They make life easier.

You do realize that your time-limit is entirely in your own mind, right? I made you wait a year, so I am sort of permbanned from holding you to anything. ;)

Good luck with the C++, my Computer Science major friends mostly loathed it. May you be visited by the spirit of Rodney in class, if he can't give you the answer I'm sure he can make disparaging comments about the professor.

Also, glad you liked the Moebius Transformations. Even if I Don't entirely get it there is still an amazing level of awesomeness. As you said: Made. Of. Win.

I completely empathize with the functions -- the first time I wrote a program out in main and my professor said that we had to separate everything out into functions, I had a "What?? But now I have to pass variables and stuff??" moment. *g* And not that I am particularly all that advanced at Computer Science, but if you wanted, I could certainly try to answer any questions that you had. :)

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