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help. literary help. fannish help. please. help.

I am--blocked.

Writer's block. Not just any writer's block either, but the kind that also does not allow random porn snippets. Nothing. Nada. It is liken unto a great, blank wall of--something bad. An edifice. Okay, you see that? I can't even metaphor. At least before I could do it badly and with great energy. Now, not so much. It is a dark, dark time.


Violence helps. Randomly, since this is the one closest to finished: A History of Violence'verse*, Lorne POV. What would be fun and deeply, deeply bloody to write? I'll do--er, at least three of them, minimum 1000 words. Episode-related would be very very fun.

miss_porcupine, for your patience, your good humor in letting me borrow your Lorne, and for the thing where I am almost done with Teacher's Pet 10 and still freaking blocked, one guaranteed for you separately, and I'll even finish it by Friday or die trying.

*backstory to Crimes Against Humanity, the one with all the crazy and the death and the porn and whatnot.
Tags: sga: a history of violence, sga: crimes against humanity
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