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help. literary help. fannish help. please. help.
children of dune - leto 1
I am--blocked.

Writer's block. Not just any writer's block either, but the kind that also does not allow random porn snippets. Nothing. Nada. It is liken unto a great, blank wall of--something bad. An edifice. Okay, you see that? I can't even metaphor. At least before I could do it badly and with great energy. Now, not so much. It is a dark, dark time.


Violence helps. Randomly, since this is the one closest to finished: A History of Violence'verse*, Lorne POV. What would be fun and deeply, deeply bloody to write? I'll do--er, at least three of them, minimum 1000 words. Episode-related would be very very fun.

miss_porcupine, for your patience, your good humor in letting me borrow your Lorne, and for the thing where I am almost done with Teacher's Pet 10 and still freaking blocked, one guaranteed for you separately, and I'll even finish it by Friday or die trying.

*backstory to Crimes Against Humanity, the one with all the crazy and the death and the porn and whatnot.

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Not just any writer's block either, but the kind that also does not allow random porn snippets.

Wow...that's just...I don't know what to say to you in this sad and painful time. Just stay strong, and remember, all of us are right behind you, cheering you on, lighting candles and saying prayers to the porn snippet gods. This too shall pass. *blinks back tears*

*sad* These are dark, dark times. With a dark--thing. In my way.

Blocking the porn.

writer's block *hugs* I hope it goes away soon.

Here my suggestion: Episode related "Common ground". What do Lorne and Bates (and the rest of John's kids incl. Rodney) do to Kolya or his men after John manages to free himself. For the sake of blood and torture you can asume that Kolya doesn't manage to escape or if he does that they hunt him down and well...

Another episode that I'd love to see is in this universe is "The Storm/The Eye" (supposing the first doesn't inspire you).

Yeah, I'm dying for CaH!John to meet Kolya, they might even get along :)

*sends inspiration your way*

Dr. Lillian prescribes Amy's Ice Cream in your time of need.

Conversion! Evil!Blue!John! Blood on the walls! There is no bad here!


What Should Have Happened in "Irresistible" when Lucius tried to drug the team. Bonus points for torture; Carson tries to use the drug instead of the implants?

Hm. *dons thinking cap*

Is Kavanagh still in this 'verse? If so, how about he screws up some piece of Ancient tech so that McKay is knocked unconscious, and Sheppard doesn't want to spare the time for discipline himself while Rodney's not awake to watch, so he assigns the task to Lorne, with the caveat that he can't kill Kavanagh or break any bones (Sheppard's saving that for Rodney's pleasure), but anything else is encouraged (rape, psychological torture, bag of oranges, the works).

If Kavanagh's not available, feel free to pick on another hapless scientist in Rodney's group.

If, you know, this sparks something for you.

Sanctuary because I really, really, really want to see if Chaya is still going to try to get into John's pants and what Rodney's going to do to her when she tries.

Geez, if shamefacedly admitting to missing fic gets me free smacks... :)

If you want an episode, The Lost Boys/The Hive because Lorne would be canvassing planets for intel. Or Critical Mass, since that's the same thing except inside the city. Or Coup D'Etat because it's Lorne getting captured and possibly being all bad-ass before it happens. Or SG-1's The Road Not Taken, but that universe is already blown to hell....

Not-episode: Lorne's first time out with Sheppard's crew. The first time he's bruised and battered and covered in blood and he can't even pretend it's in service to his country or his planet anymore.

Or I might have missed the syntax in that sentence and missed the part where you didn't mean "suggestion requiring Lorne", in which case...

It can be anything Crimes-related you like. *wide eyes*

Well, leave it open that way and I might ask for John, pre- or just-post breach with the SGC. Because this sort of casually murderous, somewhat more hinged, fighting-and/or-fucking (with) Cam version of John...Yeah. A mission, the fight over Lorne, the last straw before John left (presumably quite violently), the first strike after, a 'recruiting' mission...

Can I confess to being a little intrigued by this Cam? Jealousy and pride doth runneth over with him. The good soldier who knows he'll never be good enough and it sours him.

(Deleted comment)
Might not jump start any fics, but I think this is one of the most awesome things I've seen on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JX3VmDgiFnY&NR=1

I have no wise advice to give. I'll just say this - you're one heck of the writer, 'Crimes Against Humanity' is a fantastic piece of work and you'll have thousands of people patiently waiting for you.
I'll be one of them. Thank you for sharing with us.

Damn - I love all the Kolya ideas.

Lost Boys is a great choice too, cause - wow. Just think of all the possible mayhem if CaH's John has to go to the wall to protect McKay. Especially McKay on enzyme crack.

Another option? Grace Under Pressure. Not so much for the potential violence (though the thought of all the ways that Zelenka could be forced to go *is* fun), but for the political possibilities. Would Weir leap at the chance to sieze control?

Good luck, and gods let the porn continue.

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