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Started work on functions and arrays these last two weeks. Question.

Strings = a complex array?

A lot of class now is spent less with notes and more with short, simple programs as illustration, which I cannot emphasize enough how awesome that it, though it does reinforce my inability to do a damned flowchart or IPO. Anyway. I was looking at strings, since they have their very own include to be added as a data type--was that written so that there wouldn't necessarily be arrays for stuff like entire paragraphs? And how are those created?

I'm curious. I've been playing with functions a lot to see how they shorten a program, and the arrays feel very--interesting, yes, but also interestingly *useful*. Though I'm not sure how yet.

Seriously, I only have two weeks left, and I'm already missing this class a lot. I really wish they had a Christmas short semester.

Sadly, we are skipping two dimensional arrays. It is depressing.

You know, eventually, I have got to think of something more interesting to say.
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