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so can I just label it h/? with ? standing for "pretend there is comfort eventually? Probably?"
children of dune - leto 1

So--say you are writing a hurt/comfort. There's hurt, hurt, hurt, hurt, hurt, hurt, more hurt, ooh, psychic hurt and then revenge and you think, right, time for comfort! Comfort! COMFORT AND PORN YAY! Because seriously, what the hell is the point of torture if you can't heal it with sex? Or hell, don't end it with everyone pre-suicidal? Is it that hard?

Strangely, yes, yes it is.

This story is creepy and I'm the one writing it.

Right. Writing trauma. Gah.

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I actually prefer this type to the one with drawn out comfort, provided it has a "happy" ending in that there is a possibility at least that the characters will be okay. I happily read a ton of that kind of fic in XF at the Mulder Torture archive.IIRC the genre used to be called hurt/hurt derived from the more common h/c, or simply "torture". In SGA I have seen "whump" for this, though that has sometimes comfort.

Honestly, the happy here is tiny and kind of--*sighs*. I don't know. Though he, hurt/hurt. I like this.

You should make the comfort part so sickeningly sweet that people will say "This story is soooo cute!" and then feel bad about it on account of the pain and torture.

*accusing* You want me to write healing penis sex, don't you?

Maybe you should write the Porny comforting goodness first, and work backwards?
OR, hey...maybe you need to go write some unrelated-to-this-fic porn, to get you in the mood mind-set? (that this has the added bonus of, well, extra porn ficlets? only vaguely intended :P)

Edited at 2007-11-27 07:49 pm (UTC)

I should have thought of that. *sighs*

Would h/h be called just Angst?

In my days of emo teenie blood thirst, I used to read all the anorexia fics that I could find, and imagine my surprise when in one of them, without warning, the angst wictim *died* in the end? Traumatic, or something. So in my oppinion, there must not be comfort after hurt, but some kind of catharsis is a must. So as long as the end isn't "rocks fall, everyone dies", h/h is fine by me ;)

I'd say remove the h/c and just go for angst and let whatever pithy comfort you throw in be a surprise bonus.

If the hurtee is Rodney you have to give him at least a bandaid at the end. If it's John it can be HURT HURT HURT.

Hi I M Ur Eeeevol 2Day.


this fic fits that criteria.


So, does this mean you're working on the Somewhere-verse? Just kidding, really. (Some wounds will never heal).

Well, how about hurt/angst? For the label, I mean.

Which, well, as the LOLcat sez: do not want.

Make them HAPPY at the end. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. And snuggly.

Or, you know, don't. Because I don't want to stifle your muse if you're finally writing again. YAY

I KNOW. My muse has been all freaked out since the John to John II move. It's been hard on us all. *nods*

hee I had the exact same problem labelling my story for mcshep awards. If only there were a physical hurt/emotional hurt/more physical hurt/slight bittersweet semi-optimistic ending option!

Heh. I like hopeful endings. I mean, it doesn't have to get better, just have the hope of it getting better.

One of my favorite fanfics:


:cries: Don't tell me this. I lurker-stalk you from fandom to fandom and literally devour almost anything you post but...

I'm a wuss. I admit it. A big 'ol baby that just *has* to have a happy ending and, going by this description, you're about to post a nice big story that I'm not going to be able to read. This is a total tragedy. (On my part only, of course. I'm sure it will be completely awesome, like everything you write, and those brave people out there with thicker skins will give it the praise I'm sure it will deserve!)


Comfort! The sex that heals all wounds. It's okay if Rodney almost died/committed suicide/nearly had his head torn off. Butt secks will make it all better. DOUBLY BETTER IF HE CRIES.

I love you so much.

Magical healing buttsecks. One day, dammit, there will be magical semen if I have to damn well write it myself.

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