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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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huh. so that was special. and mysterious!
hot toddy

Have you ever been reading along somewhere and someone you used to be friends with and thought was kind of sane sort of posts (non-fic type of post) in a way that makes you think they have fallen off the humanity truck and are tumbling down the hill of sociopathy toward the river of wish there could be a restraining order?

However, on the bright side, I got to use killfile for the first time and it was very exciting.

*clicks* I wish I could do it again.

Carry on.

Last week I tried to look up someone I used to be friends with and thought was kind of sane, who later got in-sane, (fell off the humanity truck and tumbled down the hill of sociopathy) and the woman had gone poof. No lj, no fandom. No such a person in real life googling. That is scary.

*blinks* Wow. That's disturbing.


In fact, that's happened with people who were *on* my flist at the time. They weren't for much longer ;)

Oh man. That has *almost* happened but not quite. *twitch* Yeah, that would be--ack.

(Deleted comment)
Oh man. *twitch* I twitch for you. I do.

Who? WHO? WHOOOOOOOOO???????????

(Unless it's me, of course, in which case... um, comment, what comment?)


And no one probably anyone here knows. It was a long time ago. I am very deeply creeped out.

(Deleted comment)
I have--hmm. My online has bled into my RL, but my RL rarely does (with exceptions). Honestly, looking back, I have to admit that if only one turned out to have a--er, terrifying area of themselves? Not too bad.

I still defriend people whose scumminess bugs me too much.

I filter then wait for a bit (sixish months) to see if I'm angry enough to defriend. *sighs* Which is why I rarely friend. I hate the process of defriending so much; even knowing it's not like anyone's going to cry into their cheerios? It bothers me.

When menopause hits, everybody better get out of the goddamn way. I'm just sayin'.

Been there, done that, got the hoodie (hey, T-shirts are boring). It's quite extraordinarily disconcerting to realise that, huh, while this person has always given interesting convos on fannish matters, when it comes to Real Life and/or politics, they're scary.

Yes! That was pretty much it! And it wasn't even the real life concept, which is cool, but the terrifyingly radical intepretation that kind of made me go--right. Right. Hide now. And deny.

I am blessed with sane people around me, but once in a while I'll wonder WTF with one person that I used to read. More scary than inspiring me to do an intervention.

*nodnodnod* The "run away quickly so as not to be seen" yes. I have the same reaction.

Is it wrong that I looked over my last few LJ entries just to make sure it probably wasn't me?

But yes. Oh, yes. There are two of them who used to be on my friends list. They scare me.


It was just so. Damn. Surreal. First thing I did was run, run, run to my userinfo to be absolutely sure I didnt' have her friended still. It was a relief. I hate having to ban and unfriend at the same time.

But yes. Oh, yes. There are two of them who used to be on my friends list. They scare me.

It's surreal, isn't it? *twitch*

Edited at 2007-11-26 09:43 pm (UTC)

Oooh, are we sharing sociopaths?

Ok, mine is from the olden days of little one-line BBSes, so he was local. He was a little off, but we were all misfit types, so he still blended in. Years later he had an ex-wife who was recovering from the drug addiction she acquired during their too-weird-for-words marriage.

I'd been on one date with him, entirely by accident. (Hey, I'm a clueless geek. I thought we were going to a movie!) He got weird and I left.

Aha ha ha! I had to run-look to see if you live in my city. Eh, I guess those guys are everywhere. All I can say is thank god for caller ID.

Not that I recall. My f-list isn't very large though. I've had it happen that someone who seemed fairly cool fannishly has plain weird (to me anyway) or even unsettling political/social opinions, but unless they post such stuff all the time or it is really bad I mostly ignore it, not least because from my perspective Americans on average are somewhat strange about such matters to begin with (no offense intended *g*). But I don't remember any sociopathic moments.

Heh, I think I've been on the other end of that particular situation. Most of my online friends are of a very leftist bent (as am I in most respects), but once in a while a while when we've gathered in real life I'll speak up on one of a couple of issues where I fall to the extreme right when the groupthink gets a little too dismissive. There tends to follow either a Gary Coleman "Whatchu talkin' bout, Willis?" moment or a dismayed reaction as if I've bitten off a chicken's head in front of everyone.

Oh dear. I have a few people who, well, I think they're very interesting, and I occasionally stop by their lj, but I can't quite bring myself to share personally identifying information with? But I've never seen someone online lose it. Just a few folks IRL...

tumbling down the hill of sociopathy

Which would be me in a premenstrual state . . .

Seriously, I have three LJ's that I check on (not friended so paranoia will not ensue) that I read for the "freak value". It reassures me that I'm not the craziest person in the room.

On the other hand, I've had an LJ person that I met in real life take a ride on the Disoriented Express and embarass the fuck out of me. I walked that one off And I've had RL friends do things that boggle and disturb. That one I'm still working through.

There's Nowt as Queer as Folk.

I have had that experience, and yeah. Unsettling doesn't even begin to cover it. One minute you have a perfectly pleasant online friendship, the next minute you blink and it's "Wow. How did I not know until now that you're quite possibly scary in a way that should never actually exist outside of a movie starring Glenn Close or Kathy Bates?"

*hands you a 1 lb. bag of Peanut M&Ms* (They make everything better.)