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You know, Mondays after Thanksgiving are nice. I don't know whether it's the hypnotic power of turkey or the fact that I've eaten enough over the last four days to possibly kill a small island nation, but mmm. Copasetic.

Books - the Good

Because starting with bad hurt me, so I decided to change it.

Martha Wells

Entanglement by Martha Wells. Second of her SGA tie-ins and pretty much the only reason I bother with the tie-in novels. But yes. The characterizations are not only good but solid, the dialogue is not traumatizing, and there's a plot that not only makes sense but uses the characters well. And you know, John Sheppard. Awesome.

Quick link to Reliquary by Martha Wells for those who missed it the first time around. Because seriously, you shouldn't.

I keep thinking we need a--something for grouping reviews of tie-in novels. Hmm. Somewhere. for fanpeople. Even money someone is going to hit reply and tell me there is. *glee*

Books - The Bad

This is the reason I was rereading Martha and Mercedes this last week.

Herbert Novels (not Frank)

Re-read the Dune prequels; weirdly worse than I remember. Baby Herbert, I'd just like to thank you for the constant reminders of the creaminess of Jessica's throat. I mean, without that being mentioned five or six times, that important plot point would have been lost.

Seriously. Editor? Should throw himself on his red pencil.

I think my biggest problem is that it's supposed to be canon except for all the ways it absolutely can't be without a lot of alcohol. Apparently, the Dune series sequels are worse. A very real part of me wants to see if I come out of it bleeding copiously and praying for death; I mean, House Corrino didn't take me that far, but I was awfully close to it.

In closing: I really need to finish writing something. Or hell, start. I only have ten thousand WiPs. I should go look at them. And cry. Just a little. Wondering if I, too, had an issue creamy throats.

One day, when I'm very bored and possibly somewhat brain damaged, I really want ot try to write porn that doesn't once mention either genitalia even by inference, much less reference. Just to see.
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