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monday stuff
children of dune - leto 1
You know, Mondays after Thanksgiving are nice. I don't know whether it's the hypnotic power of turkey or the fact that I've eaten enough over the last four days to possibly kill a small island nation, but mmm. Copasetic.

Books - the Good

Because starting with bad hurt me, so I decided to change it.

Martha Wells

Entanglement by Martha Wells. Second of her SGA tie-ins and pretty much the only reason I bother with the tie-in novels. But yes. The characterizations are not only good but solid, the dialogue is not traumatizing, and there's a plot that not only makes sense but uses the characters well. And you know, John Sheppard. Awesome.

Quick link to Reliquary by Martha Wells for those who missed it the first time around. Because seriously, you shouldn't.

I keep thinking we need a--something for grouping reviews of tie-in novels. Hmm. Somewhere. for fanpeople. Even money someone is going to hit reply and tell me there is. *glee*

Books - The Bad

This is the reason I was rereading Martha and Mercedes this last week.

Herbert Novels (not Frank)

Re-read the Dune prequels; weirdly worse than I remember. Baby Herbert, I'd just like to thank you for the constant reminders of the creaminess of Jessica's throat. I mean, without that being mentioned five or six times, that important plot point would have been lost.

Seriously. Editor? Should throw himself on his red pencil.

I think my biggest problem is that it's supposed to be canon except for all the ways it absolutely can't be without a lot of alcohol. Apparently, the Dune series sequels are worse. A very real part of me wants to see if I come out of it bleeding copiously and praying for death; I mean, House Corrino didn't take me that far, but I was awfully close to it.

In closing: I really need to finish writing something. Or hell, start. I only have ten thousand WiPs. I should go look at them. And cry. Just a little. Wondering if I, too, had an issue creamy throats.

One day, when I'm very bored and possibly somewhat brain damaged, I really want ot try to write porn that doesn't once mention either genitalia even by inference, much less reference. Just to see.

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Martha Wells wrote SGA fiction? Now that is just unfair; I'm too poor to justify getting them and my library doesn't have those books. *pout*

They are *really good*. I mean, gah. So good.

Oh dear god. I read the first of the Dune prequels (from the library! the ultimate in non-commital reading!) out of morbid curiosity, and it was SO, SO BAD that I shuddered and excised the travesty from my memory.


Of course, I also say you should never read further than Children of Dune, and that one mainly gets in for the hotness of Leto in the miniseries.

*twitchy* It hurts me inside to remember they exist.

Aside from the uninspiring prose of them, I picked up the first one and discovered that not only didn't it seem quite cricket with real canon, it was definitely not cricket with the best piece of grey-canon I have ever seen in my life: to wit, The Dune Encyclopedia, written by a group of fans in alphabetical entry format, entirely in character as historians within the universe, and full of awesome backstory and frontstory for all the characters.

(Seriously. They came up with a medical reason for why the Beast Rabban was such an asshole.)

So, in addition to turning up my nose at the prequels for their general existence and lack of knocking my socks off, I got the distinct pleasure of turning up my nose at them for neglecting the fannish conversation. ...It was a thing.

Oh wow. Is that Encyclopedia online anywhere?

It's crazy to me, because the original Dune was *everything* I want in a science fiction novel. It had themes! And sociology! And politics! And amazing characters! And a kind of destiny! And an intricate world built just for the book!

And just about everything subsequent to that RUINS IT ALL. And it makes me want to weep, because I read Dune when I was maybe 13 years old and just slipped inside the pages for weeks and weeks afterward, because it was that compelling. How can Herbert father and then son take that incredible creativity and bury it under shlock? When I think about it, I'm aghast.

I have a print copy, like legally published type of stuff, which had originally been in a public library. (Berkley Books, c1984, ISBN 0425068137. The copyright page says "compiled by Dr. Willis E. McNelly", but from the introduction onward, it's imperial historians. I.e., fannishly and collectively created.

(It does cover the first 4 of the original books, so there are about 40 entries on the various Duncans Idaho, but the backstory for the first one is the most interesting anyway.)

(Oh, aha, here's some of it online, if you scroll down.)

I have the encyclopedia in PDF format -- I think I can zip it and send it out. Any takers? Send reply to ficwitch at yahoo dot com.

I read Heretics of Dune (gag) lent it to Then Boyfriend, and watched with no emotion as he threw the hardcover away several months later. (You kind of have to see the book colony I have to understand but still....)

And Kevin "I will write with any dead writer you want" Anderson should be beaten, severely.

He and the editor need to be whipped or something for letting those out. Seriously.

The first Dune sequel is the only book I have ever taken back to the store for a refund.

Dune Messiah? Or the baby Herbert books?

*twitch* Sometimes, I pretend there was only one. Ever.

*g* I've only read one. And I think it'll stay that way.

Martha Wells is my favourite of the tie-in authors (and her books are the only ones that keep me entertained). I was going to create a comm but I didn't know how many people would be interested so I didn't bother :/

Mine too! I gave up on tie-ins after the Star Trek ones went so--well, bad. But Martha's so good, so--yeah. Had to have them. And honestly, I like having professional grey canon there to read as well, and cover what the show, for whatever reason, can't or won't.

I've reached a point where my tie in buys are based on authors, it's how to stay out of the star trek pit yanno?

thank you for the Not-Frank review, as my sister said to read them and I put all of them on my wish list. Now I don't have to send them money. yay!


They are just. So. Bad. And contradictory. And *wrong*.

SAVE YOURSELF. I slogged through all the books except Chapterhouse Dune.

That was the strongest reason for me to stop finishing books I picked up no matter what. *cringe*

I really want ot try to write porn that doesn't once mention either genitalia even by inference, much less reference.

I can think of two fics in "The Sting" fandom that might qualify for achieving that trick. One of them is Dorinda's "Buried Treasure Racket" and the other is one of Petronelle's drabble Tricks. Although the latter does mention pants.

I have all the SGA novels, I just have to find the time to read them. As a matter of fact, the two Martha Wells books are signed copies so I seriously need to actually READ them :P

I love God Emperor of Dune almost as much as Dune itself, the other sequels are forgettable. I wish I could forget having read House Atreides and House Corrino, they were hours of my life wasted.

I have the Encylopedia, it's awesome.

Sorry, the only tie-in novel comm I know is sg1_books. I'd love to see a pan-fandom comm... *sighs dreamily over Babylon 5 tie-ins plotted by JMS*

(And yes, let's just pretend Dune was an only child. In order to spare the blood pressure.)

I just read Martha Wells' Reliquary recently myself. I was impressed even though it was a sadly short bit of fun. (i had it read within hours *sighs*) I'm glad she's got another book out. She gets the dynamic soooooo right, with lots of subtext to top it off. I picked up Casualties of War, but now that i know Wells' has another title out in the SGA-verse? I'll sneak around and pick that up. ^^

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