Seperis (seperis) wrote,

mmm. overstuffed

I am happiuly stuffed with apricot glazed turkey and cornbread stuffing and corn pudding and other--er, food type items to the point of wishing for death. There are four types of pies looking at me. I resent it, especially since I bought them.


Okay, now question.

The Hard Drive of Doom

I'm currently running diagnostics on John I to see what I can save and if the hard drive is still viable. When I run the Dell diagnostics hard drive check, the only thing that's failing is the confidence test.

(by the way, I've been running the hard drive diagnostic for nearly fourteen hours now. I meant to do three repetitions, but I'm thinking no.)

So far, that's the only failure I've had, and last time I ran them, after it failed and I ran it again, it passed. So is this unsalvagable or is it workable for use? New hard drive?
Tags: my relationship with electronics
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