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svreview: accelerate, s2e21 (WAS what was this ep called again?)

Okay. I think I just watched the prequel to Lanning's Divergence. But of far, far lower quality. And far less interesting.


There's no possible way to cover this one without a long yawn. So I won't even try.

Well. There were some bright spots.

I like evil children when they attack people I don't like. I cheer for them.

I like Lex. Period. So there's that.

It was nice to watch Lana almost drown. Depressing when she didn't. Lana, honey, remember my warning from last week? Check LJland. An AU has just been born. And many of us will really, really enjoy it. If someone will write it.

And week two of Everyone Loves Lana continues to make Smallville the most boring show in existence.

Clark continues to make me wish he'd just go evil and go away. I'm sorry, Clark. In fanfic, I like you. On the show, you make me want to have you forced to watch professional knitting shows for days on end. No commercial breaks. Then watch flies fuck. Because I can think of no punishment worse for you than that after making me watch CENTURIES (stuffed in an hour) of Lana and you being so boring that I actually had time to grow my OWN clone if I had the equipment.

But the plot, which no shock, turned out pretty damn cool.

Again, though--looked at lab, and first thought was, he's going to make a Karloff. He is *so* going to make a Karloff. Anyone else? Seriously, I was waiting for him to ask L'il Emily if she wanted a brother to play with. Because I can totally see this.

Find lexcorp_hope or latxcvi or thamiris for more thorough commentary. I'll try some later after, I don't know, READING THE FANFIC THIS IS SO MUCH LIKE MAYBE?


I swear, I'll find positive points later. I will. I really, really will. After I've gotten back my will to live.
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