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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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john, first strike
Okay, in absolutely awesome news, John II is made of win and my backup so far seems to have worked perfectly. Still getting used to things like working speakers and a screen that's kind of aweing in size (seriously. I keep having to jiggle the text around--everything else is fine but text. And it's very, very bright.)

But fic! Safe! Email! Safe! Music! Safe! Some--er, other stuff! Safe! Even my firefox settings were there, and seriously, I just--John and I are very happy.

I will continue to purr at him while trying to get my screen down to a slightly darker shade of blinding white. Cause man. This is very, very white.

But! It's all pretty! And--other stuff. Still finding and reinstalling programs and firefox scripts, and um, basically, happy.

*infatuated* He's so pretty.

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Yay new computer! And backup that was successful.

I'm sure you won't find it too difficult to get used to working speakers and a huge screen. Really, I think you're up for the challenge. ;)

On a slightly related note, I love the name for your computer. I think I have to name mine. Hmmm.

*G* It's funny--I was in Smallville three years and I never named a computer during that time. SGA? Two names so far.

*g* The screen is teh same physical size, but man, the *resolution* is odd. I'll get used to the small text, but definitely--disconcerting. But in a good way!

Names are good. Easier to yell when computer is not acting well. *nods firmly*

Heh. you can change the resolution, you know.


Usually you can make the screen dimmer by holding the function key and using the arrow keys, or other keys with the little sun icon.

You'll have to get a cardboard cut out of a P90 and tape it to the side and then get a black feather boa to drap over it all, hee!

And congrats! New toys, especially shiny expensive ones like that, are always wonderful.

*G* Oh yeah. I am totally twitching when I look at the credit cards that were half paid off that were sacrificed?

But not tonight. I am immersed in the Shiny.

I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL, ONLY A MONTH AGO NOW. (And okay, again 2 days ago when I upgraded to Leopard.) Except without the panic of a dead computer, and only the joy of a SHINY AWESOME NEW ONE.

I seriously feel like I have a crush. I keep touching and playing with all the new fucntions.

OMG the multitasking I can do! *breathless* I'm just--gah. So *cool*.

What kind did you get?

I got a 15" macbook pro, and it's like an orgasm in a shiny, flat package. no, no, better. when I first got it home, after having a 12" screen for the last four and a half years, I was like "wait, but, what do I DO with all this SPACE??" (though I will admit to missing the fact that my very first 12'' baby could fit in my purse. minor drawbacks.)

but jesus, I have 2 gb of ram now. up from maybe 128 mb. i can actually run other programs at the same time i run azureus! *radiates joy*

Oooooh. *Nice*. My boss just got one of those and he's still drooling.

Laptop are totally made of win.

If I win the lotto/major book contract. I'm totally buying a 'traveling' laptop. Something light and small and thin and that doesn't make me regret dragging it along on weekends.

Edited at 2007-11-20 05:49 pm (UTC)

White like Tom Welling's teeth?

White like Welling's teeth after bleaching!!!!!!!

I toned it down a little, but man, it gave me a headache at first.

We should double date. You and John, Me and my Laser printer. *HAPPY GLOW*

*glows at John* Pretty pretty princess psychopathic killer. *grins*

*grins* Isn't it great when they just feed us this stuff? BTW my secondary HD is named John. Am pondering which HD to name Rodney.

All my computers have been named after AIs/'droids. Fropm Bollux the Zenith 286 laptop in 1989, to Blue Max mk I, II, and III (and one of my external HDs is named Blue Max as well) to G (the Ai on Sol Bianca) to Synergy (current laptop).

One of these days, I am going to run out of fictional computers. Alreayd my flash drive is Seymour (after Lafortunata) and my otehr external HD is Ianto ('nuff said).

Mike and Selena?? Pls say yes. *G*

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