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Okay, in absolutely awesome news, John II is made of win and my backup so far seems to have worked perfectly. Still getting used to things like working speakers and a screen that's kind of aweing in size (seriously. I keep having to jiggle the text around--everything else is fine but text. And it's very, very bright.)

But fic! Safe! Email! Safe! Music! Safe! Some--er, other stuff! Safe! Even my firefox settings were there, and seriously, I just--John and I are very happy.

I will continue to purr at him while trying to get my screen down to a slightly darker shade of blinding white. Cause man. This is very, very white.

But! It's all pretty! And--other stuff. Still finding and reinstalling programs and firefox scripts, and um, basically, happy.

*infatuated* He's so pretty.
Tags: jenn's life, my relationship with electronics
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