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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1





(You'd be shocked how hard it is to do so on one's child's computer. By which I mean, no writing or reading. Except stupid_free which is the most awesome place ever. At least, until I do something to get myself up there.)


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*smug* Told you so.

Really, why would he want to stay in Waco when he could come home and get started on the greatest porny adventures of his little life.

*glee* I almost texted you, then couldn't find my phone. very tragic.

Mazel tov on the new John. May the two of you live happily together for many years (and may you keep a current backup just in case).

There were things you could have written on Child's computer. *cough*TP*cough*

I have two packages waiting at home, too. Sadly, one is vacuum bags I had to order online. Not nearly as sexy.

I tried. I mean, on *every fic* I had in googledocs. It was this huge block.

....then I started reading cf_hardcore and kind of lost faith in humanity.


I've missed you and your porn!


Congratulations!!!! New toys are always cool. I hope John II inspires you to write a lot of new things, and update old ones :) I mean, all those squeaky new keys begging to be used... *stuff of dreams*

True, those new keys are *begging* for it....

I really need to be writing again now.

*Muppet arms of great joy*

Break him in, and break him in hard. *grin*

Yay, a Johntoo! ...on the subject of new keys, random query: what keys get worn faceless on your keyboards fastest? For some reason, the N key on mine was the first to disappear and now the L is showing some wear over a year and a half past the delivery of this laptop to my hands...but the rest are holding up fine. I do not know what the hell I do with an N key so much, but any time someone new uses my keyboard they ask "Where is the N key?!" as if they cannot figure it out by simply typing. ...hm.

HEY. I broke Photoshop. I am in San Francisco. I do not go home until Saturday, and so I cannot uninstall/reinstall the blasted program so I can finish drawing that thing until then. DON'T LET ME FORGET.

My n, the , and the . and the ? get worn out fast.

And I won't!

(Deleted comment)
Yay for John II.

But boo to you for pointing out Stupid_free, because through it I stumbled across the childfree community and I have been reading it in a kind of dazed horror ever since.

Really, I want to stop looking at it because it is seriously disturbing. (Not the lifestyle choice, but this particular comm.) Do I want to know what these people are thinking when I have the nerve to take my kids to the supermarket and the kiddies are not following me along absolutely silently and in a drugged stupor? NO I DO NOT.

Curse you! ;)

It's hypnotizing, isn't it?

Then again, one poster was interesting. She made a really odd adoption post and didn't cite it, so a friend found it and apparently, the post she made was--well. *g* Questionable on its authenticity.

Hold on, I have had no one to share it with and by god, I want to share.

Here's the post in CF on 11/10/2007:


Now the ones we found;

http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20071108090142AAeUy5x (posted a week ago)

http://www.getfreeparentingbooks.com/?p=8267#comments 11/8/2007


I'm--suspicious, especially considering the OP just turned eighteen according to her xanga but her posts tend to imply she's much older.

Or could be totally wrong. *g* Still, though, the adoption post looks more like trolly--epecially considering Mimi's own questions in this forum--than anything real.

Yet fun. I love google.

Congratulations! I'm glad it FINALLY came!

God, me too. So much withdrawal.

I would go on and on about how envious I am, how lucky you are, etc etc, but I don't want to upset Boudicea - she's been a good good good laptop for, er, several years now.

Good laptop. ::pets her::

I am here hoping that everything goes super well with feeding John Jr all those files on the backup. ::fingers crossed, wood knocked on, etc::

Also, yay to having access to the porn again.

*grins* YAY IT IS HERE! AND IT WORKS! and happy!

Glad you got your new laptop *g*

*cough* er Hi! I'm a (probably creepy) lurker!

The reason I'm dropping by is that we share a Harlequin SGA prompt for undermistletoe. I'm an artist and I haven't been active in SGA until very recently (or active at all, really).

I love your stories though I haven't had a chance to read your most recent work. *tries desperately to remember if ever sent fb*

Would you be interested if I offered to (try to) do an illustration for your fic? I've completed my picture for the prompt so if you would rather not - that is cool. I'm just feeling a bit fangirly about this *g*

Never creepy. *g*

Would you be interested if I offered to (try to) do an illustration for your fic? I've completed my picture for the prompt so if you would rather not - that is cool. I'm just feeling a bit fangirly about this *g*

Oh God, yes, yes yes! Who would say no to that????

...I'd have to probably finish it well *before* the deadline, huh? *g* No, that would be fantastic! Thank you very much! As soon as I have a rough draft, I'll send it to you? Would that work? Whatever would work for you.

Thank you again! This is great! Thank you! *hugs*

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