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bored bored bored....

There's like an ENDLESS LIST of things I need to do. Answer email, answer LJ posts, post to other LJs, stare meaningfully at this STUPID STORY THAT WON'T MOVE.

Um, right. The meaningfully staring thing? NOT as much fun as it sounds.

Things I did.

Feel Everything, final version, posted, HTMLized, even spellchecked. *g* All mistakes are mine, lalala.


Seventy Two Hours Part II. This is like shades of Sleep While I Drive, in which I am in short-burst mode. Dammit.

Hee! Go here now.

Molly is EVIL. She knows this, she enjoys this, and there we go. Evil. E-V-I-L. She even knows WHY. *looks significantly at inbox*

People I have surveyed. This is to keep track or I WILL forget by this afternoon when something shiny appears to make me go ooh!

Victoria P -- done!
Pearl-o -- done!
Molly -- done!

Four to go. *breathes* I will keep caught up. I will keep caught up. I will keep caught up....

Gotta love buggery. *g* Jack was reading my entry on sexuality in Smallville and pointed out that writing Clark/Lex fic is actually a social statement denying the power of the networks to control the audience's view of sexuality.

Oh hell yes. ANYTHING that makes porn sound like an important social statement? I am TOTALLY for this one. Vive la revolution! And that kind of stuff.

Something I realized today. I cannot CANNOT meta in the LJ yet. I worked out why. The diary gives me the illusion of isolation. The LJ has a friends list. This makes sense. *sighs* Go jenn with the stage fright.

Because the LJ addiction to quizzes seems to be something I've been missing.

Which BNF Smallville Slasher Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

*snickers* What a surprise.

I'm mulling, for the first time in awhile, actually actively seeking out a cowriter for something. I'm not sure yet--most of the people I've worked with (Kat, Sare Liz, Beth, Andariel, Victoria P, Jack, Val, Te, et al) were for shorter stuff. This one is long, or will be if the idea pans out. And double POV, which is, I admit, not my forte by any stretch of the imagination. I just don't like juggling several different people anymore. The ultrafocus on one person works for me better.

The problem is, unless I'm ultra creative in how I set this up, the story will lose a LOT of resonance without the second POV in the equation. Or rather, it'll make very little sense or will be very, very bizarre, and frankly, it's ALREADY bizarre, so I'm not sure adding more to the equation is the hottest idea around.

The other thing is, I have never worked with someone on something with a complex plot. Part of it is my latent control issues. I don't really count my One Word prequels, because really, I just told the authors this is where everything ends up, just get them there, and then pretty much gave them free rein, with some amazing results. Which I still love. The rest of it is impatience--when I want to write, I want to do it NOW. Instant-gratification sort of thing. And I don't want to actually, well, ever stop. As any poor person who has audienced me knows, I will write up until the second I cannot stay awake. I'm not sure how anyone would take me sitting on the other side of AIM or email, whimpering.


Okay. NOW will catch up on answering things. Yes, I totally will. *nod*
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