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(no subject)
children of dune - leto 1
Child's computer is free of spyware, I've finished a second redesign of the user guide at work, learned how to create cool vertical menus with css, and spoke to Child's best friend V's mom about letting her start playing online kid rpg's with Child and ended up mentioning I would start giving them classes in computer use and simple html and scripting. Possibly crash course them in first semester C++.

...I want my computer back now.

I can't write on Child's. Plus, it feels odd, the screen is the wrong size, the keyboard is out to get me, and there's something off about how the touchpad works. Also, it is not mine, and my external hard drive that contains all my binary possessions acted up and gave me some kind of weird breakdown. There was crying. Okay, there wasn't. The point is, there could have been at some point. Possibly.

In other news--oh God, there is no other news. Except refreshing dell website to see if production is over yet and fighting the urge to call, tell them to pack the pieces and just send it already. I'll assemble the damn thing myself.

I read through about a year of stupid_free, which is, as most know, fandom-wank for real life, except it makes a lot of fandom-wank subjects seem really sane and kind of cool. Seriously. I no longer fear Snapewife. Snapewife is funny. Creepy girls who threaten homeless women and freak out small children? Creepy. Snapewife? Found a path that I have not. More power to you, Snapewife. Find that astral marriage bed.

Also--because I cant' find my AIM password, under yahoo as seperis. If anyone wants to stave off the possibility I'll find zen trying to learn Linux.

Please send me John II. I miss my bookmarks. I also miss AIM. See below cut for YIM info.

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I don't think I have yahoo on this computer, nor do I have the energy to install it tonight. But I will send prayers and sacrifice a diet coke to the laptop gods over at Dell!

John II will be yours very soon, I'm sure.

PS - I wish you'd give ME programming lessons!


What color is John II? ... boy, that's a dumb question. So, did you consider any color except "black"? My officemate got hers in pink.

*G* Seriously? Nope. Though the green was vaguely tempting.

*blinks sleepily*

*goes back to monitoring her own dell shipment*

HA! It shipped.

I hate you so much I burn with it.

Since you're in the mood to give computer lessons could you point me to some good websites where one could learn html (I have some basic knowledge) and later on the basics of PHP and C++ (no knowledge at all)

I hope that Dell will put John II in a Puddlejumper soon and send him to you at the speed of light. Living on a borrowed/shared computer sucks.

I like HTML Goodies for HTML. It starts out practical and then goes to concept and theory, which is how I learned the basics in teh first place.

For C++--I'd get familiar with Javascript first. They have a really surprising amount of overlap in a lot of structure (and for that matter, the language), and I like HTML Goodies tutorials--same thing, first practical, then moving to more esoteric and structural.

I'm still looking for good, beginner level C++ websites--a lot of my time spent on the boards or the tutorials tend to assume a lot of knowledge of syntax already and feel more post-second-semester rather than desperately-searching-first semester.

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