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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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so this is the first stages of withdrawal
children of dune - leto 1


1.) Updated Child's computer to current.
2.) Reorganized his shortcuts in start menu and desktop.
3.) Removed annoying programs.
4.) Installed Python, Ruby, and Dev C++, bookmarked tutorials.
5.) Installed Turkish dictionary for Child's Turkish class.
6.) Signed up for gmail and del.icio.us.

1.) Installed and customized Firefox to Mom's computer.
2.) Tutored her in Firefox extensions, signed her up for del.icio.us, pondered deep sixing her into youtube.
3.) Bookmarked relevant Guild War websites she hadn't found on a convenient folder for easy use.

*deep breath*

Now trying to find a decent children's tutorial on programming. The ones I have found so far aren't terribly child-friendly. I feel this is going to be interesting.

If I don't get my new laptop soon, I can only assume next weekend will be spent force-feeding first semester C++ to both of them whether they want it or not.

(*checks dell website. still in production. starts lesson plans.*)

Yeah. This is going to go well.

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Sometimes Dell is off. I ordered something from Dell, had it delivered, and the website still showed it was in production. You might get your laptop Monday.

I went over you last several entries to catch up on your life - boy have you had an eventful week!

Hope the computer thing works out soon.

*sends vibes to Dell*

I got "Enter" magazine as a kid (25 years ago or so) to teach me to program in Basic.

Do they have anything like that nowadays?

Now trying to find a decent children's tutorial on programming.

Google "Hackity Hack" :D

*thoughtful* You are like Ask Jeeves, except for the fact that you are actually *right* all the time.

*dives to download*

Fanchild figured out Google Messenger about 15 minutes after I set his up on his laptop - including the firefox extension that tells you when you have new mail - and it's pretty much his favorite thing ever. *G* He can talk to me from his room without actually TALKING to me or, yanno, leaving his room. Heh.

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