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The Toybox

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whilst between the rock and the wall
children of dune - leto 1
Part A: The Great Escape:

Okay, so perhaps my two weeks of random online reports of misery are going to be broken up by---

A deer attack.

Well, more a deer's bloody confrontation with a window. It was deeply weird, mostly because it hit the window a few feet away from me, behind the cubicle walls that block part of the window. It hit *right next* to a friend of mine that was against that wall. All we could hear were large thumps--being public servants, we assumed that:

a.) One of us finally went and joined the ranks of the proverbial postal workers of legend.

b.) A customer or client had found us and wanted a loud chat.

c.) End of the world.

So we ran, ran, ran like the wind from our tiny used-to-be-a-file-room cubicle farm of smallness to the greater cubicle *estates*.

Actually, it was Secret Option d, a deer attack. You really--can't anticipate that one.

911 and animal control were called and around the fourth (fifth?) time deer and glass collided (and glass broke), they showed up. Deer collapsed, looking near death--and then the police took out a gun to shoot him.

...no, really. In the inner C of our building, someone had the bright idea of shooting a deer. Because hey, that sounds like a good idea. And by that, I mean, wtf. But whatever.

However, this led to a Miracle--a wondrous feat of healing. Deer sees man with gun, deer regains not only mobility and speed but an amazing sense of direction. Exit deer. Scaring gun-man. We all pondered the wonders of nature.

Part B:

New laptop ordered. Should arrive around 22nd. Will try not to have nervous breakdown before then. That's--y'know. Two weeks. Totally survivable. Child isn't getting his laptop back anytime soon.

Part C:

I miss my WIPS. I just--don't know if I can work on anything using Child's computer. It is deeply disconcerting.

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HAHAHAHA that is priceless! Especially with the cop thinking he had some venison chili all but cooked up. I'm guessing the deer was a male and seeing himself in the window, thinking it was another male? Brings to mind that Bee commercial "this time.. this time.. this time..."

All we have is a male cardinal who flits from car to car looking at himself in the side-mirrors of the cars in our parking lot. Though we did have a red-tail hawk sit outside one window and eat a bird he'd plucked from somewhere. Of course we watched it all in slack jawed wonder with the occasional "ew...".

Sounds like the deer thought the glass was challenging it, took said challenge, won after an arduous battle, and then saw a hunter and ran like hell. Pretty average day for a deer, all considered, aside from the whole attacking an office building thing. (And yes, shooting the deer is the logical step - if it's delirious, it has a very high chance of having rabies or otherwise being very bad to have around people, and if it's healthy they usually donate the meat somewhere.) Still hilarious and slightly unsettling, though.

Ugh. Yeah, I heard about that happening somewhere else recently too. Deer are really stupid, and the males get even worse during November, since it's mating season. Actually, that seems to be a universal invariant, male stupidity and mating.

But hey, free venison?

Oh my!

So I guess the rest of the herd chickened out of the Great Deer Revolution and this lone buck was left to attack alone? Good for him for getting away! Run from the gun-weilding police man!

Ah yes, it's the Testosterone Season! It was a buck, right? Yup, he saw this dude in the glass, attacked said dude, vanquished him, then ran from the human with the gun. All in a day's work, really.

My husband used to drive a Dodge Daytona. *Twice* he had the experience, during the rutting season, of a buck chasing his car and taking the right side-view mirror away with it (him). There was another buck there! Giving him a *look*! The mirror must have been just at buck eye-level.

nature is a dangerous, dangerous thing

LOL! I'm sorry, but between this and the mysterious snack delivery that just occured, my day keeps getting better and better.

One summer while I was in high school, my mother was called to help with the aftermath of a deer attack. A deer had crashed through a window at one of the local school libraries, and rather unfortunately had cut itself badly on the glass and managed to bleed to death. My mother volunteers as a bookmender at the public library. So she spent a couple of days cleaning deer blood off school library books.

I guess I should be more grateful of all the times the puppy has barked himself into a sore throat in order to defend us from the herds of vicious, ornamental-grass-eating whitetail deer in the backyard?

Um, wow. Deer. *shakes head*

Only thing out here is maybe rabid lutefisk.

One could not get your life published as fiction, for surely the publisher would reject it as "too improbable".

Only you.

New laptop ordered.

I feel your pain. Nothing worse than when the computer dies or starts tossing out agonizing death gasps. My Dell laptop, now FIVE years old (yeah, yeah, I know, he's ancient--not in a Atlantis-y way either--in computer speak and I think he's dying from all the peripherals (Wraith) attached that come built-in and standard on laptops nowadays), has upped his formally infrequent gasps to weekly gasps so I'm guessing there's a new laptop in my near future.

Curious if you ended up ordering the Vostro and what you think of it once its in your hands and you've, you know, broken him in and he's gotten over his shock of all the dastardly plots in your WIPs. :) I'm fairly certain I'll get another Dell as I've been happy with this one and I get a discount on them through work.

Weird story on that one.

I had my Vostro picked out and ready to go, but I had some time due to attack deer and so decided to play with one of the Inspiron configurations. Then--this is where it gets hysterical--while looking for Dell Vostro coupons, they had a Inspiron coupon at 500 off any purchase above 1399 (and added 150 gift card to be mailed).

So I went back and ran through the configurations again to see if I could pull off exactly 1399 and did. Kind of stunned, I checked the reviews on the 1520 (since it was the option with XP) and they were really, really good. So, ended up with it.

Honestly, it was surreal as hell.

Heh. I was just looking at the Inspiron 1520 earlier today. My current guy is an Inpiron and I've been very happy with him. He's never gotten slapped around and called names like some of the past desktops did. 'Course, they were Compaq natives so :::shrugs::: not so surprising I had to slap them around on occasion. They were a bit annoying like Kavanagh. ;)

Darn, wonder if I can afford one for Xmas for myself? That 500 off coupon is enticing and I have $500 in birthday money hogging up space in my savings account . . . and I'm a bit wary of Vista at this point for a variety of reasons.

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