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Contining adventures with John:

No, still not bootable. Currently running the Dell Diagnostics. First run showed everything is hunky dory on which I called bullshit and started customized testing on the memory. Hope is, it's something was screwed up back in setting somehow that is fixable; according to event alerts (that was a fun and terrible journey into incomprehensibility), it looks like the problem started about a month back, which meshes with what I remember. If it's an XP problem, registry corruption, I can hopefully get in long enough to repair/system restore. If it's a physical hard drive problem, I can hopefully work around it until the new laptop comes, which I will give up lunch for the rest of the month and pay for overnight shipping to get here so I can get my data from my backup and not fail my class.

God, this test is taking a long time.

I've decided that up until me and the turkey commune via a salt bath, this month is going to suck. I cannot think of a single thing to look forward to. So I am going to guilt my flist now. That's the next paragraph.

Someone write me fic? Please? Please please please? I will be stuck on Child's computer for at least a week, seperated from my beautiful new firefox extensions and my rather large folder of saved fic, and I have to--God--logout from everywhere I go instead of just leaving it and oh wow, I have to clear the temp files and history every night because some things one does not want their Child to see....

Oh this is depressing.

I don't even have access to my WIPs!

...okay that's a lie, all the ones I'm working on actively I upload to googledocs, and oh my God, how long does an IDE memory test take. What is IDE Disk anyway? Is that hard drive? Should I know this? So far, the IDE Disk Confidence test does not have a happy check mark, but the IDE Disk self-test and the read test do have happy check marks. Hmm. Google. I mean, tech forums were so useful before, with all the inability to speak layman.

Do not mind the strange breakdown. I spent most of the last week installing fan controls and bizarre diagnostic programs and S.M.A.R.T. testing that kept saying ALL IS WELL DO NOT FREAK OUT. Oh S.M.A.R.T. You have betrayed me and make me stop every few seconds to put in a period to be accurate.

Hmm. Tomorrow. I am going to have a good day if it requires destroying souls to do it. Using my Lana icon of whining self-pity. So terribly appropriate.

P.S. -- John has an obscure Pegasus-based cold and Rodney has to care for him. Extra points for Rodney going through a phase of trying to be really supportive to John during his crisis and therefore takes out rage on everyone else. Maybe the Genii...

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