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poor me
Contining adventures with John:

No, still not bootable. Currently running the Dell Diagnostics. First run showed everything is hunky dory on which I called bullshit and started customized testing on the memory. Hope is, it's something was screwed up back in setting somehow that is fixable; according to event alerts (that was a fun and terrible journey into incomprehensibility), it looks like the problem started about a month back, which meshes with what I remember. If it's an XP problem, registry corruption, I can hopefully get in long enough to repair/system restore. If it's a physical hard drive problem, I can hopefully work around it until the new laptop comes, which I will give up lunch for the rest of the month and pay for overnight shipping to get here so I can get my data from my backup and not fail my class.

God, this test is taking a long time.

I've decided that up until me and the turkey commune via a salt bath, this month is going to suck. I cannot think of a single thing to look forward to. So I am going to guilt my flist now. That's the next paragraph.

Someone write me fic? Please? Please please please? I will be stuck on Child's computer for at least a week, seperated from my beautiful new firefox extensions and my rather large folder of saved fic, and I have to--God--logout from everywhere I go instead of just leaving it and oh wow, I have to clear the temp files and history every night because some things one does not want their Child to see....

Oh this is depressing.

I don't even have access to my WIPs!

...okay that's a lie, all the ones I'm working on actively I upload to googledocs, and oh my God, how long does an IDE memory test take. What is IDE Disk anyway? Is that hard drive? Should I know this? So far, the IDE Disk Confidence test does not have a happy check mark, but the IDE Disk self-test and the read test do have happy check marks. Hmm. Google. I mean, tech forums were so useful before, with all the inability to speak layman.

Do not mind the strange breakdown. I spent most of the last week installing fan controls and bizarre diagnostic programs and S.M.A.R.T. testing that kept saying ALL IS WELL DO NOT FREAK OUT. Oh S.M.A.R.T. You have betrayed me and make me stop every few seconds to put in a period to be accurate.

Hmm. Tomorrow. I am going to have a good day if it requires destroying souls to do it. Using my Lana icon of whining self-pity. So terribly appropriate.

P.S. -- John has an obscure Pegasus-based cold and Rodney has to care for him. Extra points for Rodney going through a phase of trying to be really supportive to John during his crisis and therefore takes out rage on everyone else. Maybe the Genii...


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See, you ask for fic, but then you don't specify who/what/when/where. How are your enthralled readers supposed to feed you bonbons, if we don't know the flavor? *grin*

Sorry to hear the ongoing Bad News. Computers can be so cranky sometimes.

Just watching the diagnostics are disturbing.

Added premise. I like cute hurt comfort. It makes me happy.

If XP is your problem, you should be able to do a repair on the OS without completely losing everything. And you can use FEBE backup to save your Firefox extensions and settings if you can get back in :o)


Ok. IDE does indeed refer to a type of hard drive. It also means you have an ATA compatible hd, if you decide to replace it.

S.M.A.R.T. status is indeed a good thing to check, but:

Approximately 30% of failures can be predicted by S.M.A.R.T.[2] Work at Google on over 100,000 drives has shown little overall predictive value of S.M.A.R.T. status as a whole...


First - at what point does it stop booting? In bios, or during windows startup?

Will it boot in safe mode? (hold down F8 during boot up)

Does it emit beeps?

You mentioned you were getting bluescreens before this - what was the error message?

Did you run a basic checkdisk? If the drive is ded, bad blocks should (in theory) show up.

Does it boot off the Windows CD?

Can you read the data back ups off Child's computer?

1. New HDs cost less than $70.
2. I don't trust repair installs of Windows or system restore (unless I know exactly what the problem is) - I'd probably reformat at this point, if you have ALL your data backed up externally.


Well. tap F8 constantly during bio startup.

*sad* He's dead.

I'm in yahoo under seperis until the new laptop comes in.

Following deadlychameleon's advice, if any of that stops you and you have a small understanding of linux or unix, you can try running Knoppix from a CD/DVD. At the very least you'd be able to hook up an external memory device and get anything else off it, but it also lets you boot and run an OS from a disk, so you pretty much instantly know if it is hardware or software.

*nod* Or Bart PE

I'm a little worried due to the overheating issues. It'd be a good idea to manually clean out the fans and check for visible hardware damage.

Hey, just wondering if you've considered anything other than a Dell for your next laptop. I'm surrounded by students with laptops and I really know very few people who would willingly repeat the Dell experience (myself included) after they've gone through their first one. Any particular reason for your brand loyalty when there are other cheaper, better-rated computers on the market?

Put it this way. Compaq and HP are even less reliable and break more often, and at least Dell has a decent warranty package. I'm not sure about Acer and Asus, except that I hear getting replacement parts from them is a PITA.

There's no question that Lenovo is better, as is Toshiba, they're also generally much more expensive for the same features. Ergo, I may end up getting a second Dell. The Latitude line really is a lot better than the Inspiron line in terms of design and reliability.

To be honest, until John, I've never had an unfixable problem with Dell, and considering John's over two years old and has been used as a desktop replacement, I've been pretty sure I'd have to replace him soon. I owned an HP that was a nightmare to get repaired while still under warrantly. IT's also easy to get non-Dell but Dell-friendly tech support that's not hideously expensive after the warranty is ended and it's extremely easy to get replacement parts from third party vendors.

Also, Dell was begun local to my state and city and the CEO does a great deal for non-profits and charity organizations that have benefited those in need. As a former caseworker and current ombudsman, I appreciate the programs he's funded and established that have helped my clients.

Also, I'm usually always able to find something in my price range. *G*

You asked for it...

... and this is the sum total of my brain power.

"Id dat blud?" John asked behind a blotchy, goopy, purple/green face of doom. The purple green was starting to look attractive on him actually, but the orange snot usual shot that to hell in thirty seconds.

Rodney eyed eyed the red patch on his left sleeve. "Ketchup." He said, taking the jacket off and throwing it over a chair.

"Ah, oday." John snuggled harder under his blankets, nearly making it competitive sport. "Rooodeeey, more dissue pleeed?"

Rodney twitched, reminded himself that yes, he did find the small tuft of spikey hair sticking out from under the covers adorable. He did. Really. Fighting the urge to throw the box, Rodney grabbed and ambled over to John. John whom he probably loved and thought highly of on many occasions, even if Rodney can't remember them after six days of "Roooodeey".

"Dank yew." John sighed, curling around him and Rodney patted his shoulder affectionately--

---the alarm blared. Rodney's eyes narrowed. Someone's ass was getting kicked.

Re: You asked for it...

*giggles hystericall* Just like that. Yes.

*Glows contentedly*

Re: You asked for it...

*pets* I should disturb both of us that I can commune with you so well 10 minutes after I woke up, without my tea.

Seriously. John probably bounces back and forth between pathetic, adorable and OMGSTOPMEFROMKILLINGHIM!!!

Sick Sheppard story w/added Genii...

“Itz juss a cod, Rodnee,” Sheppard mumbled, reaching for another tissue.

“So, knowing you and your propensity for hiding your true state of well-being, you’re probably dying,” McKay shot back.

“Itz nothing, Doc sayz zo,” John protested.

“We’re in another galaxy, surrounded by aliens and alien organisms and mutating death rays and who knows what else...” Rodney started.

“Mudadin death rayz?” John cut in.

Rodney ignored him and continued, “There are a million and one things that could be wrong with you and the brilliant medical staff here have declared it ‘a cold’?”

Sheppard nodded his head, and looked dizzy for the effort, causing Rodney to usher him back against his pillows once more. “Dey sayd rest ‘nd fluds,” he shrugged once settled. “Deyla made me dea, made me feel muss bedder,” he offered.

The Athosian smiled, tucking one of her own quilts around him. “Unfortunately, that is the last of my supply of the tureel root, otherwise I would be happy to make more for you.”

Rodney saw Sheppard pout and turned to ask, “So this root thing, it really works?” He figured medicine was no more than voodoo anyway, and if Teyla’s voodoo worked and the doctors here had nothing, more power to her.

“It has been used to cure the simple sickness for generations,” she advised.

“Can we get more?”

She shook her head. “It was native to Athos, but our supply was destroyed. I know of only one other planet where it grows.”

“And?” he prompted, impatient as always. Sheppard was sick. It was annoying. Plus, no sharing a bed, let alone hot sex while snot was coming out of his orifices.

“I highly doubt a mission to the Genii homeworld would be sanctioned simply to obtain the root,” she told him sympathetically.

He started pacing, tapping his finger to his lips. “We could do it. A cloaked jumper to their forests... a handful of Marines... or maybe just Ronon...”

“Rodnee, no!” Sheppard protested from the bed.

The scientist ignored him and turned to look at the large Satedan bracing up the back wall. “I’m game,” Ronon smiled.

Sheppard groaned, and this time it was not due to his illness. This so was not going to end well.

*glee* That was *awesome*.

The Genii won't know what hit them.


Kinda makes you wonder why they never just used a cloaked Jumper and nuked the Genii from orbit - would have solved a lot of problems...

You might like this story. John is captured by Wraith and turned into a Runner.


Wrote you a bitlet of a fic. Sorry 'bout 'puter-John. It's absolutely miserable when your trusted computer goes boink.

“Sam’s inordinately pissed at me again,” Rodney cranked as he stomped into John’s rooms. “I can’t believe that’s she’s mad at me. Me! I finally get the Genii off our asses and she’s yelling at me—”


“Just because I took a slightly different route that what she wanted and blew up one of their research facilities. I made certain that nobody was in it before I—”


Miracles of miracles, Rodney stopped. He stopped and looked at John. “You look horrible. Why do you still look horrible? Shouldn’t you have gotten better by now?” Rodney paused. “I woke you up, didn’t I? You’re dying of some exotic Pegasus-varient of a cold and I woke you up. I’ll just go and let you rest. Bring you food later. And tea. Kessler went on and on about how good that tea Teyla gave her would be for a cold; I’ll bring you some.”

And, Rodney was gone as abruptly as he had blustered in.

As he re-cocooned himself in his blankets, John thought vaguely that it would be good if Rodney tracked down the Bolliki’s homeworld while he was on a tear. And, that he brought John some sherbert when he came back.

*glee* OMG SO CUTE.
*loves you*

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