Seperis (seperis) wrote,

of course

John has collapsed.

By that, I mean my laptop. Colonel John. John, who has betrayed me and is currently on diagnostic software. I have to say, it is very lucky I feel deeply uncomforable writing porn on my son's computer or his namesake would be in very much trouble.


Pros: Did a full backup on John to my external, so I should be safe there. If I can get John to reboot and not fail off, I should be okay except for all my firefox customizations, but then I get the joy of redoing them. I'm trying to balance out the time it would tke to get him repaired (and money) against the fact I have to get a new one anyway soon.

Looking at the Dell Vostro. The custom-built and the outlet configurations are very close to identical, but outlet is a lot less. Neither helps my credit card(s) all that much. Or should I look at Thinkpads? I--huh, I knew it was coming up time to replace John this next year sometime and was pricing systems but somehow, I never thought our relationship would come to this.

I plan to be melancholy. I have to admit, though, the excitement of new hardware will take the sting out of my credit card bills.

In summation: I no longer want a pony. I would, however, like to marry a computer engineer, plz.
Tags: my relationship with electronics
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