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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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advice colums please me
children of dune - leto 1
1.) Have embraced Firefox. Joy is mine.

2.) And more interestingly.

While reading Dan Savage's column archive, I suddenly had severe cases of semi-deja-vu. In which I stared blankly thinking, wait, didn't I read that in SV? Didn't I read that in SGA? Wait. I have that fic open right now! Wait. I wrote a fic like that!

I'd also like to respectfully ask someone, somewhere, write about a lube syringe please.

New words that will move into my active vocabulary as of today:


What I have learned regarding bondage:

Do not leave them alone and gagged for fear of manslaughter charges.

(I was thinking, what if you left a cellphone in range in case of an asphyxiation emergency? Would that make it safer? One button calling? Poke with toe in case of emergency?)

That is all.

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*giggles helplessly* I read some of the same archives you were reading!

(ok, and. Let's try this, randomly.)

John backed away. "What is that?"

Rodney glared. "What does it look like?"

"But -"

"You don't like sticky tacky fingers, well. Here."

The way Rodney waved - it - around was... John gulped. "Uh. I think maybe -"

Rodney snorted. "You're going to lie down and relax."

John winced. Shut his eyes. Laid down.

(ok, didn't really get there. But you get the idea...)


I love you so much. Awesome.

^^ and seeing the comment later on...

Gasping for breath, John finally relaxed.

Faintly, Rodney landed next to him. Squelched. "Well. That didn't work."

John turned his head just enough to glare. "You are so sleeping in the wet spot."

They both stared at the sheets. It was a lot of wet spot. "Uh--"

John rolled up and out of bed with a wince. "Dibs on the couch."

*eyes you* I cannot believe you didn't use Firefox before.

I know. But I needed it more recently with all the computer problems. It's fun distractiono of customization!

write about a lube syringe please

adlkfj;asdkfj There are so many reasons that would be a bad idea. Potential coldness in bad places. And thank you for the spermicide flashback. Which um. Used an applicator. Not a syringe.

Also, maybe a panic button? Or bell? Which doesn't help if you black out, I suppose.

I was seriously trying to think about how that would work if part of the kink was the alone-part, the fear of discovery (aka, beign tied up during a party) or etc. The panic button seems to be the best option but then it gives the control back which takes away part of the point sometimes.


Well. If they ring the bell and it's not an emergency, they're gonna get punished. ;-)

Mistress: You pushed the panic button?
Rodney: I feel something pinching - I might be losing circulation, and then I'll get gangrene, and...*whipsh!* *girly noise*
Mistress: You were saying?
Rodney: Nothing Mistress.

I don't think a panic button is any different than a safe word. And if it's one of the "I've fallen and I can't get up" models, the humiliation of having the EMTs see the bottom in that situation would keep a person from pushing the button when it's not an emergency.

would keep a person from pushing the button when it's not an emergency.
Or even if it is an emergency. :-/

Have you discovered Greasemonkey and LJ thread unfolder yet? If not, go to Greasemonkey to install Greasemonkey and then to LJ thread unfolder to install the unfolder. The two combined make it so you can click unfold and view all the comments, even when the thread passes the 50 comment mark. I love it so very much, although explaining why I was so happy to non-LJ friends was difficult. (If there is another way to unfold threads, please explain it. I'd love to know a way that would work on computers without LJ unfolder.)

Also, have you crashed your computer yet? When you do and you re-open Firefox, you'll be pleased to see that it offers to restore your session. Click yes and it will open every window and tab you had open, as well as all the history information. I discovered this after crashing my computer with 15-20 internet-related things open, so needless to say, I was very happy.

(I second the bell idea. Although unconsciousness would be a problem. I suppose you could blindfold them as well and then they wouldn't know if you were still watching from out of their hearing range.)

re Greasemonkey

YES! installed both! And killfiing! Now I have neat options of OBLITERATE and hide comment and it just kills me every time.

*mulls bondage bell* Maybe something if their respiration/heartrate doe something odd? Not sure there.

"LJ thread unfolder"? Holy crap, I think I owe you my next child for this or something.


My current favourite SGA story that later appeared in a Dan Savage advice column is under lock :( My Funny Valentine by linabean. But she says that people can ask her to be added to her flist to see stories and it's also okay for me to pass the story on via email.

The column in question: Why do Mexican chicks yell for their papi during sex?

Um, yeah. In this case you get a much better grasp on cultural differences in the story, plus a WHOLE STORY. The pairing is Rodney/Ronon, and there are fantastic little background themes going on with John and Teyla and John's little scientist friend whose name Rodney cannot remember. And, oh, it's such a good read.

Also, yum, firefox.

*G* Very not my pairing, but now I can safely state that yes dammit, the letters can be fic.

I'm going to bask for a bit. *glows*

FYI, there is an LJ syndicated feed for Savage Love, savagelove. Very handy having the link pop up every Tuesday. I thought his response to today's "Am I a lesbian?" question was particularly brilliant.

And YAY, FIREFOX! I see you've already embraced Greasemonkey and the LJ Thread unfolder, so I may be preaching to the converted here, but... My add ons, let me show you them.

~ Restart Firefox - first thing you want to install. Adds a button to the File menu which allows you to close and reopen Firefox with one click. Very useful when changing themes or messing with extensions. Weirdly, this is not built into Firefox.

~ Themes - themes are awesome! There are literally hundreds of themes (skins), which you can find here. My personal favorite is Noia 2.0 (eXtreme), but there are a lot of new ones since I last looked.

~ #1 most important extension = Adblock Plus. Makes everything that annoys you go away, including banner ads, those damn fugly LJ icons, animated mood themes, and oversized pics outside a cut tag. Zap!

~ Download Status Bar - replaces the download window with a handy status bar. Love this!

~ BBCode Xtra - an extension I cannot live without. Gives you a handy right-click menu for HTML coding in LJ comments and other forums that use HTML coding. Makes bolding, underlining, italicizing, and creating links so easy, you will cry.

~ Forecastfox Enhanced - a status bar widget that displays your local AccuWeather forecast and a scroll-over animated radar map.

~ Print Preview - adds a print preview button for your toolbar. Seems simple, but Firefox doesn't come with one. Saves printing extra pages of unneeded stuff if you're printing web pages.

~ Tab Mix Plus - adds soooooo many useful and needed tabbed browsing functions, including an Undo Close Tab and a Closed Tabs list, context menu options for duplicating tabs, and my favorite, making Ctrl-Tab scroll between tabs in last-used order rather than left-to-right. Also includes a Session Saver with more functionality than the built-in Firefox version.

~ IE Tab - and invaluable add-on for those pages that just refuse to work properly in Firefox. Adds an icon to the status bar which you can click to reload a selected tab in IE. Also adds a context menu option to open links in an IE Tab, and an option to select bookmarks that should always open in an IE tab.

~ Update Notifier - notifies you when updates are available for your extensions and themes.

Enjoy! And if you have any Firefox questions, I'd be happy to help. :-)

Pegging FTW!

I find it very interesting that pegging appears to be quite a recent phenomenon, though the technology involved has been available for thousands of years.

Dude, welcome to the Firefox era!! (Here's a list of some very handy add-ons.) If nothing else: install SuperDragAndGo (directional).

I'd also like to respectfully ask someone, somewhere, write about a lube syringe please.

Lube syringe fic: already written. A House/Wilson sex-in-a-closet-wearing-tuxes slashfic by movies_michelle: Anything for Charity.


Pegging! :D

I've tried firefox, but I haven't figured out how to change hotkeys on it yet and since breaking myself out of a 7 year habit of using ctrl+n to bring up a new tab is hard, I'm still on Opera.

I love Dan Savage! I love it when he delves into politics especially. And as a former (recovering) prude, his column has been great education for me.

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