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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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i miss slumberparties
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, so reading snopes in lieu of going to Walgreens, dyeing my hair black, and declarign my personality has taken a turn for the poetic. People. No one wants me to revisit my teen poetry years.

So. I need volunteers. Actually, groups.

Light as a feather, stiff as a board

Slumberparty game for teenage girl--raise your hands, you totally know you played this. I swear I next time I am at a fannish gathering I will hunt down five people and try this one again.

Okay, so from memory, you stretch out the victim volunteer on the floor, whoever she may be, and the rest of you gather around, kneel, do the chant, extend one finger, do the lift, have people later tell you it is Satanism and you are a witch (accused in fifth grade, even, wait, was that just me?). Anyway.

So went to look it up, being in the mood to creepy myself out, adn this is what I found.

Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board Levitation Trick

Here's the part that will require volunteers.

Cut and pasted from the page, though it has a fairly good description of pretty much what I did when I was a kid.

From website:

This levitating trick is really quite scientific and not paranormal in nature it has to do with HUMAN DIAMAGNETISM GRAVITY ANTENNA LEVITATION, you can read Richard LeFors Clark's book on this and you might gain a better insight into levitation and how to make it work for you and what's behind it.

Some of the information below is taken from Richard LeFors Clark's book.

Diamagnetism is essentially a magnetic-neutral zone existing between a north and south magnetic field, which can be exploited for purposes of levitation.
Ok Ok - I hear you saying "Just tell us how to do it" - without going into the deep and meaningful scientific explanations which you can read about in Mr Clarks book, the basic thing you need to do to make the levitation work for you is:

1. Have 5 people and a steady chair ready, willing and able to help you in your levitation trick.

2. Decide who is going to be the person you levitate - put that person in the chair -
tell them to sit down, shut up and hang on :).

3. Sit the chair to face due West (sometimes this will work with the chair facing due North - if nothing happens try changing the position).

4. Stand 4 people around the chair in a square i.e. 2 people behind the shoulders and two at either knee (see diagram).

5. The person who is going to be levitated must sit relaxed, with both feet together on the floor, hands in lap.

6. All four participants surrounding the person in the chair should now extend their hands out with fists clenched except two fingers. Palms down, the person beside the shoulder places his or her fingers under the armpit - the person beside the knee places his or her fingers under the knee (you get the idea) - together everyone should try to lift the person in the chair first off before you do anything. You should find that you cannot do it.

7. Try again BUT THIS TIME........ - Everyone place their hands one on top of the other upon the chair sitters head - press down slightly (don't cave the poor persons head in) - no two hands of the one person should be touching each other i.e. one hand of each person on top of the other. Lay your hands as if you would heal this person in the chair! - In unison count to ten - on the count of nine remove all hands QUICKLY together and place under the person in the chair (under armpits and knees), on the count of TEN lift and UP THEY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

If you keep counting you should easily be able to hold the person up in the air while you count and lift down again slowly. GIVE IT A GO!!!!!!!!!

You know, I remember doing this unsuccessfully and semi-successfully many time. Except once, we did it, it really worked, and it scared us badly. Good times.

So. Who wants to try it? Or do I need to wait for a con?

(seriously. would people mock me to death if I started recruiting for that? more importantly, would I care? Hmm.)

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Heee. We totally used to do Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board. Every single slumber party. Got it to work once or twice I believe. You know, that and Bloody Mary.

Now I totally want to have another fan gathering...

Sweet baby Jesus napping in his manger

I can't so much as glance at a mirror in the dark to this day.

Re: Sweet baby Jesus napping in his manger

Hehehe. I have that same issue. I'm always *certain* I see something out of the corner of my eye if I do!

Re: Sweet baby Jesus napping in his manger

God, stop. My bedroom has a built in vanity and giant mirror!!!!!

Re: Sweet baby Jesus napping in his manger

I don't turn off the light until my eyes are pointed at the ceiling, is what. Works pretty well with some practice, and now we know the real reason I'll never check in to the Hotel California, and it's not the pink champagne on ice. ;)

Re: Sweet baby Jesus napping in his manger

Mwah. Haha,

(Deleted comment)

Re: Sweet baby Jesus napping in his manger

I have one cat who can still jump up on the dresser and walk around, making interesting movement for eyecorners. [shudder]

Re: Sweet baby Jesus napping in his manger

I have trouble with windows in the dark because I still haven't gotten over my Twilight Zone: The Movie trauma; I always kind of expect the gremlin to be out there. Also, the song "Midnight Special" creeped me out for a long time.

Probably more than anyone wanted to know. :)


...I want one just to do this game.


Preferably while drinking.

Preferably while drinking.

Why do I see nothing but pain and suffering for the hapless volunteer???

I'd give them alcohol first. *nods* I am awesome like that!

I remember doing this at Girl Scout camp and at parties, and it always, always worked, no matter the size of the person involved. The problem was to catch the person when she became heavy again.

I just didn't weigh much, though it was more than a duck, so you can't drown me. nyeah.

As a former levitee, I shall not mock your recruiting efforts, nope.

I had never heard of this game until I watched The Craft. I thought they made that up. Who knew? *g*

I think I remember trying it a couple of times. We did hypnosis usually. *volunteers*


It's never worked for me and my friends either! :O

I've always thought this had a lot to do with 5 people coordinating the lifting effort, and the fact that most of your strength is in your first two fingers anyway; ring and pinky share a tendon. Who knows. Perhaps I am wrong. More things in heaven and earth and all that.

We did this! It worked!

If I lived by you, I would so be there.

I don't remember ever getting the light as a feather stiff as a board thing to work, but man did we wear out the Ouija board. Good times.

I did this at pretty much every single slumber party I ever attended, but I don't think it every actually worked.

I would so totally sign up for that. Some kids did it once in my grade 9 maths class when the teacher was late, and it was freakish to watch.

I read something that explained why that worked. I only got to try it once, at a church lock-in. It didn't work. ;_;

*laughs* Oh, man. I'm having a big hair flashback. That and Bloody Murder were THE slumber party games. I remember it working about 80% of the time.

oooh some friends and i tried the chair trick in the middle of starbucks one time (we were upstairs). it totally did work and was kinda freaky. it was a crack up though.

Okay, this totally doesn't leave the room, right?

Oh, I miss slumber parties! We totally played this game. There were also a lot of seances and ouijia (crap, is that how you spell it? everything gets the red line of doom!) boards. Why were slumber parties all about scaring the crap out of ourselves?

I never did this game, though we did chant its name for other games. We preferred story-telling ones that either terrified the victim</i> volunteer into believing s/he was falling or made him/her incapable of moving or standing for almost a full minute.

Oh, and Bloody Mary. Obvs.

Oh, man, I've done that at countless teenage slumber parties. I think we got it semi-successful a few times, but most of the time someone would ruin it by giggling. Once there's an out loud giggle, there's no recovering. *G*

can you work this into fic somehow? Maybe some kind of weird a/u where John and Rodney are teenage girls?

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