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it's a very long entry

So my life is not quite a simmering cesspool. *narrowed eyes* Yet.

1.) Make up C++ test. It tricked me. The multiple choice was all oooh, I know this, and then boom, six essay questions. Six. Essay. Questions.

To explain the horror; I learn practically, not theoretically. All except *one* would have been easy if I had my compiler in hand. One was a theoretical construction of a flowchart that was incorrect and we ahd to correct it. I don't even want to talk about how I stared at it and tried not to cry, becuase serious. Theoretical. Construct. Of. A. Flowchart. With no pseudocode. Dear God.

2.) Lab test, otoh, was easy, so hopefully it will balance, provided that I didn't make egrerious coding mistakes. I ran it so I know it worked, but we lose points for inefficiency. Hmm.

3.) I have to have a team mate for the next project. The guy I tutored looked abashed and said he had wanted to call and ask me to be his partner but no one was sure when I'd be back in class. So I get one assigned on Thursday--unless I finish the entire thing myself. Which I am trying to do.

Witness the Rock, Paper, Scissors game.

This is actually insanely fun. I wrote a working code, very cluttered but functional, then went back to find something that was neater to use. The requirements are use of all three structures (and no arrays), but to go wild otherwise. It's a lot of fun, mostly because of the bells and whistles concept; he wants a *lot* of interesting bells and whistles, lost of nested whiles, an accumulator and counter and even sentinel values and it's kind of like Christmas. If I wasn't on this deadline, I'd be very ecstatic.

Unfortunately, while the code is about three quarters done (still adding the whistles), what's due tomorrow is the flowchart, not the code, and I have to work simultaneously; I can't shape it in my head until I can feel it, so usually it's a write it, do the chart, go back and alter code to fit chart, do more chart, finish chart, finish code, alter chart to fit code. It's not terribly efficient but it is illuminating; it's not that I can't see why we need the chart, but it's the same thing when I code HTML--I start doing that get the shape of it in my head, then work out a design. I can't tell if this will be a problem later; honestly, at this point, I do better with making comments in the code to track myself. Which is so awesome I have no words to describe it.

4. Work is--odd. I really have no words there.

5. The guy mentioned above I suddenly realized is really, really hot. Jesus God, that's two. The odd part is, I didn't notice at all when we met or after spending two hours with him. We walked together after class and talked about his dad having pneumonia and he kind of completely missed his turn-of to get to his car. I feel very sixteen. When I was sixteen, I used to mock male intelligence a lot; it was a very uneffective method of flirtation. This cannot end well.

6. John the laptop is starting to worry me. I knew I'd need a new one soon, but the overwarm hard drive and blue screens of death recently is getting me very, very nervous. I explained he has to wait until after Christmas, but--ooh. *chews nails* Not good.

And that covers life to date. Staring at FBI hookerfic with the knowledge that yes, I am so up for being mocked aftr my meta performance on rape and hookerfic. OTOH, weirdly, I'm always attracted to writing what freaks me out, so maybe not a surprise.
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