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fics: Far From Now, Somewhere, and Gladly Beyond
children of dune - leto 1
Okay. So. Blitzing. Sort of.

Far From Now, posted last week here, final version. Chloe/Clark. Very strange.

Somewhere I Have Never Traveled. Should be final version. Will be uploading to the SSA tomorrow. I was going to do everything tonight, but--wow, Somewhere is rather large. And fought me. Some changes, some consistency errors fixed, some spelling errors fixed, some continuity stuff adjusted. Frankly, if this is still readable, consider it a miracle and a testament to Ann's patience, and if it's not, that's because I lost the ability to edit it any further. I just couldn't manage it.

Gladly Beyond. Yes, and this is how it happened. I said in February, I'm bored! Beth, being unsympathetic, says, oh, you'll be writing a new novel by tomorrow. The scary thing is, she was right.


Pru, Caro, MHC, Bethy, Pearl-o, and everyone else who did the prereads, thank you. Ann and RivkaT, thanks for the beta help.

Now, to think of something that has nothing to do with this. Except Rising. Because Lex is getting fixed whether he's on board with it or not.

Per usual, feedback is adored, because, well, I'm just weird like that. *g*

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God, I *really* need sleep, because I read this:

Because Lex is getting fixed whether he's on board with it or not.

and thought 'neutering'. Of Lex. I was horrified for several seconds, before I realized you didn't mean 'fixed' that way.

DID YOU?!? *g*

Huh. I didn't think of that.


I haven't done that. Yet. *grins*

Art-wise, I've so far been all sillyfic, all the time.

I may have to change the rules, and it's all your fault.

"You have the fashion sense of a muskrat."

How do I make a cover for a one-liner like that when it comes from an angsty domestic fic? Especially when distracted by actual mental images of Muskrat!Clark?

My brain hurts.

. . . This is my way of avoiding slipping in puddles of my own drooling adulation. Gladly Beyond rocketh muchly.

*dies* Muskrat!Clark. Oh God, that's--an image. *grins*

*hugs* Thanks so much. I'm glad it didn't turn out as silly and sentimental as I feared.

I loved Gladly Beyond. The characterization was fantastic, especially in the arguments. I could totally see it all. Wonderful story! :)

Thanks! *hugs* I had a good time indulging my domestic kinks there.


Darn you for writing fic while I'm gone. Darn you to heck.

*makes mental note to read everything when she gets home*

Oh, and *big hugs* Miss you!

*hugs back* Aww, thank you, honey. *huggles*

(Deleted comment)
*bounces* You're sweet and flattering and very good for my ego. *g*

Loved Gladly Beyond, LOVED it!! Ahh, Lex, you boiling cauldron of contradictions... we love you so! *g*

Thanks for taking the boys on a further voyage, and for letting the rest of us come along for the ride.

Aww, thanks so much! I was hoping it wouldn't bore anyone to death. They're just--too much fun.

Gladly Beyond

jenn, I have pretty much read everything you have written for Smallville and I thought you couldn't get better than 3IT, SWiD or SIHNT, but I was completely and joyfully wrong. Gladly Beyond is absolutely wonderful. The characterizations just clicked. The reverse storytelling was amazing. The love and devotion just came shining through. I am a sucker for romance and domesticity and you pushed each and every button. The best section was the fight. They truly fought, I mean the way real people do - down and dirty - yet were still able to pull through. Thank you for sharing and still finding something new and interesting to write about for these guys. Sorry for the long post but I couldn't help myself.

*hugs very hard* Thank you so very much. Gladly was--kind of a surprise in the way it turned out, so I'm really REALLY glad it worked out for you. *g*

*hugs more* Thank you very much!


I´m not going to say much, because I would probably bored you and my opinion is just that, so:

1. Somewhere I Have Never Travelled is beautiful in so many ways, and the best part *IS SO ALIVE*.It breath in your face.

Gladly Beyond is a pretty, incandescent thing. TFull of life and change and hurt and choices. The fight is heartbreaking and so *them*, hurtful and mature and just them. Love maturity, love characters. etc
that´s about it.

Opinions rarely bore me. *G*

And wow. *breathes* Thank you so much for the comments. I mean--that really does mean a lot. *hugs* I'm very glad you enjoyed the stories.

Liked "Gladly Beyond". I think Clex domestic fics are my faves. I just have one question: if the story was going back in time, why the Rosses were still a couple after Lex became president? Lana filed for divorce more then a year before, right?

Yes--I'd hoped I'd gotten it across, but I'm betting I didn't. They had a very rocky marriage but kept fixing it, both for personal reasons adn Pete's political career. Dammit. I wondered if it mde sense.

*hugs* Thanks so much for the feedback!

I wish I could find adequate words to tell you how much I love your stories. Clearly, I am not as good with words as you are. I have been hoping and praying for a sequel to "Somewhere..." for so long! This was everything that I had hoped for! It was such an enjoyable read. So domestic and loving. Too bad this floaty feeling I have now will doubtlessly be shattered when I watch tonight's episode.
Thank you!

Re: Worth the wait!

*hugs hard* Thank you VERY much! And *hee*. Think of Prodigal. It always makes me feel better.

Somewhere... and Gladly...

Thanks so much to Jenn (and her betas etc) for all the work that must have gone into this project.
I read Somewhere.... daily when it was being written and I loved it and was suitably awed by the skill involved, but reading it now at one sitting (well I ate occasionally) the story came into sharper focus for me as the study of a layered yet entirely cohesive relationship that started on the day at the bridge and just never stopped. In fact, my fave bit changed from the first sex (gasp! I'm shallow!) to the 'confrontation' after Lex's training session. So much of the Past between Clark/Superman and Lex/Luthor was conveyed through that (short) scene and it gave a depth to their interaction that was very poignant.
Plus, super-intense Lex just turns me on! Guh!

Not only this, but Gladly... too? Wow!
Another amazing story because their domesticity is anything but mundane and as always I love the way your Clark gives just a little, like I wish he would on the show, purely out of love. Extensive continuity is such a treat(yes TPTB it's an asset!) For instance, previously Clark says Lex makes him 'want to compromise' and in fact they're the only people who could do that for each other as you show. Perfect!
I adored this, even though it left me with a feeling of yearning for more, because Clark is going to have to share Lex to an unprecedented degree during the presidency and I'm worried he will feel neglected...
See, you've sucked me right into that world!
Thanks so much.

Re: Somewhere... and Gladly...

*reads, breathless*

Well, that's--*grins*--pretty much everything I wanted to do with the stories. Wow. I just--thank you. Which is really inadequate for what you said, but thank you SO much. *hugs*

I just read "Somewhere." At work. When I have much work to do and one day to do it.

This makes you Evil.

Except that the story was also too good for words, and I wish I could have savored it as it deserved.

*grins* I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you very much! *hugs*

Just wanted to let you know how wonderful "Somewhere..." and "Gladly Beyond" are. I read them in one sitting, and just wow. I love the fight in "Gladly Beyond," and the ways you showed us how Lana and Pete's relationship parallels but is very different from Clark/Lex's. All you writing is amazing.

Thank you so much! *hugs* Yep, I'm in the happy zone here. I'm SO glad the stories worked out okay.


I am about halfway through Somewhere and had to tell you how very much I am enjoying it. I am seriously torn between rushing through it because it's so good and taking the time to luxuriate in it for the same reason. It's like delicious, imported chocolate. *g*

It's a stunning, *stunning* story. Clever and involving and *memorable*. I will write more when I'm finished. Between you and Thamiris, I've been in SV fanfic heaven all week. *sigh* I am a happy, happy woman.

*hugs more* I'm just a hugging fool today.

thank you SO much for teh lovely comments. I hope the story lives up to your expectations!

*more happy*

Oooh...I just finished "Gladly Beyond." I read it forward and backward! It's so good!

I really liked how the dynamic between the boys subtly changed as time went on; they weren't static. The last scene reminded me so much of the two during "Somewhere," while the first showed them as being older and maybe wiser, a Clark and Lex I still recognized and yet they were no longer the same people. I really liked how you showed the progression in both their characters and in the relationship.

I also really loved how you paralleled the Clark/Lex relationship with the Pete/Lana one. I thought it was very ironic that Pete ran for the House by pimping his morality, on how "not everyone in Kansas was a bunch of queers," while in reality, he and Lana were cheating on each other and "the pair of queers" were actually the ones with the healthy and devoted relationship.

And finally...the fight scene. Oh, good God. I loved this scene for a variety of reasons.

First, because it totally freaked me out--Lex almost HIT CLARK!!! I was glad the Clark almost walked out because of it; he didn't bullshit himself about any of it. I also loved how Lex immediately and completely owned up that he was in the wrong; he didn't try to misplace blame. I also love that he stopped immediately after lashing out. Otherwise, I would have been afraid that Lex could do that sort of thing again, develop a habit of hitting when angry, especially since that's what he'd been used to back when Clark was Superman. Kind of like men who are wife-beaters, who always apologize but keep on doing it. But the way you pulled this off made me believe that Lex deserved a second chance, that he really wouldn't do it again.

I also loved this scene because it was like rewriting history. In the sense that it was exactly that type of situation that made Clark and Lex "rift" in the first place. The first time, before "Somewhere," Lex didn't compromise and continued with his faux innocence and Clark became his enemy, both by stopping him directly as Superman and by writing about it as a journalist. This time, though, they settled it without all of that happening. I really loved how Clark kept asking Lex what was more important than them, how he could do such a thing, and how Lex had finally realized that nothing, not his business, not his ambitions, not his pride, was worth going through the Rift again. I loved how they settled it, a compromise on both their parts. Maybe not the most moral way to go about things, what with Clark rewriting his story, but then that entire black and white view was one factor that helped to cause the Rift in the first place. So, while not the "moral" way, the compromise between them was definitely the best way, and I loved that you showed that.

So...is there a sequel to "Gladly?" Lex is President now, it seems like it's just begging for an adventure story! :)

In any case, I loved both "Somewhere" and "Gladly!"

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