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fics: Far From Now, Somewhere, and Gladly Beyond

Okay. So. Blitzing. Sort of.

Far From Now, posted last week here, final version. Chloe/Clark. Very strange.

Somewhere I Have Never Traveled. Should be final version. Will be uploading to the SSA tomorrow. I was going to do everything tonight, but--wow, Somewhere is rather large. And fought me. Some changes, some consistency errors fixed, some spelling errors fixed, some continuity stuff adjusted. Frankly, if this is still readable, consider it a miracle and a testament to Ann's patience, and if it's not, that's because I lost the ability to edit it any further. I just couldn't manage it.

Gladly Beyond. Yes, and this is how it happened. I said in February, I'm bored! Beth, being unsympathetic, says, oh, you'll be writing a new novel by tomorrow. The scary thing is, she was right.


Pru, Caro, MHC, Bethy, Pearl-o, and everyone else who did the prereads, thank you. Ann and RivkaT, thanks for the beta help.

Now, to think of something that has nothing to do with this. Except Rising. Because Lex is getting fixed whether he's on board with it or not.

Per usual, feedback is adored, because, well, I'm just weird like that. *g*
Tags: fic: smallville 2003, sv: somewhere i have never traveled
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