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episode review: sga 4.5 Travellers


Yes. God. Yes.

Note: John squee. This cannot be new to anyone who has ever been at this lj.

Oh. I mean--this is slightly differnet from the sudden shocking climactic--yeah, okay, now I'm making myself uncomfortable, but really. I just--this is why I love John.

God, I loved this.

I will express my love in rambles. Basically because it's easy and I like easy. We will frame my love in the musical stylings of Cher.

My Squee Is Loud and Proud:

Anytime John is kidnapped, I feel sure life gets better. This was nice. It just is. I like him with Rodney, et al, but he's quirky when they get him on his own, and we just don't see enough of that. All that sarcasm and acting like he barely has any idea what a spaceship is and you know, completely making them stare in horror and wonder what kind of humans are letting this guy out on his own. And I love how no one has in the history of this show other than his team has caught on to that. It just kills me.

I love the fact that half the time he drifts through the ship acting like he has the brains of a celebutante. I love the fact that Lyran knows he's just fucking with them because he can and she still can't quite reconcile what she knows to how he acts for most of the damn show. I love that he's reckless because he's that absolutely sure he can pull it off.

John and Ship:

I love they told him to fly and he's such an asshole he had to spend a second to explain how extremely stupid they were not to ask about inertial dampeners before he played with the pretty new ship. (I swear to God Rodney in his lab had this miniorgasm when that happened and still has no idea why.)

Actually. Watching John feel up Ancient tech never stops being incredibly hot. I loved the fact that he took some time and turned Morse code, knowing of course Rodney was looking for him. I seriously giggled my way through watching John sprawl across the brig looking bored out of his mind while they stare at him and wonder if he's nuts. Because he is. And because she's just picking up that what you see is not what you get, she sends them up to find out what the hell he did besides remind them of a few laws of physics.

Interesting note: this is the first time we've had so much canonical confirmation of the amount of control someone has of an Ancient ship using the interfaces from a single place (conclusions can be extrapolated to Atlantis). He locked her in teh chair room and then disabled all power fairly quickly when she started getting feisty from auxilary without all that much visible effort. And for that matter, that he figured out so quickly how to do it.

John and the Chair:

I cannot express how a show called The Chair and John would be my favorite episode of all time. Jesus. Then he jumps up and fixes it. I--think I blacked out or something. God. Damn. Yes.

John and Lyran:

I'm taking a deeply unpopular stance. I liked them. I liked her. I mean, yes, she kidnapped him and beat him up and blackmailed him and I still just--okay, one, I could sort of squint and see where she was coming from in terms of desperation and limited supplies. It's also this: they're a lot alike. They're soldiers, working to protect their people, doing what's necessary for survival and preservation. Except for this one place that John came to a skidding stop pre-Atlantis when he balances his people's lives against it. She's willing to sacrifice her own people for this ship, and in the same position, John wouldn't. It makes an interesting contrast, and the first time he actually looked uncomfortable when he mentioned that he didn't anticipate her willing to kill her two men just to stop him. She's not Wraith or Genii; he could see himself (his people) in her and it was a little moment of dissonance he filed away.

But I did like her. They were alike; reckless, a little desperate, willing to play astronomical odds because they were actually that sure they could win, and that they both had reasons for it and for that matter, damn good reasons.

I like he's attracted to her for reasons that makes sense to his character, unlike God help us all Chaya. I love that she took the stunner and he wasn't even surprised, just so damned annoyed. And I love that because he's John, he always tries to make an alliance when he finds one.

She won the ship eventually, but only after she stopped trying to judge him by what she *thought* he was and started paying attention to who he was, and it's still funny it took her most of the show to figure that out. And also took a fleet of her own ships along with her to be sure. And I liked the fact that she wanted him to stay, and that she respected the fact he couldn't and let him go.

And I found them very, very, very hot.

I have totally lost my slash cred, haven't I?


1.) John fixing the intership communications. Fixing the chair. Getting communications to send a signal. Looking them in the eye and saying he has no idea what reverse engineering means. That just--I love him. So. Much.

2.) Her point about shooting too early. I am easy. That will never stop being funny.

3.) He did that flippy thing with the gun. HE HAS WAITED HIS WHOLE LIFE TO USE THAT MOVE. SQUEE!

4.) The fact he's having the time of his life with this shiny warship and fucking with them. He is. There's this part of me that suspects John realized very early in his life that being underestimated and then screwing with people later is possibly the most fun a person can have in their lives. In another life, he's an FBI agent undercover as a former male model or something and destroying drug czars while he nods, wide-eyed and innocent while destroying their bases one by one and no one has caught on. His superiors cry every time they read his reports of cleaning Columbia through the power of sarcasm one base at a time. And they still have no idea how to explain to the president how this is happening.

Once, this guy blew his cover? John took a nap with his cat and his copies of Golf Digest. Everyone came in to stare at him with their guns, and John yawned and no one could believe it. He laughs about that a lot.


Rodney was adorable with his WE WILL NEVER FIND HIM which we all know actually means, I will sneak into the infirmary, steal some uppers, and track his ass across the galaxy and hey, we need a lojack on his ass.

Ronon's we will find him, period, stop, is always fun. Because this is Ronon and let's all face it; who really, really has the nerve to contradict that? Fleets of Wraith ships, Ronon does not see the problem.

Lorne: you have officially earned undying love. Right now. I even forgive you for trying to frag him becaue that was fucking *funny*.

Note to Rodney: yes, it was a woman, and she was very, very hot. But. I'm pretty sure I can guess who taught John how to rewire a chair, hotwire a communications array, mock his captors with his superior intelligence, and wait patiently knowing he'll be found.


I love my show so much. God. I cannot, cannot lve this show more.

ETA: Okay, after being stunned by seeing lj reactions, note. Squee post. Lots of squee. Pages of squee. Please do not snap at my squee.
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