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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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not quite freudian. I hope.
children of dune - leto 1
I am sometimes faintly amazed by my dreams when they end up fannish.

Fan Dream 1:

I made an entry in lj on something. (No. I'm serious. I dream about entering an entry in lj.) I didn't get comments by email. And then I went and it turned into a flame war. A terrible one with strikeouts, capslocks, and random italics. Random. Italics.

The worst part of this experience is: I really want to know what the flame war was about and now I never will! Because it doesn't exist. That bothers me.

Fan Dream 2:

This is totally svmadelyn's fault. She was telling me about Dexter and she was (because she knows me) explaining him in terms characters on SGA, which is how I relate to reality now (it's very healthy. Really). We went to a deeply creepy place involving juice and mulling thoughts of Sheppard/Dexter (...okay, fine, judge. Go right ahead and judge). So there was this dream and I'm pretty sure there was this thing where you become immortal by trying not to be killed by Chaya. And there was croquet and death. A lot of death. But oddly not on-screen death, and I rewound it twice to make sure that yes, there wasn't, but I was fairly convinced throughout that they were all being stalked by a serial killer. Er. During the croquet and the battle for immortality.

This is my Friday morning.

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*stares at you blearily over tea* Fandom Diva.

*blinks sleepily* Drama queen.

*looks into coffee cup grumpily* Bitter old fic queen.

*pokes at tea without milk sulkily* Slash Hag.

*looks for tea bags crankily* *opens mouth* *blinks* Um. I think I ran out.

*stares at empty coffee cup* My life is very, very hard.

*prods brain* Me too. *clutches* I adore how we had the most sedate faux flame war ever.

God. More tea. *makes another pot*

We are very tired. It is very Friday.

I really, really need something. I don't think caffeine is going to do it. Maybe if I boil it down and inject it?

It is unbelievably Friday. God I really want to exercise today, I like the way my clothes are starting to fit-- but first I have to accomplish like 3 things. *SIGH*

If you leave a tea bag in for about 10 minutes (add a lot of sugar because yow), it'll give a really strong punch. *eyes her pot, still brewing...*

*expects it to grow legs and start walking toward her*

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