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The Toybox

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black jewels trilogy - epilogue
children of dune - leto 1
Hey. Thought. As The Black Jewels aren't on the level of Harry Potter universal squee--anyone interested in a squee day after the new book is released in March?

...I do find it kind of comforting that at least in this, I will not have to be terrified of my flist for a week beforehand in terror of spoilers. *mulls*

Anyway, comment if interested?

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XD What would the squee-fest entail? Like, midnight readings?

there's a new book? that's awesome! those books were a good read.

Oh. And this is Bree. :D I don't think Donna is interested.


Interested interested OMG SO INTERESTED!
I'm actually tempted to refer friends of mine to your posts on TBJ, even though they have no idea who you are, just for the squee.

Definitely interested :D

Interested, am I. Yes indeed.

Absolutely! I love me some Black Jewels!

Oh, I loooove that series. It's like yummy, yummy crack. Mmmcrack.

Ooh, sounds good to me. I've always enjoyed Anne Bishop. It's funny she's an author that people either seem to really love or really dislike.

Yes! Count me interested in this!


Do we have an exact release date yet? Because my birthday is in March and this would be a nice birthday present.


There's going to be more?


*has heart attack from glee*

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