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children of dune - leto 1
So I put in "power ballads" in ITunes store search. I--don't know why.

...oh my God I own half these songs. And some by men who always had creepily well-conditioned hair. IT IS LIKE THE EIGHTIES AND NINETIES HAVE THROWN UP UPON ME!

(This is honestly the strangest--the strangest combination of songs. Wow.)

...Skid Row!!!!!


ETA 2: When the Children Cry by White Lion. *chews lip* Could be just me. But did it--back then--the video, did it just seem. Very. Creepy?

ETA 3: Illustration

When the Children Cry by White Lion. It's--really this slowly growing horror of the way it--I mean, it's--it wasn't ironic. It was earnest. And the framing...

2:14 to 2:17 -- the entire earnestly speaking of God I saw this video when it premiered (I think) while well below the ages of drinking and just....

I mean--these are guys who likely were snorting coke off hooker's bellies in between takes, you know? Irony. They should have gone for irony.
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You know, I need someone to put together mix lists of songs I SHOULD know about, weep to knowing about, and vid in my head.

Just sayin'.

*snickers* You have not lived until you watch a MTV compilation of Eighties Hair Bands singing soulfully about love, death, and children. It's--I don't know what it is.

I just never had the urge-- maybe I was just the wrong age by a few years but even the radio was never really a draw. I don't know what's wrong with me. Even now I have to sloooowly introduce new music. But I am always up for suggestions to add to my collection. I'd bet I even know some of them. *G*

It's--*thoughtful* Hmm.

*mulls* I have decided my life will never have meaning if a vid of John Sheppard to The Gambler by Kenny Rogers is not made.

I'll have to listen to it. When I win the lotto I will totally find a way to get people to make the vids that should only exist in my head.

Get it. *nods* Just--I can even *see* where that shoot-out with Kolya will go.


That video has always creeped me out.

Oh I was so in love with Sebastian Bach...

And probably Jani Lane too.

OOoh. I recognize those names!

*runs to search*

Might as well look up Matthew and Gunnar Nelson as well.
Boy did I ever have some dirty twin fantasies about those two!

You need to talk to barkley. Her collection of hair bands is scary.

I might have some sort of breakdown in sheer *glee*.

What's even sadder is that I'm 21 years old and I know not only who you're talking about, but love the songs you're mentioning. However, bring up any modern artists and I get a blank look on my face.

And yes, When the Children Cry's music video is kinda creepy, but most videos from that time are.

Hey, Skid Row was the best! Their greatest hits (Youth Gone Wild, Quicksand Jesus, Beat Yourself Blind, etc., etc., etc.) CD has been on high rotation on my stereo for the last decade.

...OK, I like the White Lion song, but you're right about it being creepy. It doesn't even need the video for that.

Coincidentally, this was right after this post on my friends list.


I have... two? three? White Lion tapes... White Lion was kind of creepy in general; the singer was a Eurotrash version of David Lee Roth and the rest of the band was scary ugly for a hair band. Those groups usually only had one fugly guy and he was usually the drummer. Anyway, Mike Tramp made everything sound a little pervy in the wrong way, even songs like "When the Children Cry."

I was fourteen in 1989, which means I can sing along to any hair band you throw at me. And plenty that you've never heard of. Thankfully, most of it is still on cassette and not on mp3s....

I'm deeply tempted to dig out my first mix tapes and get the MP3 for all the songs. I mean, right now? DEEPLY TEMPTED.

....maybe I foudn one of them already adn it is beside me. *lowers head* I just need to find a tape player. I'm not sure there's a working one in the house anymore.

The video--lessee, I was thirteen in 89? Yeah. I'm going through youtube now hair band by hair band and yes. I have found in horror I still remember a lot of the lyrics.

...I seriously cannot believe I forgot "I Remember You" by Skid Row and "Just Like Jesse James" by Cher. *boggles*

Oooo, yes, Cher is her own hair band.

I'm ashamed to admit that most of the songs I've bought from iTunes are of the craptastic 80s and 90s variety. I mean, anything I really loved and respected, I'd already bought, you know?

But I crave those songs! Junior high, driving tractor... good times ;P

If you really want to freak over a hair band song, listen to Silent Lucidity by Queensryche... then think of Doppleganger. It NEEDS to be a video NOW people!

I had Skid Row on my playlist. Always loved Sebastian Bach's voice. I actually saw them in concert a few years ago. I went to see the last Kiss farewell tour, and Skid Row & Ten Nugent were the opening acts. I was all boggled. ;)

And to think I was *upset* when my White Lion tape was stolen with my Walkman back in fifth grade...

On the upside, I think my sister had hair just like the lead singer's...

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