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spoiled and not much caring

Because I'm inconsistent regarding what I will and will not be spoiled for, I went out and read every X-Men 2 spoiler I could. No problems there. Happy with everything so far, thrilled with some bits, confused by others.

Because you know? I'm not seeing thsi movie ANYTIME in the near future. Ask me why.

Two mandatory work Saturdays, in addition to my usual workweek this month. Now, on one hand? I ENJOY work, so that's Okay. On the other, Saturdays currently make up one half of my weekly free time and the only day I'm actually, you know, free to do some things that take me out away from Child. And no, he never sees a movie that I haven't watched first. I don't have a lot of restrictions on his viewing--frankly, if he can sit through Teletubbies and not come out traumatized, I just don't see how anything short of something "Faces of Death"-esque could upset him, but I just like to know what might be--well, icky.

I'm not sulking, just a little disappointed, but if this is the worst that's going to happen this month? I'm realy good to go.

Bought out every cannister of Bencheley Apricot Tea at Central Market. No, I left one, bought five, felt bad for anyone else with a thing for it. You think I'm joking. Some aren't for me, though, but I wasn't taking chances. Seriously, I cannot find this tea ANYWHERE ELSE I CAN FIND. If you have not had this tea, you should, like, immediately. The smell when you open the container is exactly like apricots, but stronger, and the taste is absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, they've moved from nifty metal cannisters to less nifty but slick black plastic ones.

And I used nifty twice in one sentence. Huh. Could be a little high on the tea. Yes, it is that good. This is my Tea Grail, my solace, my rock of Gibraltor (is that the right term?), my--thing.


Also went to garage sale, and--I bought a three and a half foot tall (I think) stuffed animal moose. I named him Fred, ignored the titters, and brought him home. He's almost as big as Child. I put him in clothes, there's a good chance someone is going to be worried. Like me. But he's cute. And very, very big. No, I'm not joking, this thing is huge. Pictures will be forthcoming. He, the One Bear, and Shan are getting to know each other. I'm officially shedding anything resembling shame.

Now, moving on.

LJ full of St. John/Bobby and St. John/Logan spec.

Oh God, thank you.

As one who went around BEGGING once upon a time for more people to write this pairing (FIRE! ICE! COMBINATION!), much joy. As someone who wrote it and screwed up Pyro's powers--if you read them and saw that? Yes, I know, bad research. Yes, I know, completely wrong. Yes, I know, but honestly, it was an experiment and I didn't know I'd fall for it as hard as I did. Though that's really not an excuse for the fact I never corrected myself.

So yes, I am obsessing lightly. My first slash crush. I used to moon about them constantly. They have that entire 'doomed' thing going on.

Kind of like practice for Clex, come to think. How--very disturbing. When IS the last time I wrote a non-doomed pairing? Jeez.


Blindfold by spyhop Plotty good Clexness and wonderfully written. Very highly recommended for something meatier than usual.

Some Like It Hot by corinna_5 Mmm. Wonderful sequel, plotty, with Lois! Actiony! Fun! I am grooving, or would be, if I was actually able to use that word with a straight face.

I am boring today and have every intention of being as boring as possible for as long as possible. Training for all of next week for a computer system that one, in a month, I already kind of know well enough to use, and that two, in another month, is being replaced with a completely different one. Yes, seriously. I am training for something I will only use for about six weeks before it's replaced, adn then will go to training AGAIN for the new system.

Boggles the mind. Not that I'm complaining.

Oh, right. A few older recs, X-Men movie (first one) or comicverse that I thought I'd throw out for anyone new to it and liking it. You've probably read these before--they're incredibly good. But. Can't hurt.

Seema--go to minisinoo, since you like Jean/Scott. She writes the best Jean/Scott movieverse I've ever seen. Special attention to Mickey Blue Eyes, Body Memory, and Climb the Wind. Very, very good stuff. All her stories are at The Medicine Wheel.

Also, Bishclone for The Box Room and Seventeen. You may know her from the Alias fandom or the Voyager fandom or the Buffy fandom, and her X-Men are, yes, just as good.

Jane St. Clair did a fabulous Scott/Logan and Scott/Jean in All of the Animals. This link takes you to the main page of her site. I suggest reading everything. Also, one of my favorite stories of all time, Blue, a Hank/Bobby fic. Very, very, very good stuff.

And for St. John comicverse, I ran across this one by accident and fell in love.

The Other Side by Diamonde. It's beautiful and sad and an ending. And yep, cried through the end, but I still love to read it.

Um. Logan/Rogue I wrote and love and the recs are on my rec page. Which still needs about fifteen stories or so to top it off, but I really, really put off updating for some reason. *g* Procrastination.

And am going to finish seven pages tonight if I have to type until my fingers bleed. Oh yes.
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