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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
So my day has been--a day.

1.) itunes abruptly asked me what library I wanted to use. Then it lost some of my music. I found it eventually, but it was very annoying and reminded me to keep copies not only in the itunes folder, but also in the MP3 folder on my desktop.

I have no idea what was up with that.

2.) Dumbledore gay. That's--huh. Not really a surprise.

3.) Visited on-duty doctor today. Have medication. X-rays on Monday. Wish I had coffee. Chem professor allowed missing test today.

4.) My flist is very, very active today.

5.) Oh! Confirmed that my middle sister is going to have a girl. This will make shopping a *lot easier*.

6.) My life is indeed this boring.

7.) Note to ltlj: the John h/c is now nineish pages and has a plot. I--don't know how that happened. It just--just does. *blinks*

You know, I need more interesting news. Like, I don't know--wild thought--I went to Egypt this weekend and contracted plague. See, that would be interesting. And very disturbing. But interesting.

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You know, I need more interesting news

Maybe you should just blog the adventures of quantummirror!jenn...

*thoughtful* That would be interesting. I could have an lj called QuantumJenn (or QuantumSeperis) that will blog my much more interesting imaginary adventures!


I just fished two feet of silver jewelry chain out of a cat?


...do I want to know?

3.) Visited on-duty doctor today. Have medication. X-rays on Monday. Wish I had coffee. Chem professor allowed missing test today.

*eyes you*

*makes updates to the book and emails first winners*


I am so bannign you when I remmber how to do that.

*stares at you in accusation*

I just made a knife holster out of camoflauge duct tape for a halloween costume? But it has a real knife in it. Apparently you can get lock backs for 94 cents at Walmart. Their hunting section is... interesting.

1) Never hold down the shift key when opening iTunes. :)

3) You're going to take the medication, right? No more disappearing into the black hole of phlegm just to take a few-day well-medicated vacation.

7) *points and laughs*

1.) Really? *blinks*

3.) Am taking now! *nodnodnod*

7.) I hate you. If John's puberty wasn't so--God, so *hideously embarrassing*, it woudl be easier. I *twitch* when I'm writing it. I don't know if I've added since you last looked, or if you looked recently, but--I just--I thought I could make it funnier? And that's totally not working. Gah.

And I hate you. It was going to be cute cold h/c! And now, not so much. *bitter*

Yay, plot! That's the best kind of h/c. :drools in anticipation:

*pitiful look* It's all--stuff. And mysterious freindly people! And fevers! And--


*toes ground a little* um am not sure if you saw this! but i finished the fanart of joan and rodney.



That is--God, hon, that is utterly, utterly gorgeous. Just--wow. And very sensual and soft and just--I can't adequately describe. *Hugs* Beautiful. Just plain beautiful.

*hugs hard* Thank you!

Dumbledore gay. That's--huh. Not really a surprise.

So, I told Greg about that whole thing before we left for Chuck E. Cheese this afternoon, and when we got back he sat at his computer for a minute, gave me the hairy eyeball, and said, "EVERY ONE of my forums now has a thread about Dumbledore." And his most-visited forums are all about... Celtic music and webcomics and kung fu and woodcrafting and shit. *hands*

*snickers* I am so not surprised. HP is *everywhere*.

You know, I need more interesting news.

If it's any consolation, today I got up, had breakfast, got the paper, sat down, read for hours and went online.

I am totally one that needs more interesting news. :)

Dumbledore news was totally not surprising. I was reading Deathly Hallows and got to that part, and wondered if she *meant* for me to read it as a grand Dumbledore/Grindlewald passion, and now I don't have to wonder!

I went to a Haunted Forest tonight. And survived both the Grim Reaper AND a chainsaw murderer.

There was also a hayride.

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