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random boring child anecdote of sci-fi-ness and etc
children of dune - leto 1

Child: Mom, who's that big guy on Stargate?
Me: Ronon?
Child: No. On the other one. The big black guy?
Me: Teal'c?
Child: Yes! HE IS SO COOL. Can you get me all of Stargate?
Me: *looks at amazon, pales: ten seasons* Uh.

Child went on to wax lyrical on Teal'c and John Sheppard. I--never thought they were all that comparable. Until you ask Child. Child's ideal team is now Dr. Who, John Sheppard, and Teal'c. He hasnt' chosen a fourth.

...you know? That team has possibilities. I wonder how Child will like Cameron Mitchell.


(Sometimes, my favorite part of any discussion with Child is his complete openness to crossovers. As far as he's concerned, Boa Versus Python and Jimmy Neutron can not only happen in the same universe, they really *should*.)

Less Randomly

Child and I have doctor's appointments in the morning. There really doesn't seem to be that much worry about a relapse so much as precautionary.

I have to admit; I am kind of scared.

I mean, I know I shouldn't be. I'm not having the same symptoms really; the cough, for one thing, is what they were tryign to get me to do last time, since the big problem seemed to be my chest congestion wasnt' loose enough to cough out. And there really isn't a shortness of breath or tiredness other than that connected with the fact that I'm really congested and that's fairly normal. There's no fever and no real problems breathing, and I fished out my inhaler, since that is what they gave me last time, and it does help a lot. And--I've never been in actual danger; both hospital stays, while kind of scary, were never at the ICU or even the intermediate (except for one day that first time in November). Both times were directly related to the fact that the chest congestion was causing problems breathing, but never in the she-will-die-in-one-hour type of way, and once that cleared up, then I was usually let out with scripts for home.

And point; both times, it was a month in coming. For the November one, I was complaining about it back in October, and the April one, svmadelyn had noticed something wrong as far back as March when we were in Chicago. There's been just this week this time; for the last couple of months, other than some short term isolated days, I've been usually clear of allergies. The worst I got was a few bad headaches when the mold count was freakishly high and everyone was feeling crappy at work.

I guess what's bothering me is that we still don't know what it is, they're still arguing over it being pneumonia or not, and I just can't figure out what's triggering it.

And I guess this thing last night didnt' help. I was talking to svmadelyn and kept vaguely phasing out. Not a big deal, I was getting tired easily, and that's always happened when I'm really tired. But this was oddly strong, so I said bye and shut down, and went to the kitchen to make sure everything was put up nad make the coffee for tomorrow. And this--I don't know how to describe it other tahn this wave of exhaustion swept over me, except it wasn't like exhaustion or weakness, it was just--my body said, no more moving, no more standing, no more looking. Lay down. My vision actually wavered and I had the strongest desire to just lie down on the floor right there and not move.

I finished up and could not make myself go any farther than the couch, so grabbed a blanket and lay down and started working on deep breathing--which like I said, I havent' yet felt any actual problems with my chest or my breathing, but I like to keep doing it just to test and see how everything is in there--and I didn't fall asleep. It wasn't uncomfortable or anything--I just lay there with my eyes closed, breathing deeply and coughing when necessary, but not sleepy. It didn't feel anything like sleepy. I don't think I've ever felt anything like that before in my life. And it wasn't unpleasant or scary, it wasn't panic-inducing, and it was comfortable and about an hour later I drifted off.

Getting up today was the same thing, but slightly different; it was this strong message of stay down, even though I wasn't that sleepy. I slept twice more, then made myself get up and felt normal within five minutes or so, made coffee, drank some water, had some food and Child and I felt sorry for each other, then I gave him Eureka S1E1 and left him to his own devices.

Now, logically speaking, this is normal behavior when one is sick; body fighting infection gets tired fast and etc. There's no fever, no life-ending nausea, no problems breathing; there's a slightly sore throat probably from having to breathe through my mouth, child's ears hurt, we both have a cough, and tiredness and he I think had a very slight fever. But we both are fairly active and I keep us both sitting up as much as possible.

(Um, this is not a plea for symapathy or comfort or whatever; in all honesty, I feel fine, just very tired, and I'm pretty much constnatly testing how deeply I can breathe and checking it against how deeply I normally breathe and I'm not seeing much of a difference. I'm just kind of disturbed, even though I know I shouldn't be. At worst, if this *is* the beginning of that again, it is *way* early and therefore tehy can stop it before it goes beyond this. I just hate this feeling of unpleasant anticipation. Writing it out seems to make it a little less huge and terrifying and inevitable, and right now, my perspective is for shit, so this? Perspective.)
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While I cannot help with "all of Stargate," I have the first three seasons on DVD (they were a gift) and would be happy to lend them to you. And to Child, of course.

Keep an eye on your flist. The brainiacs at MGM have released a brand new 10-season SG-1 set, all slimline packaging, with four all new discs of never-released-on-DVD extras. The bastards! So a lot of SG-1 fans are eyeing their two and a half feet of shelf space taken up by seasons 1-9, or even 1-10, and trying to decide when they might have $250 scraped together for the complete set, and what they'll do with their old DVDs. Just sayin'.

Rest. Breathe. Good luck at the doctor's!

So that's why I saw SG-1 S1-10 on eBay for like, $100. =)

I *heart* Child, I rilly rilly do!

and when it comes time to buy SG-1, maybe you could check out half.com - see what you can find used/cheaper?

here's hoping medical news is good and you maintain goodish health

Child is one heck of an awesome kid.

Hope you're both feeling better soon.

Hmmm. It sounds a little like low blood pressure, and muscle weakness. Ask your doctor for a peak flow meter when you go tomorrow, if you don't already have one. They're good for both assessing airflow and controlling the paranoia when you see normal numbers. *hugs*

Hey there, just wanted to pop by and say - ask your doctor for a peak flow meter. (Pretending you totally don't already have one and know what it is:) It's a nifty tube with springs and slidey things on the inside, and numbers along the side. You breathe into it a certain way (a hard, fast puff) and check where the slider comes to rest. There's a chart that tells you whether your lung capacity is great, normal, a little low, or zombie.

It... can be very reassuring for asthmatics like me, or anyone who is having brochial issues or is paranoid about them. Your doc should be able to give you one either on the cheap or through the pharmacy, and then she or he can tell you how to use it to get a baseline.

Hope you and the Child are both feeling better soon. *sends healthy vibes your way*

Ooooh, Good idea with the peak flow. I loved mine.

You know, that description--it has a tube thing that you first breathe in, away from it, then breathe *out* into it? They gave me one of those in the hospital with a goal line. It was yellow, with the tube with the numbers of clear plastic and the tube thingy that you breathe into, and yes. So that's what it's called!

(At the time< i called it a torture device; it was also to encourage me to cough more and boy howdie, did it.)

Thank you! I'm pretty sure I still have it packed; that's a godo idea. I think I even have the list I made when I used it to show what my level was. Well, have it--may not be able to *find it*. Gah.

It's less of a torture device when one isn't hacking up a lung; hopefully that's reassuring. :-) I wouldn't worry about finding your old list of baselines; do one now, especially since you're not too worried about your breathing (yet).

Other asthma stuff: is your inhaler Albuterol or steroid? (the steroid ones always seem to be small and orange, while Albuterol and its ilk are larger and blue, or occasionally very light brown.) If you're using an Albuterol inhaler everyday, talk to your doc about using a steroid inhaler for a couple of weeks until things stabilize. The Albuterol is good for a quick improvement, but doesn't change anything deep down; the steroid inhaler might help with that.

Also, I am not a doctor I just play one on TV, I'm just an asthmatic who's been dealing with this shit for 25 years or so. :-p YMMV, natch. :-)

Albuterol inhaler.

Acutally, I am asking about the steroids first tomorrow; from what they told me in the hospital, the antibiotics didn't do anything for me but the steroids seemed to be what was clearing me up fastest. I have some skin reactions to it, but honestly, at this point, if it stops this before it gets worse, I will happily take skin reactions and mood swings if it means that it won't get worse.

What I actuallly should do is print out a few of my lj entries when I was tracking the illness and recovery last time; I was pretty religiously documenting some of the stuff that I dont' remeber now.

Awww! You have a Fan Child too! They are so much fun. *G*

Mine wants the whole series too. *sigh*

And I was thinking, is it possible that the tiredness is a side effect of medication you're taking? Cause something like that would be much less scary and probably adjustable. *sends good thoughts your way*

Also, Danny Phantom grows up to become John Sheppard.

Think about it.

omg... yeesss... must not write it. i have yuletide to think about.

How about Dean Winchester as their fourth? That would be an awesome team.

Child has awesome taste. And I hope the doctor's appointment goes well.

Hopefully, your health will improve without Major Hospitalisation Or Other Catastrphes, but what got my attention was:

Child's ideal team is now Dr. Who, John Sheppard, and Teal'c. He hasnt' chosen a fourth.

Because, really, that's a hell of a team. It's the biggest science geek ever (the Doctor is, I mean, he's wonderfully touchy-feely and idealistic about humanity, but he loves his alien technology as well), and two guys who can be vbery laid-back, accepting and good with guns.

I'm wondering now what a good fourth would be...

The sudden tiredness you describe is how a co-worker describes her symptoms with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Have you been checked for this?

*hearts* Child. What a brilliant team! Which Doctor?

Hope things with your health get cleared up quickly.

I love Child deeply, by the way. I can only hope that my hypothetical future child is so smart and adorable.

Hmmm, who should be fourth... going by his taste for men with guns and senses of humor, maybe John Crichton instead?

(Feel better.)

As far as he's concerned, Boa Versus Python and Jimmy Neutron can not only happen in the same universe, they really *should*.

They really really should!

I think I'm a bit head over heels for your child. In a completely un-creepy sense btw.

Hope you and Child get better soon.

After I had Sydney flu i got those waves of exhaustion for *ages*. They told me it was just because the virus was particularly virulent and lurked in the background in my body for ages. Eventually they stopped happening though.

Will it make you feel any better if I offe rup the fact that in the UK, Stargate boxsets are still being sold at about £60 (so, what, $120ish?) in the shops? I do have seasons 1-10, after a couple of years of waiting for sales, and, uh, buying them off Amazon.com and having them shipped over :S

Half.com, Ebay etc might be good places to start though :) Teal'c is, in my opinion, a total badass. Child has taste!

Hope you are both feeling better soon!

*sends healing thoughts*

Fannish children are the BEST
*raises eyebrow* I suppose it's totally pointless to ask which Doctor..?

I'd be happy to send you my S1 &S7 for keeps.

They are just collecting dust here at my place; I haven't watched them in years. Lemme know if you're interested.

Re: I'd be happy to send you my S1 &S7 for keeps.

*blinks* Really? YEs. YES VERY INTERESTED. Should I email my address?

*bounces* Really?

You can email me- eyeofbotox AT gmail DOT com. I think I have to reaquire S1D2 from cajunmatt, but that shouldn't take all that much time to get together.

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