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very worried about the entire sanity issue

This is SV related and something I pondered while watching Witness. This could be a sign that I am WAY to damn into my fandom.

It used to be, when Clark did something stupid/oblivious/ridiculous/moronic/etc, I would think, oh Clark, you dumbass. Blah blah blahty-blah blah. See the diary for the Jenn's Anti-Clark stand back in April-May last year. Not pretty, but man, did I get energetic.


Now, I think, oh Clark, you have ANY idea what rageprufrock is going to DO to you when the show's over? Did you NOT read Barnstorming? Oh God, you are so doomed.


Other strange thoughts.

Jonathan, being dumb -- I wonder how liviapenn will defend *that*. *sticks out tongue at Livia*

Lex, being manipulative -- latxcvi and harriet_spy are so going to kick your ass in reviews, baby. Watch out.

Lana, being herself -- You do know that half my fandom is going to KILL you tonight, right? Step AWAY from Clark now.

Helen, appearing or mentioned -- You do know that half my fandom is going to KILL you tonight or sell you to Lionel, right? Just wait.

Lionel and Lex in the same scene -- Mm. Flood of bad incestfic. Must take precautions. Hiding is good.

MotW -- I wonder who will assign the coolest pet name?

I--get like this sometimes. *worried*

I probably need more sleep or some anti-psychotics to ease me through this, but it does amuse.

Speaking of amusing and pleasing and all KINDS of good things.

rageprufrock made a KICK ASS cover for Three Impossible Things! Yay! Yayayayay! It is SO cool! *huggles Pru* You rocketh, honey. So good. So very, very good.

Anyway. Two non-insta!recs, but stories I really, really loved.

Not to Be by joyfulgirl. Fabulously written, intersting five premises, and five REALLY good AUs. I can't even decide which one I like best.

Salvage by rageprufrock I'd love to discuss this one with someone, because I really loved the sheer hopelessness going on--or the very light traces of future-riftness and hurtiness. Beautiful.

Still moody, so hieing myself off before I whine. Contemplate my fingernails, perhaps. Make the "you knwo you've been reading WAY TOO FUCKING MUCH Clark/Lex slash" list that starts with "if you go to work and giggle every time someone mentions liking bottled water, seriously, you have gone over the edge."

Which I am totally okay with.

Will get caught up on comments soon, I swear. I am sickeningly behind, but on the other hand, I got my first paycheck yesterday! Whoo hoo!
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