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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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it is foggy and dark and phlegm-like
moody cow
Quick note:

If you have emailed/contacted/sent me something time-related and I am not responding? I will! I fell asleep when I got home yesterday from class and woke up twice very congested, one time convinced the Cenobites were coming to get me.

(Wikipedia is the devil.)

(Seriously. I was doing this mental mutilation roulette thing--what will they do to me? Then I was trying to think of souls to trade. Then I went back to sleep and I have no idea what I dreamed about. Then I woke up and asked for coffee, tissue, and a little arsenic. I hate colds. I hate them so much.)

I feel better now, just congested, so I'll catch up today and tonight. I have found zen with chemistry--i will study for three things I konw for sure are on the test, and get those perfect, and you konw, screw this aim for the stars. I am aiming for passing.

(The real horror is, eleveninches was talking to me about it the other night and I realized in horror--I was already accepted to the university and the program. They dont' even *count* this class as a grade, only as hours towared my core. They don't care what I make! I can get a C and it will not matter. And that actually made me panic more. Dear God.)

(Oddly, I am also sending svmadelyn depressing pictures of my workplace and crosswalk. If you, too, would like pictures of foggy, sad parking spaces and Walgreens that express my inner turmoil, feel free to email me your number. I am sharing like that.)

I'm getting a thing for parenthesis.

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I recently learned how to email pictures from my phone (I've only had a camera phone for a couple of months). Which, granted, any idiot could have done by reading the manual, but... who reads the manual? Sadly, I don't really take pictures with the thing.

... although, if I took my phone out right this moment, I could catch Crazy OCD Co-worker washing the pencil sharpener.....


....why? I just--*blank*

Manuals take away the spirit of adventure!


The *electric* pencil sharpener? Or a manual one? Annals of Insanity needs to know!

The manual one is closest to me, so that's what I saw her giving the full treatment to. However, I have since seen her Windexing the tray from one of the electric ones, so she might have gone to town on all of them.

I'm not kidding about the crazy. Her cubicle is where it is because she needs a direct line of sight to the door. So that when They come to get her, she can visualize her escape route.

(Parentheses are lovely things.)

(One of my favorite punctuation marks.)

(Perhaps exceeded by the dash - or maybe the semicolon; I try to ration those but my love does not fade.)

They are made of win. *nodnodnod* All of them.

Especially dashes!

*starts stopwatch to see how long it takes before madelyn posts about you being sad and pathetic and trying to become one with your IV in some hospital*

Also if you text me pictures, I will totally send you some in return.

I need your phone number....

You should have it. I gave it to you. TWICE. *bitter*

And hush! There is no chest congestion! Just miserable stuffiness.

Low blow, low blow! You're putting it into the Universe.

It was precaffeine! *Hides betting slips*

psst, I'll let you in on the book.

It was ridiculously foggy here yesterday morning. Blaaaaaaaah what the fuck? I had JUST reconciled myself to our utter lack of fall. *sigh*

it is like looking out at the spirit of mediocrity and disappointment or something out the window.

...Okay, there is totally a god fo disappointment. Must go find it so I can make clever classical allusions.

I only use my camera phone to catch weird shit that I see while out and about when I don't have my regular camera. Like the really bad bunny statue design decision. And the "unflower seeds" box I saw the other day.

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