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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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it is not the right season for humbug...not yet
brown flower
I came to the comfortable conclusion that today I'm just going to deal with feeling sullen and hostile. At least part of this must be attributed to going to bed last night with what appeared to be the sniffles metaphoring into a sore throat, an annoying sneeze, and a strong propensity for tissue this morning.

Not to mention that I could be mistaken, but my building smells funny.

I think its the weather. It is greyish pre-rain but not rainy. And I have this horrible suspicion it's going to tease us like this for a while. Sure, it's atmospheric, but only if your goals include curling up with tea and crumpets to mourn the eternal darkness of your existence.

Or something.

However. Brighter spots.

1.) I started playing with the state 457 plan to supplement retirement. It's kind of like investing, but less terrifying and simplied for the masses. Original investment was $20 with a fifty-two cent increase, or 2.6% return. Two of the seven funds did very well, one did okay, and the rest bordered. I have no idea what any of this mean. I just like looking making happy sounds at the numbers. It's like horseracing, even. Currently, I am mentally encouraging Lord Abbett to go the distance. Though he seems to be doing badly.

2.) Mom logged hours yesterday on Guild Wars and is currently trying to skin a bear. Heh.

3.) Found my cell phone. The sad part is, it took two days to realize it was lost.

In conclusion--class today. And possibly, consdiering my mood, something in chocolate. Perhaps in dark chocolate.

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You should try this stuff called Emergen-C. It gives you like 1000 mg of vitamin C and it really helps get over colds. I was sick last month and took it religiously and in two days was back to normal. Also, you can't go wrong with chocolate. I say go for it.

I know! I wish it were properly cold, because then we'd have Fall. But no, it's warmish and vaguely icky as well. I just want cool dry days through the first weekend of November (Austin Celtic Festival! I will have a booth!). After that it needs to be drizzly and chilly, as proper South Texas fall/winter weather should be.

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