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sgareview: doppelganger s4e4

So I didn't get to see Reunion because Dell tech support hates us all and most espeically my mother's computer. But did watch Doppelganger with svmadelyn.

So. Is feeling like one has had a religious experience the right reaction?

I--there was--there were two Johns. Fighting. With the--*motions vaguely*--the fighing. And there was this--and--then Rodney--

svmadelyn: oh
seperis: oh
seperis: Um.
seperis: um.
svmadelyn: i don't know what to do with this
seperis: uhhh.
svmadelyn: other than die
seperis: Um.
svmadelyn: i could watch this all day
seperis: god.
seperis: Jesus God in heaven.
svmadelyn: i feel very monosyballic.
svmadelyn: crawl baby crawl
seperis: ...can't breathe.
svmadelyn: looming
svmadelyn: *DIES*
seperis: oh my god rodney.
seperis: RODNEY
svmadelyn: OH MY GOD
seperis: OH MY GOD
seperis: THIS IS
svmadelyn: I'm glad to share this experience with you.
seperis: I am too
seperis: *fervent*

I'd like to conclude with this: obviously, the universe has made up for Thursday. A lot.


Continued points of interest.

1.) John and hugging are seriously in need of an intervention.
2.) Rodney and John marveling at teh lack of women. You think that would tell them something.
3.) Was that romantic music during the Stare of a Thousand Lifetimes?
4.) I can probably die happy after that fight. But I can probably herniate myself at the memory of Ronon's horrified look because John beat him during that infirmary bit. Or at least got him good.
5.) I don't even know what to make of Teyla's dream.
6.) Before Heightmeyer's death, did she have major plastic surgery of some kind?
7.) Seriously. They were--there was John Versus John. What the hell am I supposed to do with that?

I'm going to go have a moment now.
Tags: episode review: stargate:atlantis
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