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sgareview: doppelganger s4e4
children of dune - leto 1
So I didn't get to see Reunion because Dell tech support hates us all and most espeically my mother's computer. But did watch Doppelganger with svmadelyn.

So. Is feeling like one has had a religious experience the right reaction?

I--there was--there were two Johns. Fighting. With the--*motions vaguely*--the fighing. And there was this--and--then Rodney--

svmadelyn: oh
seperis: oh
seperis: Um.
seperis: um.
svmadelyn: i don't know what to do with this
seperis: uhhh.
svmadelyn: other than die
seperis: Um.
svmadelyn: i could watch this all day
seperis: god.
seperis: Jesus God in heaven.
svmadelyn: i feel very monosyballic.
svmadelyn: crawl baby crawl
seperis: ...can't breathe.
svmadelyn: looming
svmadelyn: *DIES*
seperis: oh my god rodney.
seperis: RODNEY
svmadelyn: OH MY GOD
seperis: OH MY GOD
seperis: THIS IS
svmadelyn: I'm glad to share this experience with you.
seperis: I am too
seperis: *fervent*

I'd like to conclude with this: obviously, the universe has made up for Thursday. A lot.


Continued points of interest.

1.) John and hugging are seriously in need of an intervention.
2.) Rodney and John marveling at teh lack of women. You think that would tell them something.
3.) Was that romantic music during the Stare of a Thousand Lifetimes?
4.) I can probably die happy after that fight. But I can probably herniate myself at the memory of Ronon's horrified look because John beat him during that infirmary bit. Or at least got him good.
5.) I don't even know what to make of Teyla's dream.
6.) Before Heightmeyer's death, did she have major plastic surgery of some kind?
7.) Seriously. They were--there was John Versus John. What the hell am I supposed to do with that?

I'm going to go have a moment now.

What gets me the most is that John's worst nightmare? Is Rodney dying. It's just... my god, it's cannon!

And the Johns fighting, it's... just... ::melt.::

I'm all of a sudden getting a lot of femslashy tones to SGA. The person Heightmyer counted on to save her is Teyla, and what was Sam and Dr. Keller (first name? I never caught it, or I forgot it.) doing together so late at night before arriving at the infirmary?

I have so much love for that episode.

It's funny, I'm a complete convert to McShep in fandom but I never brought that there was any subtext as far as the show was concerned - but there's been one or two times lately where I've wondered if there's been a deliberate nod to us shippers. Hey, no complaints here!

As far as John and hugging is concerned there needs to be an intervention, maybe a step-by-step guidebook, maybe sedation. He always makes it seem like the other person has leprosy. Social retardation, another reason why John and Rodney are perfect for each other, hee.

This episode IS a religious experience, yes. Absolutely. I could watch John kick his own ass around the gateroom ALL DAY and never get tired of it. In fact, if I knew how, I'd probably burn it on another disk in a continuous loop. AND RODNEY AND JOHN AND THE LOOK THAT WENT ON AND ON AND ON...also, catch the clue bus guys, no girls in your dreamscape(s). The fact that John's worst nightmare is Rodney dying is just...wow.

*so amused by the boys*


I have to admit. His entrance into John's dream? So him. I am only surprised he didn't have a lightsaber. (And you know DH wanted one.)

(Deleted comment)
That is the EXACT thing I said in my episode commentary (which I'll post next week)

And meanie-pants John was preeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty when he fighted regular-old-JOe John. So pretty! Was it just me, or was he even prettier than usual? Also? I thought he was going to hit Rodney for saying he thought there would be more girls. Hard. *glee*

As an aside? Rodney's nightmares are not nearly as fucked up as he likes to think they are. Clowns. Meh. And the Moby Dick dreams. *shakes head* Clearly this Doppleganger was unclear on nightmare. He got Rodney all wet and bothered with twin Sheppards and the biggest Dick I've ever seen. I've gotta say, I'm a little disappointed that we didn't get to see Rodney covering up an embarrassing wet spot in the infirmary.

Poor Rodney's expression. It's like--GIANT WHALE. But ohhh, two Johns. Giant evil whale! Two Johns!

It must have been very stressing.

john's little wondering gesture of 'i know, i can't believe i got him too!' was very 'oh be still, my heart'.


there was John Versus John. What the hell am I supposed to do with that?

I found screencapping was a good first step:


Okay, that's it, I need to see this...

I've been so good and not skipped ahead (I'm still watching S2 on DVD) but two Johns fighting is absolutely the last straw.

*goes off to investigate possibilities of obtaining*

GOD YES. John's nightmare was Rodney dying. Really. And there are no women in his subconscious - None at all. AND HE FOUGHT HIMSELF AND AHJAJFHANASFDSG

So this is what it feels like to find God. Huh, I like it.

Oh, wow, John vs. John, that's like ... *melts* My brain can't handle that much hotness. OMG, I want to watch it now!

Where did you find it? I've searched through all the usual places and it's not there :( </i>

Or I could wait until next week. Probably.

::glances around:: Tv-links.co.uk ::hides:: Look for Stargate Atlantis under "TV Shows"

It went immediately into my top 3 favorite SGA episodes of all time. I mean, seriously. It was fantastic. Afterwards, I needed a cigarette, and I don't even smoke.

So. Is feeling like one has had a religious experience the right reaction?
Yes. Absolutely. YES. :))

Two Johns fighting is the scene where I saw a still (bad!John *lying on top of* our!John) where my first, instinctive reaction was, "Jenn will write porn YAYZ!"


*closes Word, puts aside*


(how did you *know*?)

For me, the high point was John walking around absolutely dazed and numb after Rodney died in his nightmare, and then seeing the smirking Evil!John and lunging for him while snarling, "son of a BITCH!"

Yeah. That was...climactic. John. Attacking Evil!John! Because he KILLED HIS BOYFRIEND! *flails everywhere like a nonstop flaily thing*

Also I loved how John didn't even pause for a *second* before replying in this exchange:

Teyla: It does not have to be you.
John: Yeah, well it's my boyfriend bad idea.

Okay, I'm double commenting, I know! I"m sorry! But...not! Because THERE MUST BE SCREEN CAPS TO ACCENTUATE MY UNCONTROLLED FLAILING!

This is the sequence that I loooooove:

And honorable mention to the look on John's face when Evil!John says, "It's your fault *McKay's* dead!"