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how did this happen?

Today is proof that God has a sense of humor pretty much unlike anything he's ever given any human being.

Class today. Where I go about my completely-oblivious-to-males-that-are-not-fictional way, being all Studious and Serious and Thinking Deep Thoughts and...

Well, that failed.

There are four guys that I know in class, and one girl, whom I actually have spoken to. Two of the guys sit in front of me, one on my right over a seat. The fourth's the guy I tutored and possibly goes by the name David.


We all exchange various information in class, discussing x, y, z we'd done in class--they may have personal exchanges, but I am Studious and Serious and whatever. Anyway, the one to my right is the one that, like me, tends to break out with the obscure questions and clarifications. He's also the one that during my test, I mentioned had the same problem I had with the linking. So smart, just cocky enough to be intersting and also get on my nerves. It's a good combination, because technically he's attractive.

(Could *hear* the universe cackling.)

So today he comes in--completely something else. With this black tank-top thing and these *pants* and looking like he'd just engaged in heavy exercise and showered quickly beforehand, wiht this hat and this--and--and I did my first genuine double take. And hated myself.

Oh, but it gets worse.

He and Guy in Front of Me had a conversation regarding some pin he had on his hat--apparently a captain's pin. And because this is me and it is this universe, he's all, yeah, lieutant in the army but would have been captain, am out for college and look at me slump in my fucking seat and be all liquid and tired and oh so bored, oh my God that was so freaking unfair I have no words.

I don't think I was able to function for about a quarter of class. Him--doing that slumping in the seat and playing with his pencil with really nice hands and lean and see, the problem is, cocky puts me off, but he's my physical type down to his feet, and I hate life so much it hurts me inside.

Also, his girlfriend watches Stargate: Atlantis and I really think this is some kind of test. Of what I have no idea.

Under unrequited tag, because I refuse to believe my life now includes someone who I have class with, argue with, and now have to fight the urge to ask terribly inappropriate questions. I'm sorry--I can only take so much.
Tags: jenn's school, unrequited
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