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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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how did this happen?
children of dune - leto 1
Today is proof that God has a sense of humor pretty much unlike anything he's ever given any human being.

Class today. Where I go about my completely-oblivious-to-males-that-are-not-fictional way, being all Studious and Serious and Thinking Deep Thoughts and...

Well, that failed.

There are four guys that I know in class, and one girl, whom I actually have spoken to. Two of the guys sit in front of me, one on my right over a seat. The fourth's the guy I tutored and possibly goes by the name David.


We all exchange various information in class, discussing x, y, z we'd done in class--they may have personal exchanges, but I am Studious and Serious and whatever. Anyway, the one to my right is the one that, like me, tends to break out with the obscure questions and clarifications. He's also the one that during my test, I mentioned had the same problem I had with the linking. So smart, just cocky enough to be intersting and also get on my nerves. It's a good combination, because technically he's attractive.

(Could *hear* the universe cackling.)

So today he comes in--completely something else. With this black tank-top thing and these *pants* and looking like he'd just engaged in heavy exercise and showered quickly beforehand, wiht this hat and this--and--and I did my first genuine double take. And hated myself.

Oh, but it gets worse.

He and Guy in Front of Me had a conversation regarding some pin he had on his hat--apparently a captain's pin. And because this is me and it is this universe, he's all, yeah, lieutant in the army but would have been captain, am out for college and look at me slump in my fucking seat and be all liquid and tired and oh so bored, oh my God that was so freaking unfair I have no words.

I don't think I was able to function for about a quarter of class. Him--doing that slumping in the seat and playing with his pencil with really nice hands and lean and see, the problem is, cocky puts me off, but he's my physical type down to his feet, and I hate life so much it hurts me inside.

Also, his girlfriend watches Stargate: Atlantis and I really think this is some kind of test. Of what I have no idea.

Under unrequited tag, because I refuse to believe my life now includes someone who I have class with, argue with, and now have to fight the urge to ask terribly inappropriate questions. I'm sorry--I can only take so much.

*grin* Wait until he's single, and then pounce?

*sulks* My life is hard.


He's like ten! Or early twenties, which is nearly teh same thing and I realized suddenly he is very fit.

Please let him be an asshole Tuesday or I can feel my skirts are coming out of retirement for no particular reason and God.

This is so not happening.

*clamps mouth shut*

*wide eyes*

Dude, Fate is just messing with you, right there. But hey, I bet you won't be late for class! *grin*


Fate hates me. It's got to be teh air in that building. Causing--things to happen. Weird, weird, wrong things.

*sniggers* If this is a test, I want to know what the reward for passing is...

You should see my notes. They are like--unreadably bad and I was having to fight staring at him.


...I'm snickering at you so hard, and it's hard enough that I can admit it tactlessly.

This is clearly a test of your loyalty to your fandom. You should never be willing to steal a fellow fan's boyfriend. It's like stealing a sister's boyfriend.

Or possibly it is just a sign from God that a) it would totally work out or b) it would never work out, so he is giving you an obstacle you won't try to overcome.


I think you have to revel in these moments, because finding *anyone* in Real Life attractive is too rare a thing. Which is why I was sneaking glances at this guy on the train tonight, who I think I rode with a week or so ago and find kind of nibblesome.

*pounces you*

Well, at least you know yours is hetrosexual, or at least interested in women.

The last time this happened to me, the guy arrived for friendly drinks with his boyfriend. I was mortified.

Younger men can be terribly energetic. ::looks innocent::

Go for the dressed down/yummy casual thing. Start small with the makeup (I love bare escentuals, very very natural looking) and, as my mother used to say, "be cool."

Know, in your head, you know and write about more hot sex than he's ever had in his life, and that you know how to do things that would make him your love slave for life. That'll put a little spring in your step.

A mysterious older woman is always intriguing.

Last summer one of my brother in law's friends came over and his was blonde and fit and gorgeous and it was hot and his shirt was unbuttoned half way down his chest and it was all I could do not to actively drool. Had to keep telling myself. "Look in his eyes, his eyes. "

OH OH OH! I have a horror story for you!

Once, a friend of mine described her dream guy to us in a jesting discussion. Four months later, she met him. For a week, she drooled over him but was too mortified to ask his name or something more brave... Then she did.

And it turned out he was her mother's brother's son (she hadn't seen him since she was five and he was eight). The end.

You are MEAN!

Pay no attention to this meanie, Jenn. Younger men are no good for dating, but for a roll in the hay? 2 thumbs up. Or, since he's involved (is a threesome out of the question? I'm living vicariously here), they're also wonderful for generating all sorts of desire you can sublimate into *extremely* hot fic. *g*

Of course, the fact that he pisses you off because he's cocky but is also physically your type only means you'd have amazing angry sex post some bout of him being cocky... *chuckle*

THE SEX WILL BE OFF THE HOOK!!!! You so totally have to make a move - alternatively just enjoy the hotness. Lord knows there is nowhere near enough real life eyecandy.

You never know. His girlfriend might dump him, leaving him sad, pouty, and in need of a smart, older woman's love. You can heal his wounded soul with porny goodness! It'll be an act of mercy. Selfless, selfless mercy.