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svreview: witness, s2e20

kernzelda anticipated me!


de-lurking for a moment to gleefully anticipate your comments on tonight's Smallville episode "Witness".

And she says....
My eyes are damaged by the possibility of Chlonel - he is Satan!
They're both after the same thing - Clark!
Yay, Jonathan - giving almost aggressive advice!
Poor Lex - with friends like Clark, he needs to install a CAT scan in his home and use it weekly.
It is all about Lana!

My dearest God. It's like she sitting by my desk while I considered the idea that Smallville is not the new Dawson's Creek. Oh no. It's the new Guiding Light. Or insert soap of your choice here.


FIrst off, I honestly could have cared less about the plotline. Seriously. My joy was all in the characters, who all, and I'm hesitant to say this, acted rather like themselves, unlike the ones I've been watching on other episodes this season.

First, Chloe smackdown--everyone knows my ambivalence toward Chloe unless Tara LJC is holding my hand through my rendition, but this was one of those moments where I went for the cheerleader pom-poms.

That. Was. Beautiful.

Now granted, Clark's had perfectly legit, secret reasons for not being there for everyone. But Chloe also gets, in addition, the entire Lana thing that interrupts her Clark-time, and considering in the high school threesome, Lana's the Love Object and Pete's the Best Guy and Secret Keeper, she's third on the totem pole. Frankly, she had every right to kick his ass.

And Clark can play innocnetly stupid (though is it playing at this point? One wonders), he's got to know that she's right, and a lot of his defensive anger pretty much proved that--or see theory above, Clark's been playing stupid so long he's achieved professional status. Congratulations, you're a first draft pic for the Dumb and Oblivious Olympics.

Gah, Clark. Clark, Clark, Clark, it's a wonder you get your shoes on in the morning without help.

So. Happy there.

Lex is at his personal best when up against Lionel and at his personal worst. This was one of the Good Times. Mocking, interested, and so hot I lost consciousness. Quickly coming back out, I watched Lionel almost twitch. About the meteor rocks. Which I expected.

What I didn't expect was his little game of playing dumb about Helen. Luckily, his practice hasn't made him perfect, but it does make me go hmm. Because as yet, I have no reason to trust Helen, and I did not like how he didn't insinuate anything. Frankly, I don't like it that he took it so calmly. He's LIONEL. The man can do insinuation and barbs like a kind of sport, but you know, he finds out from the PAPER that his only legitimate and non-psychotic son is getting married and wow, not even a FEW good witticisms?

Come ON. Deliberate or not, I did like it when compared to Clark and Chloe for some reason, though I'm not sure there are parallels. Though this entire ep was Anvik Parallel Let's Make a Statement City, so what the hell. Maybe I just didn't pick up all the subtleties.

Mutant, blah, things, blah, oh, naked Clark! And naked Clark looking less pacifist than usual. One might say, angry. And lovely little bit of Titanic momnet with the entire hand against the window, though I won't ask--though I do want to know--tell me, Clark, how DOES fire feel anyway?

Dirty mind. *g*

Moving on.

Lex gets Bad Guy out, blah blah blah. Torch destroyed. That was sad. Chloe's heartbroken, Clark's still an ass and they break up, which DID hurt and makes me wonder what future episodes are going to be like. Mom and Dad semi-crucified--well, I'd hate for THAT bit of symbology to be overused or anything, but are they trying to say something about the baby or did they just like the dramatic effect? Clark angry angry angry.

Kernzelda says: Yay, Jonathan - giving almost aggressive advice!

Amazing, wasn't it?

Leave! cries Clark unto his father, the Pig Headed One. No, sayeth Jonthan, full of manly vigor. (anyone notice he called Martha 'Mom'? Not 'your mother' but 'Mom'. For some reason, I found that strange). Never shall I be driven from the soil of my ancestors to cower in the city of Sodom!

No, he really didn't say that, but man, wouldn't it have been cool if he did? But the basics are sound. Miraculously, with the fruits of his loins in danger, he agrees to go and then looks Very Seriously at Clark. They have your strength but not your other powers, Dad says solemnly, eyes alight with manly aggression. Johnny boy was REALLY manly, don't you think?

And the audience goes "ooooooooh."

Now no, I don't believe Jonathan was saying, send them home in bodybags. But this is the first time I can remember Jonathan actively pushing Clark to use his powers for this kind of thing. Now right, pregnant Martha in the balance, not to mention, well, a lot of superstrong guys, but Jonathan is the least practical father of a future superhero ever. So yes, I did find it refreshing that he seemed to show a streak of sometimes, dirty hands have to get the job done, so to speak. Or open up a can of farm whoop-ass on those boys, son.


Clark goes to Lex. Becuase that's what he does when there is trouble. Every. Time. You let my enemy out! sayeth The Clark, wounded. There go your blowjobs for like, the MONTH, Lex. Just so you know. Lex is shocky when he hears about the Kents. Lex tells him about Lionel's Evil Plan with refined meteor rock. My God. Together, Clark and Lex form a Very Clever Plan.

Watch jenn settle down in perfect contentment as the Dynamic Duo strike again!

Kernzelda says: Poor Lex - with friends like Clark, he needs to install a CAT scan in his home and use it weekly.

But wait! Clark! No!

Okay, I didn' see this one coming, but once again, Clark uses the Deux ex Concussionus to get Lex out. Yes, that is so subtle. No, you've never done it to him before where he could see. You clever, clever boy. And yes, this is a spectacular way to keep him from guessing your secret. Please, why don't you just start superspeeding him around for awhile and maybe he won't notice that either.

Clark, Clark, Clark. Gah.

Anyway, like Jonathan Kent before him in the classic badepisode Fever, Clark taketh from Bruce Willis the lone man against the masses and of course, takes them all out. Except Clark wore shoes. Wrapping one in steele, tossing one fatally against walls--no, wait, apparently it wasn't fatal or even bruising, as Bad Guy was arrested and no mention of hospital time was made.

Imagine that.

Kernzelda says: My eyes are damaged by the possibility of Chlonel - he is Satan!

Okay, I wasn't the only one.

Watching the hospital room scene between Chloe and Lionel was some seriously creepy things going on. I don't believe Lionel is capable of not having chemistry--like his son, everything but apparently people they sleep with have chemistry with them. So of course, it shouldn't be a surprise, but it still is. Chloe's at her sharp, journalistic best, though I'm not sure how I feel about her sneaking in to take pictures of a victim of a robbery and using them in the paper. That just feels wrong. She confirmed very prettily that the guy WAS a LuthorCorp employee, and Lionel may have just met someone who very well could sniff out stuff about him from sheer will.

I'm so on a Chloe-kick today.

Anyway, the second time they were together, in teh ruins of the Torch, CHloe points out that Bad Guy said he had nothing to do with the destruction and how werid it was he confessed to the other stuff. Why, you dno't think Lionel planned this, do you? And offering to fix it up???? No! Why?

Again, distrubing creepy chemistry that's renewing my interest in het big time. More on this later.

It is all about Lana!

Or, the subplot that made me wonder if the producers really do pay attention to the boards.

Canonically, Lana has always been a wedge of a kind between Clark adn Chloe, though this is the first time I've seen the acknowledgement of the show that this isn't a good thing. Mirrored against her part in the divorce of her father and his wife, it made some intersting speculation. I like that she was willing to let go and I like that she advised Clark he shoudl fix things with Chloe, even though she didnt' know she was the cause.

But here's where I got interested.

This isn't fixed.

So. We actually had a pretty big thing happen in the Clark/Chloe/Lana triangle--Chloe and Clark have broken off their friendship and Clark has confirmed that yes, the Lana-crush is more important than the loyal friend of years. Which is understandable, but not terribly sympathetic.

Annoyed me. But again, I'm so rarely genuinely surprised by Smallville that I wonder where this is going.

Kernzelda says: They're both after the same thing - Clark!

Or maybe this is where it's going.

Speculation, since I am a complete spoiler virgin in all ways, so you know, you who know spoilers? Laugh at will.

Lionel's thing with the wall of weird? Creepy on several levels, because while Lex has personal reason for interest--Clark, living in Smallville, attacked by mutants, etc--Lionel has corporate interest. He made me nervous in the hosptial, he made me nervous in Lex's office, and he's making me ubernervous now.

Here's the problem with keeping secrets and the art of miscommunication.

Lex didn't have all the information from Clark, so let Bad Guy out of jail so as to find out what on earth his father was up to. He knows the rocks are dangerous/intriguing/unusual but not their scope. Clark knows this. Chloe knows this. Pete knows this. Hence, bad things happen.

Chloe doesn't have all the information that Lex has and doesn't have the information that Clark has. She suspects the meteors are bad but doens't know Lionel is interested in them. She doens't know that Lionel is getting unhealthily obsessed with Clark. She doesn't know that Clark needs protection, which Pete does know, but he doesn't know about Lionel.

Lana doesn't know that the fight between Clark and Chloe was about her. Mr. Small didn't know his wife was going to leave him. Lana cleared up b but only Clark and Chloe know a and they didn't tell. It's interesting that of everyone here, Lana was the only one to actually proactively try and make sure the information was given to the one who could actually use it.

One of the most frustrating and intriguing aspects of Smallville is not what the characters do know, but what they actually don't. Or what's kept from them. Clark's need to keep his secret at all costs has caused some interesting dilemmas and some very, very ungood sitches, as have Lex's. However, in the case of Lex and Chloe, neither are working from a position of knowing everything they need to know in order to make an informed decision. Their smaller screw-ups, unfortunately, are magnified because they never got that vital link. Nixon is a case in point. The adoption thing is another one, though that did, for me, also fall under Clark's personal and HUMAN privacy and Chloe had no right--but she coudnt' have known how dangerous it was.

So. It was more--emphasized here than usual, but it's still the case. And honestly, I've wondered what we'd make of a purely Lionel POV or Chloe POV or Lex POV story of some of these situations--coming in without knowing everything or even most of everything.

And Clark? Just for information. You and Lex at the end? He knows you knocked him out. He knows you stole the meteor rock. And he knows you're not what you seem. You're running out fo time to tell the truth here.

Just keep that in mind.

Overall, I had fun. *g*
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