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The Toybox

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children of dune - leto 1
I have an unworthy suspicion that Amazon is deliberately holding my DVDs like, an hour from my house for the next week while I frantically check tracking due to the fact I refuse to get Amazon Prime.


The Second Terrace of Purgatory by miss_porcupine - SGA, gen. I keep circling back to the point and flail and rescue Sheppard! Which is almost my favoritest thing ever. There is plot and traps and complexities and of course, rescuing. And Lorne, being awesome. And so good.

On third re-read, because any time that everyone is cool and competent and escaping things and with urban warfare? So much win. Per usual.

I shall now occupy myself with work. Or poking things randomly. Both seem like fun.

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due to the fact I refuse to get Amazon Prime.

Word. I bought one of the new Atlantis novels four days ago, and it's telling me it'll be in by the 16th. Boo, Amazon.

OMG yes! I read that at the weekend. I have to admit that the only other story I'd read of hers was The Jenny Code, but after reading this I found her SGA page and am working my way through it (as in, I only stopped reading because I gave myself a headache). I have completely fallen in love with her stories, and all the OCs that aren't OCs to me anymore. <3

I get the same feeling sometimes. :(

Oh my God, you have ruined my life with this rec. Thank you. :-)

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