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it has been a very, very long morning

So I had this idea.

It was, in retrospect, not the brightest idea I have ever had. And about three thousand words in, I realized why.

This involves Crimes Against Humanity. Yes, the one with all the mass murders and the sex. Just skip along. This is how I sulk.

(Sometimes I think if I die tomorrow, only three things will be remembered about me: that I had rabbits, that I wanted a pony, and that I liked to write about characters turning evil a lot.)

I was working on A History of Violence, the third Lorne story, which if I'm honest, the entire series could be considered this paeon to "Why Miss Porcupine Has Written the Ultimate Lorne and God I Want to Have His Babies", but anyway. I kidnapped her Lorne. Yes, I know. I realize this.

I'd written the past, then skipped to semi-present (events of the second one are set pretty much evenly with the last posted bits of Crimes). While working on the third, I started going through my personal list of Cool Stuff That Only Really Evil Characters Can Do and found two things I'd been carrying a grudge over for a while. I started writing and realized that while the story in my head was fine with it, no one else would know what was going on, as it's set about a year after the current event timeline. And unless I included a page of explanation (hell no. I barely remember to *warn* for God's sake), I'd have to finish Crimes.

And like I said, the Cool Stuff list is like, my favoritest thing *ever*. It's like being able to rain down terror on yoru enemies if your enemies are imaginary and you have no soul. Awesome.

So I looked at Crimes and though, twenty pages. I can finish this up, post it, and get done with this. Optimistically, I figured I'd work in a bit of porn as well. And finish a WIP that I am reliably informed has odds at 1000 to one of ever being finished. I sat down, read backward (let's face it; this is not great plot. This is murder, death, sex, murder, death, sex, sex, torturing Sumner, more sex. It's not like this is a masterpiece of psychological darkness here). And I started.

..twenty five pages later, I am estimating it'll take about twenty thousand words to finish, above the 11,000 I already added.

This is why.

A. I made the mistake of pre-plotting early on. I try never to do that. So it's already stuck in my head that X, Y, and Z have to happen. I can't decide, oh, no X. Because then I will confuse myself completely adn give up in spite. (this happens more than you think.)

B. I forgot how long it takes to write action. And my X, Y, and Z are almost completely action, action, action (and death, murder, torture, mutilation, blah blah blah).

C. X and Y are on my Cool Stuff Only Really Evil Characters Can Do list and I just can't see how I'll get the chance again in this fandom unless I either do another disturbingly dark AU or change psuedonyms. (Yeah, that would work well. My remix was fingered in like, ten minutes.)

*mulls* I feel like I'm escalating at this point though. And it's not like I'm unhappy about that either; if there was ever a fic I wrote that should be allowed to see how high I can get the bodycount, this one would be it. But then there are these emails I send to people who aren't me.

That part is up to you, to be honest. Get back to me with your thoughts
while I have Rodney cutting off Zelenka's fingers for Daedalus codes. I
should be able to answer tonight, I just have to do my Chem lab before I
get online, or tomorrow afternoon if the unthinkable happens and I fall
asleep or go into a coma or something.

The sad part is, it wasn't until she replied that I noticed.

This is brought to you by a long morning of chemistry. IT was a long morning.
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