Seperis (seperis) wrote,

oh my show. how I adore thee

Spoilery amused thought.

You know. After all of this.

If John were to snap, forbid anyone to leave Atlantis ever again, and somehow convince Atlatnis to raise the shield in a way that it never comes down?

This would not surprise me.

Imagine it--vast fields of hydroponic grain. The city extremely well explored. Everyone takes up competitive knitting. And Rodney and Teyla and Ronon....

Rodney: *looks at Teyla* We were wondering...

John: *reading Ancient newspaper. The headline reads "More People Die After Leaving Atlantis to Fight". This is not a good sign.* No.

Teyla: John. I understand that you worry that we will be taken by crazy drug addicts or assimiliated into the Replicator collective--

Rodney: Just for a day? To get some chocolate?

John: *thinks* No.

Teyla: Ronon, do you not wish to say anything?

Ronon: *reading over John's shoulder* I like it here.

Teyla and Rodney: *facepalm*

It's very tragic. Until Rodney figures out how to synthasize chocolate or something.
Tags: fandom: stargate:atlantis
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