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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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oh my show. how I adore thee
children of dune - leto 1
Spoilery amused thought.

You know. After all of this.

If John were to snap, forbid anyone to leave Atlantis ever again, and somehow convince Atlatnis to raise the shield in a way that it never comes down?

This would not surprise me.

Imagine it--vast fields of hydroponic grain. The city extremely well explored. Everyone takes up competitive knitting. And Rodney and Teyla and Ronon....

Rodney: *looks at Teyla* We were wondering...

John: *reading Ancient newspaper. The headline reads "More People Die After Leaving Atlantis to Fight". This is not a good sign.* No.

Teyla: John. I understand that you worry that we will be taken by crazy drug addicts or assimiliated into the Replicator collective--

Rodney: Just for a day? To get some chocolate?

John: *thinks* No.

Teyla: Ronon, do you not wish to say anything?

Ronon: *reading over John's shoulder* I like it here.

Teyla and Rodney: *facepalm*

It's very tragic. Until Rodney figures out how to synthasize chocolate or something.

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*cracks up silently so as not to wake roommates*

I dare you to write that and make it SERIOUS BUSINESS.

*mulls* I'd go crack on it, for no other reason than John's weekly requiremetn of Group Yoga For Bonding and Rodney forced to attend weekly seminars on Why The Outside World Is Bad.

*cracks up* I am tragically punchy.


You are a tragically bad influence.


...I think it says something that the mood of the show is best conveyed by teh perkiness of John's hair.

(And God, I love him with those bangish things. That's just--John. And kneeling! EVEN IN ELIZABETH'S VISION SHE HAS JOHN KNEELING. WHAT IS IT WITH THIS GALAXY AND JOHN KNEELING?)


God loves fangirls. That is all.

Yes. This is true.

If John will make out with Rodney (FINE ALIEN POSSESSION WHATEVER) then my life will be complete.

God god god have you seen doppelganger?!?!!?!?!?

NO! And now I wish I'd downloaded teh damn thing when everyone was offering it.




because we will have a lot to talk about when you do.


I think it's still here if you don't have it yet and want it - http://www.sendspace.com/file/95jquh

It says Adrift, but is not! 296MB file.

I'd go crack on it,

And this is bad because...?

The world needs more of your brand of crack!

oooh best idea EVAH!! *giggles* soooooo whos gonna write this thingy? *blinks expectantly at fandom*

*chokes* It's a beautiful story of friendship and love, really.

uh huh. you forget i have read the plans. they are pink i scented. lol

just a thought but do you think rodney would let john live without access to supplies of coffee and chocolate? seriously he would proabaly put nair in johns shampoo in retaliation. *giggles*

YES. I've felt so bad for John lately. I don't think he can take much more.

DID YOU NOTICE HIS HAIR? I was staring in foreboding, because that? Was depressed hair. All--flat and not fighting the confines of his scalp. Just lying there. All sad.

The day his hair is completely flat and won't stand up no matter what he does is the day he snaps and starts forbidding people to leave. Even after McKay swears there is hair product on this one planet, John won't let them go since in order to get the hair stuff they'd all have to have their brains sucked out or something.

THE HAIR WAS ALL EMO AND IT MADE ME SAD. In a way it makes me glad that Carter is taking over, because it will (hopefully) relieve him of some of the enormous HAIR-DEFEATING weight of responsibility toward everyone.

John: *reading Ancient newspaper. The headline reads "More People Die After Leaving Atlantis to Fight". This is not a good sign.* No.
Ahaha, oh John. I kinda love seeing you in overproctective mode.

ps: I'm seconding tropes: you HAVE to see 4x04!

The Hair being flat added to the sense of ominousness (yes, that IS a word) which hung over the entire episode. I think he was experimenting with a slightly different "do", but fortunately looking at Joe M's subsequent photos it would seem the unfortunate experiment in hair care was abandoned. I can't even IMAGINE how someone DID get it to lay there all flat like that. I've seen pictures of him in swimming pools where the cowlicks were still waving in the breeze.

Also, I can see John just finally snapping one day and going through a several month long period of time where he won't let anybody leave Atlantis *G* - the others would all humor him at first, but when he institutes "Lifetime Movies for Team Bonding" nights, all bets are off.

It was beaten into submission. Or yelled at four hours. I just--stared at it. It just made him look that much more like a man who is rapidly coming to unfortunate decisions regarding the future of his pack teammates and colleagues.

Oh John. You need a vacation on a paradise planet like no one's business. Or in fact, you will snap, and Atlantis will vanish and no one will ever figure out why.

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